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Steps to Become Voice Over Actor & Remotely Work in 2023

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Have you ever dreamed of leaving your day job and making money while staying in your home? If your answer is “yes,” then you are not alone. Countless people in the present times want to work at their preferred hours to make great money. However, the lack of knowledge stops people from working at flexible hours and keeps them from making their lives easier. But, after learning about the world of narrative voice over, you will know how easier and achievable it is to make money from home. are you ready to leave your day job to make money while working from home? Then keep reading!

What Is Voice Over Acting?

Voiceover actors record their voices for different characters in movies, games, etc., do the narration of books, and voice the commercial content in many advertisements. The modern digital world where information is a click away is unthinkable without voiceover artists. They are responsible for bringing ideas and knowledge near to human understanding with their unique voices. The importance of voiceover acting and the role of voiceover artists are getting more transparent with the day.

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Becoming A Voiceover Artist

Securing more voiceover jobs is easier nowadays because of the massive demand for voiceover artists in the digital industry. From audiobooks to gameplays and internet ads, the need for voiceover artists is ever increasing. Here are some aspects that you have to keep in mind while starting on your journey of becoming a voiceover artist to work from anywhere in the world!

  1. Setting up a home studio
  2. Learning voice recording and editing
  3. Perfecting your tone
  4. Selecting your favorite artists
  5. Finding clients

Here are details on every step so you can achieve your goal of becoming a voiceover artist.

Your Home Studio

Gone are the days when people moved to bigger cities to get roles in the media industry. There were times when one cannot dream of creating audiovisual content from the comfort of their homes. However, with the advent of smartphones and personal computers, setting up a home studio is easier than ever. You don’t have to hire a professional to set up a studio, but getting along with one can surely help you build a superb home studio. Now, setting up a home studio is easier if you follow these steps:

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  • Choose a corner in your room or select a separate room in your home
  • Try blocking out any noise coming from outside with noise insulation
  • Buy affordable sound equipment while getting started
  • Focus on minimizing your costs and make improvements with time

You don’t have to bring the most expensive stuff to your home studio as you start your voiceover acting journey. You can always make changes in your setup and bring better voice recording gear as you start making money.

Learning The Technical Skills

Running a home studio means that you have to learn about the technical aspects of recording audio. Now, most people think they don’t have enough knowledge to handle the “technical” requirements. Don’t fret; recording and editing your audio/voice is way easier than many other technical skills. All you have to do is install some software (either free or paid) to record and edit your voice correctly. Follow these tips while setting-up the technical aspects of your home studio.

  • Buy a PC that can handle audio-editing tasks
  • Start your recording and editing journey with free software
  • Don’t download any software that serves ads in them
  • Limit your spendings on buying softwares while starting

The best overall software pick for beginner voiceover artists is installing software called “Audacity.” This easy-to-use software and various capabilities and can help you deliver outstanding voiceover results.

Perfecting Your Tone

Don’t focus too much on perfecting your delivery in your first days as a voiceover artist. Changing your natural tone might make you:

Learn to find a sweet spot between your natural tone and the requirements of the project.

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Your Favorite Voiceover Artists

Having ideas in your field and working your way to do your job like them is the best way to get better at your voiceover game. Think about Morgan Freeman or Peter Dickson while starting as a voiceover artist. You might have many favorite voiceover artists if you watch anime or play games. Think about the ideals and find what makes them stay at the top of the voiceover game.

Finding Clients

The only way to get better overall at voiceover is learning while working. Start looking for clients as you set up your home studio and install the required software packages. Forget about procrastinating for months and get in a contract as soon as you can using platforms like UpWork and or so you can earn while learning.


There is no single best route to become a voiceover artist. However, the tips mentioned above are universal for any budding voiceover artist. Follow these instructions to start a great career in the voiceover industry!

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