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Streaming Sticks

Best Streaming Sticks to Convert your Regular TV into a Smart TV

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Visual mediums of entertainment have always been our main guilty pleasure to enjoy. This can be seen in the form of Cable Television, Cinema, Sitcoms, Live TV like sports or news, and most recently streaming. These are the core components and mediums that make up the visual entertainment industry of today.

Out of all these platforms, streaming is the medium that is gaining rapid traction among homes of regular US consumers as according to stats streaming industry is going to take over half of the market share of the regular cable TV by 2024. On the flip side, cable TV isn’t quite done as well because 63 percent of US homes are still hooked to cable Television.

The Switch to Streaming

The love for streaming stems out of factors like live ease and convenience that these platforms offer users as a user can watch any type of content at any time, they only need a smart device and a streaming subscription. And in retrospect, the whole package of streaming comes relatively cheap as everyone today has a smart device and streaming subscription costs somewhere around $20.

The major component here is that all these services work over the internet and that too has become quite cheap over the years. Service providers like Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity among others now offer quite cost-effective internet services. Especially in the case of Cox internet prices, one can clearly infer that they are quite affordable even for higher tiers.

While on the flip side, this is also a fact that a cable TV subscription doesn’t come cheap, a regular cable package can range from $50 to $100, and that’s just for basic channels. By adding some movie and premium channels and also including the miscellaneous costs like installation charges, taxes, and equipment rental the bill can go over $300 just for TV.

Charter Spectrum Channel Lineup

This increase in cost has also proved to be a major reason that made people shift their focus to other cost-effective means like streaming. Because the masses realized that they already have internet services in their homes then why spend so much extra on an additional service that they can easily get over the internet.

Order Cable TV packages

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Streaming Sticks

One thing to note about these streaming platforms is that they work on smart devices like smartphones and smart TVs, platforms on which these apps can be installed. Anyone can watch the content on them through these smart devices even on the go which is an added convenience. But, in order to get the big-screen experience, viewers need to have smart TVs that work over the internet and have the capability to run these streaming apps.

The thing about smart TVs is that they are not easily affordable gadgets, unlike smartphones that most of the population already have, smart TV is still a relatively new concept that most people either don’t have or can’t afford to buy.

Most people still have regular flat-screen TVs, but this doesn’t mean that they should be barred from enjoying the big screen streaming experience. For these types of viewers who have regular TVs, there is a device by the name of Streaming Sticks that connects with a regular TV’s USB or HDMI port and equips them will all the functionalities of a smart TV. But the problem with these sticks is that there are a lot of options in the market that are not equal in terms of content lineup, quality, and pricing which is why we have compiled a list for our readers through which they can find some of the best streaming sticks currently available.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Coming in first place this product comes from the streaming giant Roku itself. It’s an upgrade to the former Roku Stick now packed with 4K support. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface and Dolby Vision to produce serene clear and crisp picture quality and not to forget, 4K support. It comes with all the inbuilt apps that you expect and with customized TV programming for your Roku package. You can get all your favorite channels subscribed from Roku including live programming and that too at a terrifically good price, all thanks to Roku.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max

Amazon has been in the streaming game for quite some time now, they’ve also launched arguably the second most popular streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. Fire TV Stick 4k Max is the latest one out of Amazon’s incredible lot of streaming sticks, and an upgrade to the original Fire Stick. As the name suggests, it has also been equipped with 4k technology with a super-fast speed that loads every app in seconds. It also supports WiFi 6 for flawless connectivity and amazing internet speed. Fire TV Stick has always been the number one choice of streamers and this device further cements that position.

Google Chromecast

Well, not exactly a stick but this small device packs a punch because obviously this is a Google-backed product so anticipate some fine quality. The Chromecast along with the Fire Stick is the pinnacle of streaming devices that started this trend in the first place and is still going strong with new inventions every time.

The stylish thing about Chromecast is that it’s powered by Google’s original ecosystem and has native apps like Gmail and YouTube. Plus with the Android operating system as the firmware, this is an ideal streaming setup for any android fan as they’re familiar with the interface and can connect their smartphones and sync all apps and data seamlessly.


This is a fact that streaming is the future of visual entertainment, especially in times people demands ease and convenience. On the other hand, people today avoid expensive cable TV subscriptions. And those looking to get a big-screen experience with streaming need to have smart TVs, however, streaming sticks offer a cost-effective option for people like these who are willing to switch to streaming services but don’t have a smart Television.


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