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TDS Internet Service

Everything You Need to Know About TDS Internet Service

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TDS Telecom is a well-known telecom offering internet, TV, and phone services to a wide range of customers in America including home-based business owners. They have been in the business for the past 50 years serving the tech communities with top-notch TDS internet and other services.

Whether you need fiber, cable, or DSL internet, they have got them all. The provider’s internet plans are designed for customers of all needs. So, if you call yourself a light user, a hard-core streamer, or a gamer, the provider definitely has a plan for you!

What Are the Top TDS Internet Plans?

As mentioned earlier, TDS telecom internet has something for you regardless of your internet lifestyle and budget. Let’s have a look at our options when it comes to internet plans:

Plan Name Download Speed
Extreme 50 Fiber 50 Mbps
Extreme 100 Fiber 100 Mbps
Extreme 300 Fiber 300 Mbps
Extreme 600 Fiber 600 Mbps
1 Gig Fiber Internet 1 Gbps

Not all of these services are available in all regions. In case you’re interested in signing up for a plan, reach out to customer support to find which internet services are available in your region.

How to Stay on Top of TDS Internet Outage?

TDS Telecom has expanded its reach to cover the entire country. Their services are available to around 4.2 million customers. Its cable broadband service is used by nearly 476,000 people, whereas fiber service is used by about 487,000 people.

Like all other internet services, sometimes, you may encounter a TDS Internet outage in your region. Good thing is that values its customers and it usually announces the outage on its social media pages so that subscribers can plan their day accordingly.

However, in case of an unplanned outage situation, you can always check your online account for updates. You won’t have to reach out to customer support to confirm the outage with your TDS Fiber Internet.

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Perform the TDS Internet Speed Test to Check Your Speed

Ideally, your internet must be within 20 percent of the speed advertised on your plan. For instance, if you subscribed to a download speed of 50 Mbps, then the speed test should show 40 Mbps or higher.

It is always a good idea to keep checking your internet speed at different times of the day to see what you’re actually getting. Feel free to perform the Internet speed test on any popular speed testing app. This should give you a clear picture of what you’re getting in terms of speed. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the test.

Pro Tip: To get accurate results, make sure multiple devices aren’t connected to the internet while you are testing speed during peak hours.

Perks You Can Get with TDS Telecom Internet

TDS Internet services are nice because it comes with the following perks:

Home Internet Security

TDS’ home internet security function safeguards sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers. This feature is free for the first 30 days on every plan and then costs $5.95 per month after that. You might want to check the latest prices by reaching out to the TDS bill pay number.


With TDS Wi-Fi+ you can harness the power of mesh technology to get a more intelligent Wi-Fi experience in your house. Thanks to exceptionally reliable, expansive wireless coverage, connected devices receive the powerful signal they require throughout your entire home. In addition, the app allows you to optimize your  internet plans and manage your network from your mobile device.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is on the rise these days, therefore people must be extra cautious with their personal information. With TDS internet security, you can protect your personal information and devices from spam, junk, viruses, malware, ransomware, and other types of malicious content.

Is TDS Fiber Internet Worth It?

TDS is one of those providers that recognizes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why they provide a variety of internet plans, speeds, and pricing to meet your specific requirements.

You can always bundle TDS TV, internet, and voice services to get even more discounts on your monthly bill. If you are unhappy with the provider’s services, you have the option of using the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is convenient.

Thinking of testing the provider’s services? Get in touch with customer support to learn which TDS Telecom Internet services are available in your region and decide from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TDS Internet stand for?

TDS stands for Telephone and Data Systems.

How much is TDS Internet?

The internet costs between $44.95 and $89.95 per month, depending on the speed you choose.

How to speed up TDS Internet?

Ideally, connect your device to the internet via an Ethernet cable. If there’s a signal issue in your house, get a WiFi booster to optimize signal reach.

 Is TDS internet good?

TDS caters to rural areas and offers reliable internet services (cable, DSL, and fiber) throughout the area.

 Is TDS Internet unlimited?

The provider offers unlimited internet but this perk is not available with all its plans. Only fiber and cable plans include unlimited data.

What are TDS Internet prices?

The basic tier with 100 Mbps speeds costs $44.85 per month whereas the Gig plan costs $89.95 per month.

 Is TDS Internet DSL?

TDS offers DSL internet services in some regions. It also includes cable and fiber optic internet plans.

 Is 1 Gbps TDS internet available in St. George, Utah?

Yes, the 1G Gbps internet plan is now available in St. George, Utah.

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