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Spectrum IPv6

How to Set Up Spectrum IPv6?

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IPv6 is the latest internet protocol after IPv4, which uses a 32-bit addressing scheme for supporting 4.3 billion devices (which apparently wasn’t enough). the growth of the internet and expansion of IoT proved the world needed more addresses and so IPv6 was born. Like MiFi, it’s a new kid on the block (not that new, though) that slowly getting fame.

This protocol is capable of handling data packages much efficiently with improved performance and security. It has also allowed ISPs to reduce the size of the routing tables by making them appear hierarchical.

Many Internet giants, including Google, Amazon, and Yahoo, switched to IPv6 network protocols for a limited time in 2013 to test the waters. For the most part, the test went well, and everyone went back to utilizing IPv4. Most, if not all, prominent websites have not yet implemented IPv6 connectivity in their networks. Transition gateways will be required in the future for the majority of websites that use IPv4 protocols to bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Okay, so IPv6 is great. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum internet plans and you would like to know if IPv6 is available on Spectrum, then tag along.

Is Spectrum IPv6 Available?

The answer to this question is yes. You will have to enable it on your router though. At the moment, the provider has extended its support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols for catering to the needs of its subscriber. But there will come a time when we all will have to shift to IPv6 eventually.

spectrum ipv6

Do you think it’s for you to make that switch? if so, to get started, there are some prerequisites to follow:

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A Compatible Modem/Router

Your Spectrum WiFi is already compatible with IPv6. Now, all you have to do is ensure your modem or router is compatible. Check the router’s manual to see if it supports IPv6. It’s recommended not to invest in a combo modem and router if you are to use IPv6.

Looking forward to buying new equipment for switching to IPv6? Get yourself ASUS RT-AC88U. See if it’s available with the provider and you can rent it out.

How to Enable IPv6 on Your Spectrum Internet?

Setting Spectrum IPv6 is simple. Before getting started, make sure you call the provider and let them know that you are switching to IPv6. Do ask them if there’s a way to enable IPv6 on your Spectrum mobile plans.

After this, you follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your router and modem are connected
  2. Log into your router’s web management account
  3. Go to the advanced settings section
  4. Click IPv6 from the options
  5. Enable IPv6 and choose “Dynamic IP” from the option
  6. Go to the advanced option and choose auto in the Get IPv6 address section
  7. Enable Prefix Delegation
  8. Hit Save
  9. This should enable the IPv6 on your router.

How to Know If IPv6 Is Enabled?

Fortunately, you don’t have to call the provider to confirm if IPv6 is enabled after you have followed the steps explained above. The company offers a free self-test that lets you check if IPv6 is enabled on your network. Perform the test and if the results show it’s not enabled, you may get in touch with customer support.

Benefits of IPv6

Have a deeper look into the benefits of Spectrum IPv6 to understand why giants have started enabling it and why all internet users should make the switch:

Efficient Routing

You can count on IPv6 to make the routing process more efficient since it reduces the routing table’s size. Fragmentation is handled by the source device, not the router, employing a protocol for determining the path’s maximum transmission unit.

Better Security

IPv6 is a package of authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity. IPv4 packets have the potential for carrying malware but not IPv6. Why? Because Internet Control Message Protocol makes it secure.

Smooth Network Configuration

When a device is connected to another IPv6 device, it can auto-configure itself independently. In other words, all configuration tasks are carried out automatically.

Final Words

Enabling IPv6 on your device is a piece of cake. If you fail the Spectrum IPv6 test after enabling it, don’t hesitate to get technical support from the provider. Call the same number you called to inquire about Spectrum TV packages and you should get your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to these FAQs to learn more about IPv6 on your Spectrum services:

Will IPv6 Change My Internet Experience?

Not really. You won’t notice any change in your internet experience. You will continue to use your spectrum services with the same ease.

Is IPV6 Secure?

You bet! It’s as secure as IPv4 so feel free to make the switch.

Can I Disable IPv6?

Yes, you can disable it. for that check with your router’s manufacturer.

Can I Use Both IPv4 and IPv6?

Yes. That’s what Spectrum’s dual-stack is about! This means you can run both protocols on your network.

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