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Verizon To Help Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis

Verizon To Help Customers During The COVID-19 Crisis

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On Monday, March 23 Verizon announced it is giving its residential and business customers an additional 15 GB of data for free is a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Malls, schools, businesses and all other public places are shut to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. As a result, people are relying on their home Internet plans for remote learning, online doctor’s appointment, working from home and staying connected with their friends and family. For mental distraction, some are taking refuge in their cable TV packages.

In response to the overwhelming Internet usage, the Federal Communications Commission introduced a pledge “Keep Americans Connected.” As per this initiative, telecommunications will provide reliefs in the form of more mobile hotspot data, relief on unpaid invoices and some other measures. It’s voluntary to join this pledge that’s effective for 60 days. Also, Verizon joined the movement with some sweeping policy moves.

Verizon Gives Away Additional 15 GB of Data

Verizon is the largest telecom provider in the United States. The provider is confident that Verizon Internet plans are sufficient to meet the increased usage and data demands.

To provide relief to its residential and business customers, the provider is offering an additional 15 GB of data to their plan at no extra charge. This is effective from March 25 through April 30. However, the provider will allot data to different accounts in different ways. The customers of the unlimited plan will get additional LTE hotspot data. On the other hand, postpaid or prepaid customers will receive 15GB of additional cellular data.

Customers won’t have to do anything to have this extra data show up on their plans. All customers of the Verizon wireless plan are eligible for this relief. The provider is also monitoring network usage in hotspot cities. This will ensure hospitals and first responders are the top priority when it comes to Internet connectivity.

Other Reliefs for Customers amidst the Crisis

Apart from a spike in mobile hotspot data, some other reliefs by Verizon include:

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Activation and Upgrade Fees

The provider is waiving service activation fee on new lines and upgrade fees. This applies to all the purchases a user makes through their website or the My Verizon App.

Late Fees Penalty

If a customer experiences economic troubles because of Coronavirus, Verizon will not charge late fees or terminate the service. This is valid until May 13th.

Unlimited Domestic and Free International Calling

The provider is offering unlimited domestic calling on postpaid calling plans but with fixed minutes. This offer is valid is through April 30. The customers eligible for the offer will receive a text from the company automatically.

Verizon is also offering free international long-distance calling to a list of countries impacted by the virus. This offer is available on prepaid and postpaid plans for a limited time.

No Internet and Voice Charges

From April 3rd, the provider is offering 2 months of waived voice and Internet service to its lifeline customers. A new affordable Internet plan is available for low-income families as well.

Verizon is not the only carrier to offer additional data and relief services to the customers impacted by the Coronavirus. Charter has also signed the FCC pledge. Earlier in March, Charter announced to offer relief to affected customers by increasing the bandwidth of one of its Spectrum Internet plans, offering free Internet to students and waiving late bill payment.

Many other Internet providers have agreed with the FCC to keep Americans online during these trying times. Let’s hope we all get it through this calamity soon.

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