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Verizon Smart Family App

Keep Your Family Safe with Verizon Smart Family App’s Features

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Call it helicopter parenting but the world of information overload has made parents transmute into overprotective moms and dads. If you always wish to know where your kids are, their browsing activities, and the friends they hang out with, the Verizon Smart Family app is for you. It lets you be where they are and protect them from bad content and bad company.

What is Verizon Smart Family App?

You have guessed it! It’s a parental control app that lets you track the location of your child and so much more. It allows parents to manage their smartphones such as content filters and screen time limits.

Moreover, up to 10 family members can use this app. Also, it allows parents to monitor how their kids use their phones with the help of the content filters. Those let you block websites falling in categories like alcohol, gambling drugs, and other kinds of violence.

Parents can also block unwanted content and check the calls history and text messages from a remote location. One of the best features of this app is tracking. It shows where your child is and sends you a notification if they enter a restricted zone.

Verizon Smart Family Features

Let’s dive into the features of the Smart Family App to see how it can help parents:

Apply Content Filters

The app has a content category that lets you block content based on certain filters. For example, choose “drugs” from the category and all online content containing drugs will be blocked. The app also allows you to manually block unfriendly websites.

Time Restrictions

How many times have you asked your child to quit using your smartphone? The Smart Family app lets you prevent your child from using their smartphone past bedtime. You can block text messages, calls, mobile data, and Wi-Fi. All that also works great when you want your child to concentrate on homework or put them to sleep.

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Verizon Smart Family Features

Location Tracking

Verizon Smart Family app is great at telling the whereabouts of your child. You just have to log into the app and see their location in real-time. Also, you can also view their check-ins.

For that, parents can set certain locations in the app such as their home address, school location, and other places where their kids usually visit. Whenever your child is hanging out on one of these spots, the app will send you a notification. Therefore, knowing, where your child is, will give you peace of mind.

Pause the Internet

Pausing the internet helps when you are about to ground your child or whenever you wish to restrict their online activities. You may limit their access to the Internet for a few hours and even days. The app puts you in control of how and when they use the Internet, which is great if you are trying to foster healthy online habits in your kids.

View and/or Block Contacts

We are living among bullies who could happen to be teasing your child. So if you find an unfriendly contact in your child’s contact list, block it immediately. This will restrict all text messages and calls from the said contact. And you can block up to 20 contacts from the contact list.

It’s very easy to block contact. You simply have to put the friendly contacts under the “trusted contacts” list and add the unfriendly numbers in the block list.

Note: Your child will be able to contact the numbers under the trusted list even when you apply other limitations such as time restrictions.

Data Usage Limitations

This is a great feature if you want to teach your child how to stay within their monthly data limit. Fo r that, let the app know the amount of data such as 10 Mbps or any other number you want them to use each month.

Whenever they are consuming extra data, the app will send a notification. This is another commendable feature to teach kids some healthy web browsing habits.

How to Subscribe to the Smart Family App?

Technically, the Verizon Smart Family app is free to download. It’s available on Google Play Store or Apple App store, and has two versions:

  1. Verizon Smart Family

It costs $4.99 per month. It does not support location tracking.

  1. Verizon Smart Family Premium

It costs $9.99 per month and covers all features including locating tracking

Anyone who is a customer of Verizon Internet packages can subscribe to this service. The premium version of this app is included for free in the Just Kids Plan.

Various Verizon Internet Plans

Like how the smart family app work? That’s great! Now you will have to switch to Verizon. So, to reduce the legwork for you, these are the Internet plans by the provider you can choose from:

Plan Starting Price Download Speed Upload Speed
200/200 $39.99 per month 200 Mbps 200 Mbps
400/400 $55.99 per month 400 Mbps 400 Mbps
FiOS Gigabit $79.99 per month Up to 940 Mbps Up to 880 Mbps

There are no annual contracts and their reliability is 99.9% so you will be in safe hands.

How to Use the Smart Family App?

After subscribing to the Smart Family service, you must download the app in your device as wells as your child’s smartphone. Then, you must pair their device with yours. You will get step-by-step instructions once you sign up. Once all is set and one, use the “My Verizon” Website or the smart family app to manage your account and monitor your kid’s device.

In case you are wondering, your child won’t be able to monitor or access your phone. Only you can monitor their device.

Final Words

Not all Internet providers understand how concerned parents are when it comes to their kids. Additionally, modern digital trends are making it more difficult for parents to ensure their children are safe when they are on their own. Thank God apps like these are here to give parents peace of mind by giving control of their child’s smartphone activities. It’s a must-use app especially when your child asks for their first-ever smartphone.

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