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In an age full of on-demand and live TV streaming platforms, cord-cutters, and expanding internet usage, you might think that cable TV is dying a slow death somewhere in a dark alley. But you would be sadly mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, cable TV isn’t just surviving, but thriving. It still remains, by far, the most popular medium for consumers to approach their entertainment needs. Of course, choosing the right TV provider and plan can be confusing, especially if there are a number of providers servicing your area. However, if you can get Xfinity TV, the choice becomes pretty clear. This blog explores why the provider may be the best option for TV entertainment consumers.

What is Xfinity TV?

Owned by communications giant Comcast, the Xfinity brand was established in 2010. The company has since then continued to expand an already massive consumer base. It is best known for offering great triple-play TV, cable, and high-speed internet bundles as well as affordable standalone services. The rebranding effort, while initially meeting with public disapproval, has since proved a wise move on the provider’s part. It now boasts one of the biggest subscriber bases in the United States, covering 40 states across the country. It has the highest coverage in the District of Columbia but also has a solid presence in Massachusetts, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. In each of its service areas, the provider’s outstanding TV plans prove a popular favorite.

What Xfinity TV Packages Are Available?

Like most TV providers, Xfinity does not offer a single TV plan. Instead, it offers several tiers of Xfinity TV packages, aiming to cater to a wider subscriber base. Remember that different households have different entertainment needs based on things like age, interests, gender, and the number of people in a household as well as several other factors. Keeping these in mind, the provider currently offers the following cable plans and channel lineups:

TV Plan Number of Channels Offered
Digital Premier Over 260 channels
Preferred Over 220 channels
Digital Preferred Over 220 channels
Extra Over 125 channels
Digital Starter Over 140 channels
Basic Over 10 channels

Please note that channel lineups and prices vary from market to market, so your actual plan may look slightly different. However, rest assured, every plan comes backed with strong customer service and reliability.

What Is Included In My Xfinity Cable Packages?

Xfinity cable packages aren’t just popular because of their affordable price tags. With basic plans starting at around just $30 per month, the provider throws in a lot of extras to help you get more value for your hard-earned money. With select TV plans, you can record up to 6 TV shows at the same time. If you’re concerned about getting your dose of entertainment while not at home, don’t worry. The provider’s live TV streaming app allows you to stream your content on the go. Unlike many other providers, Xfinity gives you the flexibility to customize your channel lineup. That way you can get more of the type of content you prefer, and pay for fewer channels that you’re not interested in.

Of course, we haven’t mentioned the best part yet. The provider has one of the best user experiences in the business, thanks to its X1 Voice Remote. The sophisticated remote control allows you to find channels, shows, and on-demand content with a simple voice command. For anyone who has ever had to manually type in show or movie titles, you can understand how convenient and easy to use this feature can be. You’ll never get used to another provider again once the Voice Remote is in your hand.

Can I Watch Xfinity TV Online?

Of course, just because it is a cable TV provider doesn’t mean that Xfinity is out of touch with the times. The provider understands that people enjoy the flexibility and convenience of watching content on different screens and devices. The living room TV isn’t the only screen in the house that gets attention anymore. Consumers prefer being able to take their entertainment with them, both inside different parts of their home as well as on-the-go. You also get access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Peacock, and Pandora with most Xfinity TV online plans. The provider’s own streaming app even lets you download and store shows on your device for later viewing at your leisure. With so many goodies and extras, is the provider’s popularity really a surprise to anyone?

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