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RCN Compatible Modems

RCN Compatible Modems – A Complete Guide

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RCN or Residential Communications Network has become a popular name in the telecom industry. The company offers a variety of internet plans for all types of internet users. their 200-250 Mbps plan is sufficient for most households.

The provider’s speed is impressive. But is RCN the greatest ISP? When compared to other giants like Spectrum internet, RCN performs admirably. It matches these providers in terms of internet speed and it’s inexpensive. Its services are available in Chicago, New York, Massachusetts, and several other states. Once you have subscribed to RCN’s internet plan, which RCN compatible modems to choose from is a tough question to answer. Don’t you worry, we have you covered!

To Rent or BYOM?

When it comes to RCN internet equipment, you can lease a cable modem, a modem-router combo, or a router-only directly from the provider directly. The charges of the lease will reflect in your monthly bill, of course. You can choose the network hardware that best complements your RCN internet speed and plan using your judgment or call customer support for suggestions.

Apart from leasing, like you can use your own device with Cox internet plans, this company also has the BYOM (Bring Your Own Modem) policy. If you plan to go the BYOM route, this guide will not only provide you with a list of the best RCN compatible modems but also the important factors to keep in mind while making your purchase. Let’s get started.

Best RCN Compatible Modems to Choose From

Most subscribers prefer buying their own equipment. It’s a great decision but if you want to go BYOM, you must check out the provider’s minimum requirements for modems. It’s important to choose your modem based on the parameters defined by the provider to get the best internet speeds and assure compatibility with their service. Here are the modem recommendations by the provider:

Modem Recommendations by RCN

Modem DOCSIS Type Speed Downstream Channels
DOCSIS 3.0 Up to & including 330 Mbps 24 Channels
DOCSIS 3.1 500 Mbps or higher 32 Channels

Here, DOCSIS represents how rapidly data goes from the Internet service provider to your home and back across the cable network downstream channels, on the other hand, represents the download speed which is the data that your computer receives from the Internet. You are consuming your computer’s downstream bandwidth when you download music, podcasts, games, apps, images, or other web content.

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Now let’s check out the modems that you can invest in:

 1: ARRIS Surfboard S33

If you call RCN and ask which third-party modem they recommend, they will most likely recommend the S33. It’s a high-performance, low-cost cable modem. Its maximum speed is 3500 Mbps. This amounts to a real-world speed of roughly 2500 megabits per second, plus or minus 10 percent.

This speed is sufficient to simultaneously stream several 4K movies and play an online game. All RCN internet plans support this modem. Hence, it’s one of those RCN compatible modems that is recommended to anyone who has a 500 Mbps or higher plan and wants to ensure that their modem is future-proof.

2: Netgear CM500

If you have a 250 or 50 Mbps internet subscription and don’t expect to update your internet anytime soon, the CM500 is ideal for you. It supports a download speed of 300 Mbps and an upload speed of roughly 80 Mbps. However, it is a poor match for any faster internet. It won’t be able to support a speed beyond 300 Mbps. If you have plans of upgrading your internet speed in the future, don’t buy this modem. Other than that, this modem is ideal if you’re looking for a low-cost and reliable modem.

3: Netgear Nighthawk C7800

The Netgear Nighthawk C7800 is a fantastic choice if you have a 940 Mbps plan. Even if its real-world speed is around 2000 Mbps, it may be a bit of an overkill. And, when combined with an upload speed of roughly 200 Mbps and DOCSIS 3.1, this device will last for years.

The router is also dual-banded, allowing you to choose between a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network. The manufacturer claims that this router has a Wi-Fi coverage of 3000 square feet, which means you are in for a win! This equipment has also made it to the list of compatible Spectrum modems.

4: Motorola MB7621

The Motorola MB7621 cable modem is an Amazon’s Choice modem famous for its performance and budget-friendliness. With over 24 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels, the Motorola MB7621 distributes cable internet speeds. It can also manage more bandwidth without being stressed thanks to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard. Plus, it has a sleek appearance and modest size, giving it a low-profile advantage.

5: TP-Link TC-W7960

If you’re searching for a speed that is adequate for everyday use, this one will do the trick. This router and cable modem combo will save you money on rental equipment while also providing you with great Wi-Fi speeds. It offers 2.4 GHz speeds and it comes with eight downstream channels and four upstream channels. You will be able to download files and stream movies without any lags. It’s one of those RCN compatible modems that supports DOCSIS 3.0, which means more speed and efficiency.

Summing Up

So, folks, save yourself time and choose from this list of modems. Remember that if you rent a modem from RCN, you will be charged a monthly price of $15. This means you will be paying $180 over a year. On the other hand, if you buy a modem upfront, it’s always a better deal.

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