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Everything You Need to Know About TDS Internet Service

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TDS offers its Internet services across 31 states. It provides all three DSL, cable, and fiber-optic options to the customers. So, customers can determine their needs and select the packages of their choice. The best part about this service is that TDS Internet prices are quite affordable. That is why this company boasts its Internet service installation in about 1,936,713 households.

TDS Internet Prices

This provider offers several options to its customers to choose from. Depending upon their needs, they can opt for any of these plans and get the TDS Internet service installed.

Type of Technology Prices/month Download Speeds (in Mbps)
DSL $29.95 Up To 50
DSL $39.95 Up to 100
Cable $39.95 100
Cable $59.95 300
Cable $79.95 600
Fiber $49.95 300
Fiber $69.95 600
Fiber $89.95 1000

TDS Internet Service Technology

This company offers TDS broadband, voice, and TV services to its customers. It employs high-tech and reliable DSL, cable, and fiber technologies to make its services available across different regions. DSL Internet reaches your home through the copper phone lines. So, if you already have a phone service installed at your home, you can easily subscribe to its DSL Internet service.

The cable is a better option than DSL in terms of speed. However, during peak hours or due to network interference, the speeds can slow down. However, if you really want to speed up your slow Internet, then you should opt for fiber Internet. The fiber networks can deliver speeds as high as 1000 Mbps to your home efficiently.


This company offers excellent packages to its customers at affordable prices. Not only that but also you can forget about recurring interruptions and outage issues with this company’s reliable services. Here are some of its best packages:

Extreme50 Fiber Internet

If you have one or two kids at your home, then this package is the right choice for you. It let you stream your favorite movies, TV shows and enjoy games without any interruptions. Not only that but also you can video-call your friends and family all day long without worrying about any interruptions. So, surf the web seamlessly by opting for this package. It offers the following perks to its customers:

  • Blazing-Fast TDS Internet speed
  • No interruptions
  • Simultaneous use on up to 3 devices
  • Amazing download speeds

Extreme100 Fiber Internet

If you have more than 3 or 4 household members, then this package is ideal for you. It allows multiple users to stream high-quality content on their devices simultaneously. Not only that but also gamers can forget about the latency issues and play unlimited games with their friend online. Because of the higher TDS Internet speed, the customers can enjoy crystal-clear audio calls with their loved ones. Also, it is much easier to download and upload heavy files and videos on your device with this package.

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Extreme300 Fiber Internet

If your household demands are even higher, then you need this package. This package allows the users to use fast-speed Internet over more than 4 devices. Because of the low-latency, game lovers can lay their favorite games with their friends all day long. Not only that but also you can stream HD quality shows on various online streaming services easily. With its amazing download speeds, you can download high-quality movies in just a few minutes.

Extreme600 Fiber Internet

For households that have more than 10 users or devices, then you can subscribe to this package. No matter how many members are using this Internet service simultaneously, the download and upload speeds won’t get affected. Also, you can download heavy movies in less than 2 minutes with this package. These Internet speeds are almost as high as the speeds offered by 5G technology.

1Gig Fiber Internet

The most high-speed package offered by this company is the 1 Gig Fiber Internet. The speeds provided to its customers everywhere are almost identical to the speeds that are advertised. More than 15 household members can use this Internet package without any interruptions. It also allows gamers to enjoy the lowest possible latencies. So, you can talk to your loved ones and watch your favorite movies all-day-long without any problems. You can even download a 2GB movie in just 40 seconds with this package!

Service Installation and Data Caps

This company’s services are quite easy to set up. You can either self-install the services or seek TDS Internet customer service to hire a technician. The professional installation is fuss-free and would only cost you a small price. Besides that, there are no data usage caps for any of the packages provided by this company.

TDS Internet Customer Service Never Disappoints

Finally, if you are having problems with your Internet service, you can easily seek customer service. The service is reliable and is available 24/7. The company will make sure that all your issues get resolved within due time so that you might be able to enjoy your TDS broadband service again. Not only that but the representatives will also provide you quick and timely guidance regarding the upgrades and bundling options.

Amazing Speeds at Affordable Prices

So, with affordable packages and amazing technology, you can enjoy high-speed services without breaking the bank. The company also promises to offer promotional prices to its customers for 12 months. You also won’t need to sign a contract to enjoy this company’s services.

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