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Spectrum Mobile Phone Plans and Prices

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Spectrum is one of the largest and most popular service providers in the United States. The company provides internet, cable, and telephone plans. Spectrum Mobile plans use a combination of different WiFi hotspot networks. Users can choose from different payment plans to meet their utility service requirements.

The provider ventured into the mobile phone market several years ago. The advent of the service opened new vistas of communication for smartphone users across the United States. Spectrum Mobile coverage map clearly displays the coverage area and accessibility of 5G and 4G LTE services. It is worth mentioning that the brand does not have its own network of cell towers to run its mobile phone service in the U.S. So if you have used Verizon before, you can expect similar services on Spectrum Mobile as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the company’s mobile services and services, in general, is that they are affordable. However, it is important to note that you cannot use the mobile phone service if you aren’t subscribed to the provider. Yes, you read that right as it is necessary to have Spectrum WiFi to sign up for the company’s mobile plans.

Exciting Free Mobile Upgrade Offer for Current Customers

Before getting into the specifics of the Spectrum plans, there’s a new free mobile upgrade option you should check out. Now the existing customers who buy another Spectrum Unlimited Mobile or Unlimited Plus line will get a free Unlimited line for straight 12 months. Get this buy-one-get-one offer if you are already a customer.

Here’s what you need to know more about the offer:

  • You get one free mobile line for a year with the Spectrum Unlimited Mobile plan.
  • Only if you are a customer can you get the free line.
  • You can upgrade the free line to Unlimited Plus by paying $10 per month on the free line.
  • Mobile activation is also free on the bonus line.

Spectrum Mobile Plans for You

Before getting into the details about how the network works and compatible devices, you would first want to check out Spectrum Mobile plans. Spectrum offers its mobile services in three plans. These plans are By the Gig, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus.

Spectrum Mobile Plans

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By the Gig is the most basic mobile plan by the company priced at just $14 per GB. By choosing this plan, you can share your mobile data with 10 lines. You get to enjoy the company’s fast 5G services without any additional costs. Also, texts and calls across the nation are free even on the basic plan. Thanks to multiple free WiFi hotspots, you may not exceed several gigabytes of data. If that’s the case, you can go with the higher plans with no data caps.

Unlimited and Unlimited Plus both are advanced plans by the company with no limit on fast 5G mobile data. The prices of these plans are $29.99 and $39.99. These plans come with more data. You can enjoy seamless 5G data of 20GB on the Unlimited plan and 30GB on the Unlimited Plus plan along with free texts and calls. When you exceed the data limit, the internet speeds decrease, but you can still utilize the service. Make sure you have one of Spectrum Mobile compatible phones or switch to a suitable phone to subscribe to one of the company’s plans.

Spectrum Mobile By the Gig Spectrum Mobile Unlimited
1 GB Data Unlimited Data
Share Data Between up to 5 Lines Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data
Pay for the Data You Use Freedom to Surf and Stream
Option to Switch to Unlimited Anytime 5G at No Extra Cost
No Contract Requirement No Contract Requirement
Price: $14/month Price: $29.99/month

Check the Service Status from Spectrum Mobile Coverage Map

Spectrum is among dependable and fast mobile connections across the nation. However, in a few regions of the Spectrum Mobile coverage map, you may not get a streamlined 5G connection or fast 4G connection. A good thing is that the number of such regions is considerably small. You are not likely to face any problems in most of the populated regions.

The zones where you could face coverage issues are Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. An easy way to know the service status is to ask the representatives before Spectrum Mobile activation. In this way, you will know the quality of service before signing up for the company’s ecosystem.

Process for Spectrum Mobile Activation

The steps for the process of Spectrum Mobile activation are fairly simple. But there are some differences in the measures to enjoy Spectrum Mobile plans. It depends on whether you are shifting an existing phone number to Spectrum, or want to get a new connection. Also, when you want to start with Charter’s mobile network, you have to decide if you want to start with a new mobile phone or if you are bringing your old phone.

For the first case, the answer is that you can switch to Spectrum with your existing phone number. You can simply change the network carrier without much hassle. But you should not cancel the service of your existing provider until the number is transferred.

To get a new connection, you can search “Spectrum Mobile store near me” on your maps app and visit the store. Otherwise, you should check if your phone is among Spectrum Mobile compatible phones. In this way, you can activate a connection and sign up for your desired plan. But in any of these cases, being a Spectrum internet customer is necessary to choose a plan.

Mobiles You Can Buy From a “Spectrum Mobile Store Near Me” or Online

Charter offers most of the new models from Apple, Samsung, and Google. Generally, the latest models of phones from these brands. For example, iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Fold4 and Flip4, and Google Pixel 6 Pro are all available.

Spectrum Mobile Store Near Me

Besides searching for a “Spectrum Mobile store near me”, you can also place your orders online. This way you won’t have to visit their store to buy a mobile phone. Besides phones, you can also buy tablets and smartwatches from their stores. A good thing about making a mobile purchase through Charter is you get the option to pay in installments.

What Are Spectrum Mobile Compatible Phones?

If you want a new Spectrum Mobile connection on your existing phone, you should see if your phone is compatible with the network. Other than checking whether your phone is among Spectrum Mobile compatible phones, you may also want to check if it is a 5G-ready device. On compatible devices that don’t support 5G, you can use the company’s 4G LTE connection.

The following is a list of old compatible phones on the network:

Devices Devices
Galaxy A03s iPhone 12 mini
Galaxy A13 5G iPhone 13
Galaxy A53 5G iPhone 13 mini
Galaxy S21 FE 5G iPhone 13 Pro
Galaxy S22 iPhone 7
Galaxy S22 Ultra iPhone 7 Plus
Galaxy S22+ iPhone 8
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G iPhone 8 Plus
Galaxy Z Flip4 iPhone SE
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
Galaxy Z Fold4 iPhone X
Google Pixel 3a iPhone XR, iPhone XS
Google Pixel 5 iPhone XS Max
Google Pixel 6 LG K40
Google Pixel 6 Pro Samsung Galaxy Note10
iPhone 11 Samsung Galaxy S10+
iPhone 11 Pro Samsung Galaxy S10e
iPhone 11 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S9
iPhone 12 Samsung Galaxy S9+

The newest releases from these companies and successive releases in-between are also good to go on the network. An easy way of checking the phone’s compatibility is to contact the support team and tell them your model. They can guide you. The company also facilitates you in buying a new device with the trade-in option. This offer helps you get a discount on your new purchase of a suitable phone.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews from Existing Customers

Charter Spectrum is one of the decent service overall service providers in the US with a good reputation. Mobile connections are fairly new services by the company. The company uses Verizon’s dependable connection for a strong connection. One of the main reasons for excellent Spectrum Mobile reviews is their amazing plans. Free texts and calls are superb additions to all Spectrum plans.

Spectrum Mobile Reviews 2023

The combination of Spectrum’s super-fast 5G internet connection and WiFi connection has collectively received many positive reviews in 2023. The area of coverage of these services and connection strengths are the other advantages the company has over various other networks.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Mobile

Where Spectrum has many positives like lightning-fast 5G and ultra 5G, there are a few negatives as well. It is not unusual for a mobile network to get mixed reviews. However, the pluses of Spectrum outweigh the negatives.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Mobile 

The following are the pros and cons of Spectrum Mobile:


  • Excellent 5G connection in most regions
  • Free calls and texts on all plans
  • Plans for every budget
  • WiFi hotspots for free connection
  • Great customer support


  • Fewer plan options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of having Spectrum Mobile?

Spectrum Mobile offers a dependable 5G connection in several zones with flexible data plans.

Is Spectrum Mobile really unlimited?

If you Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan, you can enjoy 20GB of internet. You can still connect to the internet with a drop in browsing speeds. So, technically yes, you do get unlimited data.

Is Spectrum a 29.99 deal for existing customers?

Yes, you have to be a customer of Spectrum internet to get this plan.

Is Spectrum Mobile good?

Yes, Spectrum Mobile is overall a solid network with fast 5G connectivity.

What network does Spectrum Mobile use?

Spectrum uses Verizon to offer its services.

Is Spectrum Mobile as good as Verizon?

Spectrum uses Verizon’s network for offering its services. So, you can expect a similar quality of services.

How to activate Spectrum Mobile?

By transferring your existing connection to Spectrum or buying a new connection. Customer support can offer the required help to activate.

How much is Spectrum Mobile’s unlimited plan?

Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited plan is $29.99.

Does Spectrum Mobile have an international calling option?

Yes, Spectrum offers international calling for up to 200 countries.

How long does Spectrum Mobile activation take?

The activation can take around a week.

How to activate Spectrum Mobile sim card?

You can activate your Spectrum Mobile sim card by taking the following steps:

  • Insert a sim card into your phone.
  • Visit and sign in to your account with your login credentials.
  • Activate your device from the dashboard.

Is my phone compatible with Spectrum mobile?

You can check your phone’s compatibility with customer support.

Is there a Spectrum Mobile store near me?

You can search “Spectrum Mobile store” on the maps app to see your nearest store.

Does Spectrum Mobile have international plans?

All Spectrum Mobile plans come with international calling and texting options.

What are the reviews on Spectrum Mobile?

Generally, Spectrum gets excellent reviews for its quality of service and amazing plans.

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