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Rise Broadband Internet Plans

How Good are Plans and Services by Rise Broadband? 

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In metropolitan cities, it is easier to get fast and dependable internet connections. It is because most major internet service providers work in those zones. But the same cannot be said about rural and less inhabited areas. In these regions, Rise broadband internet plans are more successful in the absence of DSL and satellite internet.

When you need internet in rural areas, fixed wireless service by Rise Broadband offers solid signal strengths and internet speeds. Like Spectrum internet, the company offers a variety of services in these areas but it’s more well known for its internet services. So, if you are looking for a quick answer to whether the customers are happy with the service? The answer is there are plenty of advantages of Rise Broadband that make it an excellent service.

Broadband Internet Plans by Rise Broadband

Underdeveloped areas generally do not have as good internet coverage. The reason is generally a lack of fiber optic-based internet infrastructure. So, you cannot expect Fiber-optic fast connection like Optimum Internet. But that doesn’t mean the residents or businesses operating in these areas do not get good internet. Broadband giants like Rise Broadband dominate these regions with quality services. And the best part is that the prices on their plans are affordable. So, your overall internet costs are not high like satellite internet from different companies.

In fact, the prices and the quality of service are rightly balanced by each other. Broadband internet plans by the company provide the users with quality services. The company offers plans that suit the needs of all types of users. There are different plans for residential and business needs. Other than the internet, the company also provides mobile plans that are very enabling like Spectrum mobile plans.

Prices and Plans

A major advantage of subscribing to the company’s plans is the affordability of the prices. Generally, when the prices are affordable, the internet speeds are not that good. That’s not the case with this provider. Even the most affordable plans come with good download and upload speeds.

Rise Broadband Internet

You can sign up for the basic plan with the company for just $25 a month. On this plan, you get 25Mbps download speeds. Also, the data limit of 250GB is quite generous. If your usage is more than this limit, you can opt for the unlimited option by paying $20 more per month. You can use your router with the connection or get managed Deco M4 routers with smart options like parental control for $7 per month. Even after including all these prices, the service still does not break your bank.

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There is also the option of getting double speeds by paying an extra $10 on the base plan. And the rest of the additions like removing the data cap are the same. So, the cost of the internet is similar to the basic plan of Cox internet.

What You Get By Subscribing to Rise Broadband

Apart from affordable prices and solid Broadband internet plans, there are a number of other benefits of getting the services from the provider. The following are some of the benefits of choosing the company:

Discounts on Installation

When you are opting for any internet service provider, generally you have to add the installation costs. But if you sign an extended contract of service, you can save significantly on installation with the company.

No Discontinuation Fee

Most ISPs have a rigid billing structure and contracts. With Rise Broadband, you have the option to opt-out of service without additional fees. It is because you have the option of month-to-month payment flexibility. If you don’t sign a contract at the time of subscription, you can discontinue without having any trouble. However, it is best to check the discontinuation of service policies first as they may vary depending on the region of service.

Expert Customer Support

A number of factors can affect the quality of your internet. But knowledgeable customer support can help you troubleshoot and resolve these problems. Customers often praise the services of technicians and installers.

Plans for Residential and Business Customers

Besides plans for residential use, there are affordable plans for businesses as well. Within these plans, you can choose the SMB or enterprise plans depending on your needs. The speeds on these plans are up to 50Mbps or 100Mbps. These speeds may not sound very fast compared to 300mbps you get on Optimum Business Internet. But again, these areas do not have a fiber-optic-based infrastructure.

Qualities That Make the Provider Stand Out

There are a number of reasons that make Rise Broadband a dependable internet service provider. The following qualities make Rise Broadband an excellent service:

  • Network coverage in rural areas
  • Good broadband speeds
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great customer support


Collectively, all these aspects make broadband Internet plans by Rise Broadband excellent in rural areas. Their residential and business internet plans are quite dependable for such regions. The technical support and quality of service also add to customer satisfaction.

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