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Windstream Internet Plans

A Complete Review of Windstream Internet Plans

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Windstream has a reputation for being a reliable Internet Service Provider with some of the best packages for home use. Their service is widely available in rural areas where most providers fail to reach. The provider’s Internet service called Kinetic is available in 18 states with the greatest coverage in Texas, Illinois, and Georgia. It’s also the sixth-largest residential DSL provider in the country.

Overview of Windstream’s Service

The name of Windstream is very popular among regional Internet providers. It specializes in DSL and fiber Internet plans. All plans are contract-free and there are no data caps. That’s what customers admire about the provider the most.

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The DSL Windstream Internet Service is widely available whereas the fiber optic service is fairly new and it’s available to 26% of the customers for now. The ISP also sells cable TV and phone services, which you can bundle with your Internet service at a bargain.

The states in which the provider’s DSL services are available include, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arkansas, South Carolina, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, and Georgia.

Windstream Internet Prices and Plans

So what Internet plans does the provider bring to the table? The great news is it has covered the needs of all types of Internet users. The speed ranges from 15 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps. All plans except the Kinect Internet 1000 plan is DSL based. This  Gig plan is the Windstream high speed Internet plan that covers only limited regions.

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The pricing of each plan may vary based on the location. All prices are competitive so you will get the best value for your money. Check out details about all available Internet plans and their prices:

Internet Plan

Starting Price Download Speed Number of Devices

Kinetic Internet 15

$25 per month

15 Mbps

2 to 3

Kinetic Internet 100

$37 per month

100 Mbps

5 to 7

Kinetic Internet 200

$37 per month

200 Mbps

7 to 8

Kinetic Internet 500

$57 per month

500 Mbps

8 to 10

Kinetic Internet 1000 $67 per month 1000 Mbps


Apart from the monthly Internet fee, at the time of activating the service, you must bear the following costs as well:

Modem Fee

The provider charges a rental fee for the wireless getaway router and modem combined. The subscribers of standard speed plans pay $9.99 per month whereas the subscribers of premium speed plans pay $11.99 per month.

Activation Charges

One time activation fee of $50 is charged when you sign up for Windstream Internet plans for the first time. These charges might be waived if there’s a promotion.

Installation Charges

For installing DSL services by a technician, the charges are $35. This fee includes installing the home network, modem, and connecting up to 4 devices.

You can also opt for self-installation if you want to avoid this fee. Self-installation comes with equipment, a manual with instructions on installation, and 24/7 assistance.

Top Windstream Internet Packages

Are you overwhelmed by these Windstream Internet prices and plans? Anyone would! To help you decide, these are the top plans which are also the provider’s best-sellers.

Kinetic Gig Kinetic 500 Kinetic 200
Get up to 1 Gig of Internet speed Get up to 500 Mbps of Internet speed Get Up to 200 Mbps of Internet speed
Best for ultra-connected smart homes Best for streaming music, videos, and download large media files Best for downloading movies, shows, multi-device HD streaming and playing multi-player games

Kinetic Gig is the 1000 Mbps Internet plan that is fully fiber-optic. It’s available in 150+ communities in the country. As the speed is ultra-high, it also allows 4K movie streaming. It easily supports multiple devices and has a low latency rate.

In case Kinetic Gig is not available in your region, then try Kinetic 500. It supplies 500 Mbps and uses DSL, which means it will be available in your region. With this speed, you can connect 8 to 10 devices. It’s perfect for streaming videos and even downloading heavy files.

Those who are budget continuous but admire a good speed at the same time, Kinetic 200 is for them. This speed is enough for multi-player gaming, online streaming, completing assignments, and working from home.

Why Choose Windstream Internet Service?

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the Windstream Internet packages and almost everything about their pricing, let’s move further. Customers always want more and the provider has noted that. These are some of the perks you will get:

No Data Caps

Continue to enjoy their service without worrying about data caps and overage charges.

Cancel Anytime

Windstream’s Kinetic Internet plan is a month to month service. This offers maximum flexibility to users. You can cancel your service anytime without bearing a hefty early termination fee.

Kinetic Secure

It’s an Internet security suite that comes with comprehensive browsing protection and parental controls. It also protects connected devices against viruses and malware. The Kinetic Secure packages start at $9.99 per month.

Lifetime Price Guarantee

The provider offers lifetime price guarantee when you bundle Internet, TV, and home phone services. This is a great way to save money in the long run and protect yourself from a sudden price spike on your bill.

Is Windstream Worth It?

Windstream is mostly picked by those in rural areas. But that doesn’t mean you are signing up for low-quality service. Windstream Internet speed is great. It offers a nice variety of plans for households with all types of Internet habits. You will definitely find a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Keep in mind the prices differ location-wise so this can be a turn-off.

Its DSL plans offer commendable speed. For whopping speed, the Gig Internet plan with fiber-optic service is available too. However, you have to check if it’s available in your area.

When it comes to customer service, you can send them an email or get live assistance from an agent via online chat. They are prompt with addressing the queries and concerns of customers.

Disclaimer: The prices and plans are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change. Please verify before making a purchase.

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