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Spectrum TV Packages

Everything You Need to Know About Spectrum TV Packages

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If you are thinking about selecting crisp TV plans for your home, you are reading the right thing. Charter offers a range of Spectrum cable TV packages for users to choose from. By selecting any of its packages, you can enjoy a range of TV channels and other perks like FREE TV app. But before making a choice, it is important to know in detail what each package has to offer. This guide will discuss all the amazing packages offered by this provider and their features in detail.

Why Is Spectrum TV Service So Popular?

This provider is one of the best cable service companies in the USA. It currently offers its services across 41 states. It uses a very powerful coaxial and fiber-optic network infrastructure to deliver its services. That is why service outage issues are few and far between.

Apart from that, it offers amazing packages and bundles to its customers at affordable rates. So, no matter what your needs might be, you can find a package suited to them easily. If you want to enhance your Spectrum TV service experience with regional or sports content, you can subscribe to several add-ons. So, with every kind of service, this provider offers both quality and affordability.

Spectrum Cable TV Packages

The provider offers crisp TV plans for users to enjoy. In each package, you can find a range of local and popular movies, sports, news, and lifestyle channels. These Spectrum cable channels also have an amazing picture quality. So, by subscribing to any of this provider’s package, you won’t have to compromise on low picture quality. Some of the most popular TV packages offered by this provider are:

TV Essentials

If you are already a Charter Internet user, this package is the ideal choice for you. By subscribing to Spectrum TV Essentials, you can get to access 60 amazing channels at an affordable monthly rate. From Game Show Network to Paramount Network, you can find all the top channels in this package. However, by choosing this package, you won’t be able to enjoy regional sports channels.

TV Choice

This package is another great choice for existing Internet customers. You can get Spectrum TV choice package just by paying $24.99 monthly. By subscribing to this package, you can enjoy up to 40 quality channels. The number of channels actually offered to you might vary depending upon your location. However, all the channels offered in this package will be in HD quality.

TV Select

Spectrum TV Select is an ideal choice for a small family. If you want to enjoy some regional channels along with channels like CNN and The History Channel, you should choose this package. Just by paying $44.99/month, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 125 channels in HD. If you want to enjoy some premium channels like HBO extra, you can purchase an add-on.

Order Cable TV packages

TV Silver

This package is the right choice for families with slightly higher needs. By subscribing to Spectrum TV Silver, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 175 channels. From CNN to BBC News, you can find all kinds of channels within this package. You’ll just have to pay $74.99/month to access all these amazing channels.

TV Gold

Spectrum TV Gold is an ideal choice for families who want to enjoy quality premium channels along with the local channels. You can get this package by paying $94.99/month. By choosing this package, you’ll be able to enjoy quality channels like TMC, SHOWTIME, and HBO extra. So, the total number of channels offered in this package will add up to approximately more than 200.

Spectrum TV Bundles

If you want to enjoy quality services while staying on budget, then you can opt for the bundling options. The Spectrum TV bundles allow you to enjoy crisp TV channels along with some other perks. The top bundles offered by this provider are:

TV Bundles Price/month Number of Channels
Double Play Select $89.98 More than 125
Double Play Silver $119.98 More than 175
Double Play Gold $139.98 More than 200
Triple Play Select $99.97 More than 125
Triple Play Silver $129.97 More than 175
Triple Play Gold $149.97 More than 200

Spectrum Cable Channels

Now that you are familiar with all the top Spectrum TV packages and bundles by this provider, it is time to list the channels that this provider offers. Depending upon your location and the kind of package you subscribe to, you might or might not be able to access some channels. Some popular channels offered by this service provider are:

ABC HBO® Boomerang Lifetime
AMC History CBS MLB Network
Animal Planet Lifetime CSB Sports Network MTV
BBC America MLB Network CMT MTV Classic
BBC World News MTV CNBC NFL Redzone
Bravo National Geographic CNBC World NHL Network
Cartoon Network NBA TV Destination America Nickelodeon
CBS Sports Network NFL Network Discovery Family OWN
Discovery Channel Revolt FamilyNet Sprout
Disney Channel SHOWTIME® Food Network STARZ®
E! TBS FOX Starz Encore
ESPN Tennis Channel FOX Soccer Plus TCM
ESPN2 USA Network Fuse TeenNick
Food Network VH1 GSN Universal HD
FOX ActionMa Hallmark Channel WGN America
FOX News AXS TV HBO® Willow
Freeform BBC Americ INS
Golf Channel BBC World News ION

It is important to note that the actual number of channels provided to each customer might vary according to several factors. Also, you might have to pay a regional sports fee to enjoy quality sports channels in your area.

TV Service Features

Apart from the amazing range of TV channels, there are many other benefits of Spectrum TV streaming services. By subscribing to any of its bundles or packages, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

HD Streaming

With this provider’s packages, you’ll able to enjoy your favorite channels in HD. This means that you won’t have to pay a hefty sum on a family movie trip. You can instead download your favorite shows and movies. And watch them with your family at your convenience. So, whether you want to watch Westworld or Paradise Lost, you can enjoy every sort of show in high quality.

FREE Customer Support

Another great benefit of choosing this service provider is that it offers free customer support. In case of any service interruption or outage issue, you can seek customer service easily. Also, the representative from customer support can also guide you regarding other features of these TV packages.


This provider offers an amazing TV app to its customers. Now you won’t have to sit in front of a TV to enjoy your favorite channels or shows. Instead, you can install the TV app on your mobiles or tablets. The best part about this app is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android. So, you’ll face no compatibility issues.

Also, as long as you have a stable Internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere. This app also allows you to enjoy other features like searching for your favorite content through filters.

Great On-Demand Library

Besides the amazing range of TV channels, this provider offers a huge on-demand library as well. There are thousands of TV shows and movies that you can enjoy at any time. So, by subscribing to a TV package, you’ll be able to enjoy several other kinds of content as well. The top movies included in this on-demand library are Irresistible, The Gentlemen, and Forces of Nature extra.

No Contracts

This provider makes sure that you don’t have to sign any kind of contract. By purchasing any TV package, you’ll only have to pay the fees monthly. Suppose that for some reason, you don’t want a particular service anymore. So, you can cancel it anytime without paying any additional charges.

No Early Termination Fees

Since this provider has a no-contract policy, you also won’t have to worry about any early termination fees. If you are not satisfied with a specific service, you can cancel the subscription at any time you want.

No Additional Charges

This provider also makes sure that its customers don’t have to pay any additional charges. Your bill will be exactly what you predicted it to be. However, it is important to note that there will be a yearly price hike. You’ll have to pay a little extra every year.

Exciting Add-Ons

The provider offers many exciting add-ons to its customers. If you are a hardcore sports lover, you can subscribe to any of its sports packages. This provider also offers many add-ons that include channels in regional languages. So, you can enjoy crisp Latino and south Asian content anytime and anywhere.

 Parental Controls

If you have kids at home, one of your biggest concerns might be to keep an eye on your kids. Now you can restrict adult and violent content by using this provider’s parental controls. These allow you to filter content when your kids are watching TV. So, you can allow them to stream their favorite shows without any worry.


The prices/offers mentioned in this article are only accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without any prior notice. Please visit the relevant websites for verification before making a purchase.

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