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Everything You Need to Know About TDS TV

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TDS Telecom offers one of the most reliable phone, TV, and internet services in the country. You can trust the provider as they not only have exceptional services but also great customer service. So, whether you want TV packages for sports or an entertainment bundle for the entire family. You can get the TDS TV plan that suits your needs. It has never been easier to find the best service for you.

TDS offers a wide variety of local and premium channels with more than 110 channels in the lineup. You can subscribe to TDS TV Plus to get all those channels in HD quality. The entertainment options can range from sports, drama, suspense and thriller movies, and so much more.

Why Should You Get TDS TV?

The TV plans from the provider offer a lot more than just local cable channels. You can also get the HD plan along with online streaming options using TDS internet. For instance, if you want to watch the best Hollywood movies you have access to STARZ ENCORE. Moreover, you can also watch the HBO network and all your favorite movies genre with Cinemax.

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The company offers customizable TDS cable TV packages and you can choose which premium channels you want to watch. As a result, you only pay the premium price for the shows that you love. Also, IPTV tech provides a digital TV experience unlike anything else you may have witnessed.

Here are some of the most amazing features that you can get:

  • Free access to on-demand shows and movie titles.
  • More than 110 HD channels lineup.
  • Cloud DVR to record and save your favorite local and popular shows. Up to 300 hours of storage.
  • Personalized TDS TV channel guide.
  • Simple to search titles with a voice-control remote.

Start Over feature to catch up to the latest TV show episodes up to 72 hours after telecast.

Order Cable TV packages


What Are the Different TDS TV Packages?

The provider has 6 different plans to choose from, and you can pick the channel lineup that’s best for you. The packages can differ based on the number of channels and the quality of the stream. The two main tiers are:

  • TDS TV
  • TDS TV Plus

The latter gives you access to HD channels while the former doesn’t. They are further divided into three tiers, that have a different number of available channels. You can customize any of the TDS TV packages and add-on extra services, more DVR hours, and premium channels.

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TDS TV Packages Breakdown


Package Name

No. Of Channels

Available Content


125+ channels

Local channels

Cable network


Ad-free music


135+ channels





Comedy Central

ESPN, etc.

Expanded Plus

190+ channels

Cooking Channel

NFL Network

Boomerang, etc.

TDS TV Plus Packages Detail

Package Name

No. Of Channels

Available Content


60+ HD channels


NBC Sports



Cartoon Network

BRAVO, etc.


80+ HD channels

MLB Network



FOX News, etc.


110+ HD channels

Comedy Central


Hallmark Channel


HGTV, etc.

Note: The availability of all TDS TV channels varies with the area of residence.  

TDS TV Channels Guide has Something for Everyone

The TV plans have many local and broadcast networks to keep you well-entertained. No matter which package you choose, you won’t regret it. The plans have been designed to keep most of your household happy. So, you can get access to sports channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, FS1, NBC Sports, etc., and you won’t miss a thing.

While your partner can catch great Hollywood movies or drama and reality shows with BRAVO, HBO, or E!. Moreover, there are enough options for kids as well such as educational TV shows on Animal Planet, Nat Geo, or the History channel. Or you can also keep them busy with some light entertainment on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.

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HD TDS TV Channels for Sports and Cinema

The two tiers offer SD and HD TV channels for TDS subscribers. So, with the TDS cable TV package, you might get a greater number of channels. As a result, the options can be unlimited and you will likely never get bored. All three options (Freedom, Expanded, and Expanded Plus) offer the widest range of entertainment genres. You can get your hands on true crime shows, romantic movies, thrillers, drama, and even reality TV.

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However, you might notice that TV Plus plans offer a smaller number of channels. The biggest catch might be the availability of HD channels, though. So, if you are someone that prefers quality over quantity, your choice could be obvious. You can enjoy the latest action from your favorite sports tournaments like EPL, NFL, or college basketball. HD channels can even make thrillers and action movies look a lot better. You can immerse yourself more in the story and the experience can be tenfold better.

You can call the customer service reps to get more information about the TV packages. They might be able to help you in customizing your package to suit all your needs. You can call the TDS bill pay number to clear your dues or get help with payment methods. All this and more can help you with technical support for uninterrupted service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to program a TDS remote to your TV?

Follow these instructions:

  • Press the Mode key.
  • Select the device type that you want to program with your remote.
  • Press and hold SETUP.
  • Wait for the Mode key to blink twice.
  • Enter the code using the remote’s digit keys.
  • Test the remote.
  • Try again with a different code if it isn’t working properly.

How to watch TDS TV online?

  • Download the app of the channel or content provider that you want to watch (for example HBO, CBS, etc).
  • Choose TDS as your provider.
  • Log in with your TDS credentials.

How to setup Netflix on TDS?

You can use Netflix directly from your CatchTV DVR.

  • Press the Menu button on your remote.
  • Scroll in the menu to find the Apps folder.
  • Select Netflix.
  • Login to Netflix.
  • Select a title to watch and enjoy.

How to set up a TDS remote to TV?

Follow these steps:

  • Press the TiVo button.
  • Select Menu.
  • Go to Settings -> Remote Settings.
  • Select “Pair your remote with your box”.
  • Go to the Remote Control Programming to set up your TV.
  • Complete the set of instructions on your TV.
  • Wait for the pairing to complete.

How does TDS TV work?

TDS is a digital cable TV provider that works as an IPTV carried through a fiber-optic infrastructure.

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