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playstation PS5

 Specs, and Design Lifting the Veil from Sony’s PS5

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The gaming industry is booming. And PlayStation is one of the most hailed, feature-rich, and full of entertainment gaming consoles worldwide. From PlayStation to PS2, PS3, P4, and their Pro and Slim counterparts, Sony has finally evolved PS5 gaming gear!

Seasoned gamers and hobbyists are all eyes for this next-generation PS console to launch. On June 11th, Sony announced the release time to be somewhere in late 2020. Sony hosted the event The Future of Gaming, where the company lifted the veil from the cutting-edge features and specs of the gaming gear.

The range of software that Sony’s newest device boasts of is impressive and the game line-up is also promising. Do you want all the juicy details? Tag along!

Release Date and Pricing Details

Amid the global Coronavirus crisis, the world economy has been noticeably slow. However, Sony has ensured that its next-gen gaming gear will launch by the end of this year. And since it is the perfect equipment to keep you indoors and at home, why not!

Therefore, this quarantine-friendly gaming console will be hitting the markets in the holiday season of 2020 in the United States. However, Sony did not specify a date. But the tentative time is between the months of October and November 2020.

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Sony did not share the pricing details. However, leaks suggest that the price will be around $499. This estimate is based on the price of PS4 and PS4 Pro at the time of launch. It was $399. Pertaining to the massive jump in technology and specs, the price jump is justified. This is not for sure though. The interactive CEO of Sony claims that they have been very careful about deciding the price of this next-gen gaming console.

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PS5 Specs

Every gaming enthusiast is all about the specs of the gaming gear. The better the specs, the better will be the gaming experience. This much-awaited gaming device boasts cutting-edge specs. Let’s take a look at what PlayStation 5 & PS5 digital edition has to offer.


It comes with expandable storage and includes an NVMe SSD slot. It also offers external storage with USB HDD support for PS4 games.


The CPU is AMD Zen 2-based with 8 cores. They work on a variable frequency of 3.5GHz.


The architecture of GPU is Custom RDNA 2. It has 36 CUs at the variable frequency of 2.23GHz and 10.28 TFLOPs.

Memory Interface and Bandwidth:

The memory bandwidth is 448GB/s and the memory interface is 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit.

IO Throughput:

PS5 comes with an IO throughput of typical 8-9GB per second compressed and 5.5GB per second raw.

Internal Storage:

PS5 has an internal storage of custom 825GB SSD.

Optical Drive:

It comes with a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive.

PlayStation 5 GPU and Custom Processor

The GPU showcases an AMD RDNA 2 GPU which is customizable and impressive. It utilizes 36 computing units and each one of them is capped at 2.23GHz, which ensures a peak 10.28TF performance.

Sony has revealed that it has incorporated AMD’s Zen 2 CPU processor. The tech-savvy processor comes with 16 threads and 8 cores. This is a massive tech jump compared to PS4. The frequency has also improved from 1.6 GHz in PS4 to 3.5 GHz in PS5. Again, this is a promising improvement.

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Storage and Memory

The new gaming gear by Sony boasts of internal storage of as much as 825GB. This means that the horizon of the gaming world is going to be widened. Developers will be able to create bigger worlds without having to worry about the limitations of hard drives.

The SSD has comes with more bandwidth and data can load faster from the SSD. This clears up the RAM of tons of useless data. This means that you will enjoy a seamless gaming experience with reduced loading times. Your games will not be plagued with texture pop-ins.

You get to have greater control over how you install and uninstall games with this console. Instead of having to install a full block of data, you have the choice to go for multiplayer mode. Convenient, isn’t it! This also enables you to launch the gameplay directly. The players can go straight to aspects such as matchmaking. You won’t have to boot up the entire game to do so.

About the expandable storage, Sony allows you to use an NVMe PC drive instead of propriety storage systems. Unlike Xbox which is still insisting on them. However, there’s a downside to it. The drives in the market need time to catch with this new gaming console’s technology.

The Audio Tech

What’s one thing that goes above and beyond the expectations of seasoned gamers from PlayStation 5? The sound system! Tempest Engine brings innovative 3D audio, which is capable of supporting hundreds of sound sources.

So far, the best sound system came with PSVRs. It had 50 sound sources. Now, players are going to experience sound experience like never before. You will even be able to hear a drop falling on the ground. So much so that you will experience the boundaries of real and virtual worlds blurring.

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DualSense Controller

Instead of the DualShock 5, which was expected in this new gear, PS5 has dubbed the DualSense controller. This controller is all set to raise the standards of what to expect from gaming gear. The black and white monochrome color scheme is a shift from all the previous models. It also implies the paradigm shift in technology.

You will find square, cross, triangle, and circle buttons on the controller. It offers haptic feedback in the shoulder buttons, L2, and R2.  They are adaptive in design and according to the manufacturing company; the adaptive triggers will play a dynamic role in the accurate simulation of actions.

To communicate with your fellow players, take advantage of the microphone in the controller. Be ready to welcome some big changes!

Game Lineup

With a rich and extensive game lineup, you are going to have tons of games to play. You can play a majority of PSVR and PS4 games on the new PlayStation. The console is designed while considering the backward compatibility. The first-party games are already in the pipeline and you can expect them to be cross-gen.

For the third-party games, we are expecting remakes to suit the new gaming console. For instance, for THQ Nordics GmbH Gothic, WRC 9, Gollum, Battlefield 6, and Dying Light 2 will have new remakes. In addition, you have a whole list of new games to enjoy. Therefore, it’s a good time to figure out which CenturyLink Internet plan is best for gaming.


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