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Spectrum Back to School Has the Best Offers on the Block

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With schools set to reopen after the summer, life may learn to continue with or without the coronavirus. Of course, that is not to understate the disruptive effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the country. People are still trying to avoid going outside unnecessarily. Of course, when schools and universities reopen, most of them will continue the remote learning model. Meaning students will depend on reliable internet services at home more than ever before. That is where the Spectrum Back to School plan comes in.

What is the Spectrum Back To School Internet and TV Plan?

Students have a greater need for high-speed internet services for studying. They also use the same service for streaming, gaming, and other leisure internet activities. After a hard day of studying, who doesn’t want to relax in front of the TV and watch a little comedy on Adult Swim? The student lifestyle is fast-paced, both in terms of learning and recreation. With little to do except stay indoors, students are going to need all the support they can get from their internet and cable TV providers.

This isn’t the first time Spectrum has introduced back-to-school internet deals. The provider usually offers promotions at the start of the school year. However, these are unprecedented circumstances. The provider offers this deal to college students in specific participating areas. If you sign up for the deal, you get blazing-fast internet access via Spectrum Internet Ultra. This plan reaches download speeds of up to 300 Mbps, which are perfect for all student needs. That’s not to mention access to more than 125 cable and streaming channels. The Internet and TV plans also include a free modem as well as 12 months of premium network Showtime.

What is Included in Back To School Internet Deal?

The Spectrum promotion primarily targets college students in specific markets. It includes:

  • Access to the Internet and TV at a great price.
  • Up to 400 Mbps in download speeds with Internet Ultra
  • Access to over 125 cable channels and thousands of on-demand titles with TV Select.
  • Unlimited data with every internet plan.
  • No contract is required.

Back to School Internet Only

College students rely on the internet for research, online classes, submitting assignments, taking quizzes and exams, and much more. And that doesn’t include the gaming, streaming, and video calls that they get up to during their leisure time. The provider offers high-speed internet plans starting at 200 Mbps with no data caps! That means you can use your internet service without any fear of pesky overage fees or throttled speeds.

BTS With TV Choice and Internet Ultra

Of course, sometimes, for students with higher consumption patterns, a 200 Mbps service doesn’t quite meet their needs. Luckily, Spectrum offers an upgrade to Internet Ultra with download speeds of up to 400 Mbps. That’s enough for even the most hardcore downloaders, gamers, and streamers. That’s not to mention more bandwidth in case you share a dorm or an apartment. Of course, you can’t always be on the internet.

Cable TV offers some of the best entertainment around, especially for discerning college students. That is why the internet and TV are one of the provider’s Backs to School packages – the TV Choice plan. Spectrum TV Choice is a streaming TV service that allows you to pick the channels you want in your lineup. The standard package includes most local channels, and you can add up to 10 streaming networks at the advertised price.

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BTS With Ulta Internet and Select TV

This Spectrum promotion features the same internet speeds of 400 Mbps, thanks to Internet Ultra. But the provider has made room for students that are more particular about their entertainment than streaming TV. The plan includes TV Select, which is a cable plan granting access to a lineup of more than 125 channels, including HD options. Host game nights in your dorm, or catch a late-night movie after a hard day of studying.

BTS With Ulta Internet and TV Essentials

This plan comes with one of the best budgets Spectrum Back to School TV packages you can find in your area. It consists of a channel lineup of more than 60 live cable options. This plan has a well-rounded lineup containing all types of entertainment options. That includes AMC, Discovery, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, and many more. And don’t forget unlimited access to high-speed 400 Mbps internet via Internet Ultra.

The Bottom Line

The Spectrum back-to-school offer is only available in markets near participating universities in a Spectrum service area. However, it is still a great opportunity to get a stellar service while saving money. You may even be eligible for a Spectrum student discount. However, this offer should not be confused with the reduced-cost internet access the provider has been offering as part of the Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

The provider also allows non-student subscribers to take advantage of the offer. However, these will not be eligible for any Spectrum student discounts. As of now, the offer is only valid for the next two months. So you should pick up that phone right now and get on the line with a service representative right away.

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