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Spectrum vs WOW

Spectrum vs WOW Internet Services: Which One’s The Best?

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When it comes to internet services, Spectrum and WOW are top providers. They are the biggest internet and cable companies in America delivering hybrid cable and fiber optic internet with a download speed starting from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Each provider has its own perks therefore, a Spectrum vs WOW comparison will help you see the bigger picture and see which provider is superior when it comes to meeting your needs.

A Quick Comparison of Spectrum vs WOW

Let’s have a quick look at the best WOW internet plans and Spectrum internet package to see what you are actually getting:

Spectrum Internet WOW Internet
Speed Overview 200 Mbps to 1 Gbps 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps
Starting Price $49.99 per month $19.99 per month
Service Type Cable and Fiber Cable, Fiber, DSL, and copper
Data Caps Unlimited None

Best Internet Deal

You will get great value for money with WOW internet plans that don’t bind you with a contract. Spectrum internet price, on the other hand, don’t disappoint either.

Check out the Internet plans by both providers that offer the best value for money:

Spectrum WOW
Plan Name Spectrum Internet Ultra Internet 500
Speed 400 Mbps 500 Mbps
Starting Price $69.99 per month $50 per month
Service Type Cable Cable
Data Caps Unlimited None
Contract No Contracts Contract included

Installation Fee, Contracts, and Other Charges

If you are choosing Spectrum, you can choose between a professional installation and self-installation for their internet service. Customers who just use the internet could choose the self-installation approach to save money on a professional installation because it costs $9.99. Professional installation costs a one-time price of $49.99 and is suited for consumers who need the aid of a technician. WOW has professional and self-install options too. Both options have a $50 installation fee but if you are ordering online, this fee is waived.

Spectrum vs WOW Internet Services

All internet plans including Spectrum TV plans are contract-free. This means you can cancel the services anytime you want without worrying about the cancellation fee. The modem is free but you will be charged a $5 monthly fee if you rent a router with WiFi plans. You can avoid this fee by bringing your own router.

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Unfortunately, all WOW internet plans are bound by a contract but customers can go contract-free by paying an additional fee. There is a $345 early termination fee in case you want to cancel your services early. The equipment rental fee is $10 per month with the option of using your own equipment.

Spectrum’s internet plans include unlimited data, therefore there are no monthly data use limits. WOW! does not impose data caps on any of their internet services either.

Bundling Your Services for a Better Deal

Spectrum basically got into business with its cable services. Therefore, if you ever want TV, internet, and voice services, Spectrum bundles have you covered! Your internet price will come down and you will be able to get the best in-home entertainment. With the provider’s TV services, you will get all your favorite channels in HD. Plus, there is a huge channel line to choose from catering to the needs of all types of genre lovers.

When it comes to WOW bundles, you have the option to bundle all three services here as well. The provider keeps on introducing promotional deals to allow customers to get the best of both worlds.


Before you decide to settle with Spectrum Voice, internet or cable services, or any plan from WOW, it’s best to check the availability first.

Spectrum is available in several states, with a particularly strong presence in the Northeast and Southern California. It is one of the largest cable providers in the country because of its coverage in these densely populated areas.

WOW, on the other hand, is not as widely available. It’s cable internet service in only a few states. WOW TV packages are available in most states but the availability of certain channels in certain regions is restricted, which can be disappointing.

How Is the Customer Service?

This Spectrum vs WOW comparison would be incomplete without reviewing the customer service.

When it comes to internet providers, high customer satisfaction ratings are uncommon. Both Spectrum and WOW! have received unfavorable feedback and this is normal. You can’t expect internet services to be up and running all the time! Some say when it comes to WOW, their customer support is like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s coming. The provides has several angry customers who have little positive to say about the company. Plus, there is confusion about billing and internet service outages in specific regions.

Spectrum isn’t 100% complaint-free but the company has been doing a great job at addressing the concerns of its customers. Besides traditional phone support, the provider also offers support via the app, through self-help articles, and keeps its customers updated via social media.

Who Is the Winner?

The winner in this Spectrum vs WOW comparison is obviously the provider that suits your needs the best. On the surface, WOW internet plans look cheaper but when you factor in the equipment fee, contract fee, and the availability of services, Spectrum offers more reliability and value for money.

You can always compare the services and prices on your own and check customer reviews by exploring forums on the internet further. Don’t forget to first analyze your needs. Once you are more aware of what you want, it gets easier to narrow down your options and choose a provider.

Hopefully, this comparison will help you decide whether you are better off with Spectrum mobile, TV, and internet services or if WOW internet and other services meet your needs the best.

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