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Viasat vs HughesNet

Viasat vs HughesNet: Which Internet Provider Is Best for You?

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Having a reliable internet connection has become a necessity. And though there are a lot of decent ISPs in the urban part of the United States, the same could not be said about the rural areas. You see, some of the well-known providers that you may have heard of, like Spectrum and Cox, are not yet offering their services in those areas completely. However, the satellite internet has started to pick up traction in that part of the country.

There are different satellite internet providers that are offering quality services in rural areas. Two of the most reputable ones are Viasat and HughesNet. Since they both are quite famous, people usually pick sides that start the Viasat vs HughesNet debate. This article is going to compare both of these providers, helping you figure out which one is the best for you.

An Overview of Viasat vs HughesNet Comparison

Based in California, Viasat has earned its reputation as being a reliable provider for offering uninterrupted services. The company is providing its services to almost the entire country. This means that no matter where you are, you can find the provider there. However, as it is satellite internet, don’t expect it to offer you blazing fast speeds like a fiber optic. Nevertheless, it will still meet your internet needs. The company has made its internet solutions available to both general consumers and government agencies. Apart from the internet, the company also offers a TV service. There are currently four Viasat TV plans that you can choose from.

Like Viasat, HughesNet is also a top satellite internet provider. And guess what? It also offers nationwide service. What makes this provider stand out is that it offers 25 Mbps download speed with all of its packages which is enough for you to browse the web or stream videos. However, you have to be mindful of the data limits.

The company also offers great customer service, which is always helpful if you are having a service-related issue. The talented reps will offer you quality solutions, making sure that you have to face minimum downtime. If you are wondering if there is a HughesNet TV service, know that there is. But you will have to bundle it with DISH TV.

Viasat vs HughesNet

Pros & Cons

When it comes to Viasat vs HughesNet, the comparison will not be complete without discussing the pros and cons. So, here they are:

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Pros of Viasat

  • High internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps
  • Reasonable prices if you want additional data and speeds
  • No charges for installation

Cons of Viasat

  • Price hike after the first three months have passed
  • You will be tied to a 2-year contract
  • The quality of streaming will be restricted

Pros of HughesNet

  • Price will not change for two years
  • You can add data to any plan

Cons of HughesNet

  • The provider will impose a 2-year contract
  • Download speed will be lowered to 1-3 Mbps once the data cap exceeds
  • Fixed download speed for all deals

Packages & Pricing

One important factor that you need to consider whenever you are thinking about opting for an internet service provider is the packages and their pricing. This section will help settle the Viasat vs HughesNet debate, letting you know which provider is the best in terms of affordability.

Note: The prices mentioned below are subject to change.


The provider always keeps its customers at the core of its business. They understand just how important it is to keep their subscribers satisfied. This is why they go above and beyond to facilitate them in every way possible. When it comes to the internet, the company knows that different people have different online needs. Therefore, you will find eleven Viasat internet packages. Their most basic deal is entitled Basic 12. It will give you a download speed of about 12 Mbps. This plan will cost you $40/month. The provider’s most expensive deal is called Unlimited Platinum 100. Opting for this plan will give you a download speed of up to 100 Mbps. It will cost you $149.99/month.

When subscribing to the provider, do remember that they will impose data caps. Therefore, it’s better to take your time and figure out how much data will be sufficient for you before selecting the deal.


Although HughesNet doesn’t offer as many internet deals as Viasat, the provider does make it up with the quality of their service. There are only four HughesNet internet plans. But all of them offer the same download speed, which is 25 Mbps. This is the minimum speed at which the connection can be considered broadband. The only difference between their packages is the data cap.

HughesNet’s basic deal is called the 10 GB Data Plan which will cost you $59.99/month. The provider’s most expensive deal is titled 50 GB Data Plan. It will cost you $149.99/month. If you want to subscribe to the provider, it is recommended to choose a package that offers more data caps. This is because you may exhaust your internet pretty quickly if you stream videos often.

Installation Fees

Most providers offer free installation. This is a good perk to have especially when you don’t know how to install the internet yourself. Since Viasat is focused on providing its customers with maximum ease, they don’t charge anything for installation. But they do charge $5/month as an equipment fee. On the other hand, HughesNet charges $99 for installation. And as for the equipment fee, they will charge you $14.99/month. Please do keep in mind that these prices are tentative and might change in the future.


Viasat and HughesNet are both reputable providers. And they both offer a great quality of services. However, for the sake of the Viasat vs HughesNet debate, the former is a winner. This is because they offer more affordable deals as compared to the latter. Moreover, they don’t charge any installation fees. In addition, they don’t offer a constant download speed as HughesNet does. But HughesNet also has a few strong points. For instance, they don’t increase the price of their services for two years. So, which internet provider do you think is the best?


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