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AT&T Internet Keep Disconnecting

Reasons Why Your AT&T Internet Could Be Disconnecting

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A patchy wireless connection that keeps on disconnecting over and over again is a highly frustrating experience. the culprit could be anything really. A slow-speed internet connection, outdated router, or an outage at the provider’s end. If you are its customer and your AT&T internet keeps on disconnecting, here is a comprehensive guide for you to fix it on your own before calling support.

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1: Slower Speed Than Your Needs

If you have too many devices connected to the internet utilizing too much bandwidth at the same time, this will slow down your internet speed. This is especially true if you share a home with several individuals.

It’s hard to take zoom calls on a 15 to 25 Mbps internet connection while someone is playing an HD online game on the same network. In this case, what you need to do is upgrade your internet plan. Once you have brought a plan with a higher Mbps, hopefully, the disconnection issue will solve on its own.

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2: The Network Is Busy

When the disconnection occurs at specific times of the day (for instance: peak hours), it’s a sign that the network is busy.

A congested network can result in frequent disconnection. When you connect many devices to your in-home network, your odds of receiving fast and consistent internet are drastically reduced. Assume that all five of your home’s gadgets are connected to the internet for ultra-HD gaming. Can you imagine how much energy each would require to charge up?

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Although AT&T’s Fiber internet guarantees 99 percent uptime during peak hours and delivers it too. However, you can’t rule out getting caught up in the 1% chance of facing a congested network.

3: Weak Signals Because of the Wrong Router Placement

Whether you are an AT&T business internet customer or a residential one, if the router is placed too far away from the device, weak signals could be causing the internet to disconnect.

The strength of the network determines the performance of the wireless connection. Lacking signal range can make the internet connection unstable. Check for any obstructions between the device and the router. if there is any, remove it from the way.

In case you live in a big house, invest in a good WiFi range extender to improve the signal strength, and make sure your AT&T connection reaches every nook and cranny.

4: Old and Outdated Equipment

Don’t ever neglect the importance of having the latest equipment for a stable connection. If your internet is acting up frequently, don’t mind checking the equipment. An old router or modem could be the culprit.

To work properly, your internet modem and router must be in perfect working condition. These pieces of equipment have a big impact on the performance of the internet. When you subscribe to the provider’s internet plans, you have the option to rent the modem-combo wireless gateway devices that are compatible with the provider’s internet services. This will ensure that your equipment is updated and compatible. Subscribers also have the option to rent the equipment later on in the lifecycle of their contract/term with the provider.

5: Outdated Network Adapters

Another thing that could be making your internet disconnect frequently could be outdated network adapters.

Over a Local Area Network, network adapters allow internet-enabled devices to connect to the internet or other devices (LAN). A wireless network adapter performs the same function as a wired network adapter, but over a wireless network. During routine system upgrades, network adapter drivers are automatically updated. However, if your internet or WiFi keeps disconnecting, this is worth checking.

the network adapter must be compatible with the gateway device you’re using. Your AT&T internet may continue going out because your gateway is up to date with current networking protocols but your network adapter isn’t. In another scenario, your device may be using a damaged network adapter, making your connection break.

6: Damaged or Faulty Cables

Last but not the least, don’t rule out faulty cables. Look for damages and dents. To connect to the internet, you will need 3 different cables – coaxial, phone and ethernet. Make sure all three of these cables are in good working condition. Also, the cables shouldn’t be loose.

It’s a good idea to unplug all cables and re-plug them again to give the network a reboot. If the cables are damaged, get them replaced and this should fix the long-standing disconnection issue.

Final Words

If none of the above-mentioned factors is the culprit and you have verified that as well, then it’s probably time to call customer support and let them know your internet keeps disconnecting. The agents can help you with everything starting from general questions about the AT&T TV plans or troubleshooting.

At times, it could be a service outage issue, a signal problem in your region, or some other technical issue that needs an inspection.

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