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The modern digital landscape is very fast-paced. Cable providers in particular face a change in audience demands and needs. More and more people are joining the cord-cutting movement. This prompts cable companies to offer more channels, better prices, and better technology like pay Charter bill online. All in an effort to retain their customer base which they are at risk of losing. The Spectrum cable box is the latest attempt in these ongoing efforts.

Charter Spectrum Cable Box Overview

Charter Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, ranks number 74 on the Forbes 2018 Fortune 500 list. Spectrum is the third-largest pay-TV provider in the United States. The company offers cable, internet, and phone services in 46 states all across the United States. At the end of 2018, the provider had over 16.1 million residential subscribers to its video services. Spectrum Cable Box is the hardware that converts digital signals from the coaxial cable into audio and video output. In the past, you needed a DVR for just one TV in your home, while hooking up your other TV’s “directly”. This is about to change.

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DVRs from Spectrum

The provider currently offers support for a number of DVRs. It has recently introduced two new Spectrum Digital Receivers, namely the Spectrum 100/101/110 (HD Receiver) and the Spectrum 200/201/210 (HD Receiver and DVR). The company also offers support for set-top boxes manufactured by other companies including:

  • Arris/Motorola
  • Cisco
  • Scientific Atlanta
  • Pace
  • Samsung

However, this article will focus on just the provider’s own digital receivers, not the ones from other manufacturers.

Spectrum Digital Receiver

The Spectrum Digital Receiver The Spectrum Digital Receiver is Spectrum’s latest effort to ramp up its service quality and reach a wider audience. According to statements put out by the provider, the new digital receiver is all about digital format. It is the provider’s attempt to offer more value to its cable customers. The new digital receiver promises better picture and audio quality in a 100% digital format. However, the catch is you will need one for each TV you wish to connect to your cable connection. For more information on the digital receivers, contact Spectrum Customer Support Number.

Currently, the provider promises to offer one digital receiver at no extra cost. However, this receiver will only be free for the duration of the agreement between your apartment complex and the provider. In the case of a non-apartment residential service, the digital receiver is only free for the first year of service. For each additional digital receiver for other TVs in your home, you will need to pay $6.99 plus tax. Spectrum also allows a self-install option if you wish to avoid the installation charges you would have to pay to a professional.

Order Cable TV packages

What Does the Spectrum Cable Box Offer?

The provider is very optimistic about improvement in service thanks to its new digital receivers. These receivers enable the provider to deliver more HD channels than subscribers get without one. It also vastly improves the sound and picture quality of all TV channels, SD and HD. The provider promises a much wider and more diverse channel selection with the digital receiver. It also includes access to Spectrum’s massive on-demand library, containing thousands of movies and TV shows. In addition, the new receiver puts a stop to people “stealing” cable services without paying for them. Each TV will require a Spectrum digital receiver to connect to a cable connection.

Installing Your New Spectrum Digital Receiver

Thanks to the provider’s self-install option, you don’t have to worry about paying for hefty installation costs. The company offers a self-install kit with its digital receivers that include both HDMI and coaxial cables. You can install your Spectrum Digital Receiver yourself without too much trouble using the following steps:

Connecting the Spectrum Cable Box

  • Connect your Spectrum cable box to your TV using either the HDMI cable. For best results use the HDMI. However, if your TV isn’t HDMI compatible, the coaxial cable will still work.
  • If you use a coaxial cable, you will need to connect one end to your Spectrum Cable Box and the other end to a cable outlet.
  • If you use an HDMI cable, you will need to connect one end to the receiver and the other end to your TV.
  • Next, connect your receiver’s power cable to a power outlet.
  • Insert batteries correctly in the digital receiver’s battery cover.

Switching the Receiver On

  • Use the power button on the remote to power on your receiver.
  • Switch your TV on.
  • Select the right source using the Source/Input button on your TV’s remote.
  • If you have multiple receivers in your home, make sure all of them are properly connected and switched on.

Activating the Receiver

The final step is to activate your receivers. The provider offers these helpful instructions to activate your connected digital receiver. Once you have completed the instructions, your TV will display a welcome screen. Feel free to explore your new service, channel guides, Charter Spectrum packages, and lineups. Be sure to return your old receiver and equipment to the provider.

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