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Spectrum WiFi Password

How to Change Spectrum WiFi Password?

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The landscape in the 21st Century digital world is actually very scary. Cybercriminals and hackers are always prowling around on the internet. Most of them are after anything they can get their hands on. They can steal your identity, your social media accounts, and even your bank information for unsavory purposes. Yet, it is very surprising how so many people remain unaware of the danger of weak passwords. If you haven’t already done so, now might be the best time to change the Spectrum WiFi password as well as your other accounts.

Why Do I Need to Strong Passwords?

Most people these days have very weak passwords to their digital accounts. They can range from birthdates to a generic numerical password. People do this to make sure they can remember their passwords and not be locked out of their accounts. To make matters even worse, a lot of people use the same password for all of their accounts. Both cases make things easier for hackers and criminals.

Most cyber criminals target your personal accounts to gain access and possibly steal your identity for fraudulent purposes. If you have a weak, numeric password, a brute force attack can break through it. A brute force attack uses computing power to try out all possible combinations to break through your account passwords. Having weak passwords makes this easier. Having the same password for all your accounts means if one account is compromised, so are all the others.

What is a Strong Password?

The last section should tell you why it’s so important to have a strong password. Strong passwords are alphanumeric passwords, consisting of upper case and lower case alphabet as well as numbers and symbols. Moreover, you should have a unique strong alphanumeric password for each of your accounts. This makes the job much harder for hackers.

How Do I Change Spectrum WiFi Password?

Changing your WiFi password is a simple enough matter. Like most credentials, you can change the password to your account using a standard web or phone browser. The following 3 steps help you make sure you change the Spectrum WiFi password to a stronger one.

Changing the Password

You can easily change your password if you have access to the internet and a connected device. You will need to connect to your home network. In case you are not sure what your current password is, use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC or Mac to the network. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open on your browser.
  2. Log in to the router with username and password.
  3. Click on Edit WiFi Network.
  4. Look for Wireless Network, Gateway Name, or SSID.
  5. Enter the new password in WPA Key.

That’s it! You have changed your WiFi password and can move on to the next step.

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View Current Information

To view the current information and settings on your Spectrum internet only, head to the official website. This shows you 2 ways to access the information you need.

You can access the information using the Manage Account option. Simply click on the Manage Account tab. Then choose services and select the internet. This will open the information you need to make sure your current WiFi settings are correct.

The second way to access your network information is to use the My Internet option. You will need to log in using your Spectrum credentials. Next, you need to select the My Internet tab. Finally, you need to click on Manage WiFi Settings to view your network settings.

Find Default Credentials

When changing your WiFi password, you will need your default credentials. If you can’t find them or don’t remember them, don’t panic. There is an easy fix. The router that came with your service has a sticker on the bottom. Look for it to find the default network name and password.

In some cases, a technician gives you a separate note of your default credentials. If you can’t locate this information, you can always call the Spectrum toll free number for assistance. Keeping your accounts, especially your home network under strong passwords is extremely important. Otherwise, you’re just inviting disaster, because hackers are unforgiving and unscrupulous. Stay safe, and take the right precautions.

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