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RCA Universal Remote

Want To Set Up Your RCA Universal Remote? Here’s How

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Let’s face it, we love our devices. In most homes in the United States, you can easily find upwards of 16 connected devices! Many of them also double as entertainment systems so we can stream or watch our content. There’s no denying the convenience of modern devices. But there’s also no denying that too many devices can clutter up your home. This is something an RCA universal remote can help you with.

What is an RCA Universal Remote?

Consider all the devices in your living room. You have your TV to make full use of your Spectrum TV packages. You have your DVD or Blu-Ray player for movie nights with friends, family, or even by yourself. You also might have a DVR to record live TV for watching later. All of these devices will have remotes that will add to the clutter.

If your coffee table is littered with a bunch of remotes, you know how annoying it can be to keep track of all of them. An RCA Universal remote solves this problem. It is a single remote that can be programmed to work with a number of devices. However, unless you know how, programing an RCA remote can be as complicated as understanding Spectrum hidden costs. But don’t worry, this blog will guide you through the process.

Programming a Remote with a Code Search Button

Certain types of RCA remotes come with a code search button built-in. Programming for this type of remote is really straightforward. You can do it in one of two methods.

When You Have the Device Code

Step 1 To program your remote to a device like your DVR, you will need the device code. You can usually find this user manual that comes with your device. If not, you can use the code finder feature on the remote to do so.

Step 2 Once you have the device code, power the device on. Press and hold down the code search button. While holding down the button, press the labeled button on the remote for your device (TV, DVD, DVR, etc.).

Step 3 Wait for the light on the remote to blink once. After blinking, it should remain lit up.

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Step 4 Use the numerical buttons on the RCA universal remote to enter the device code. If the code is correct, the light will blink off. This means that you have programmed your remote successfully to the DVR. Check to see if it functions correctly, like recording a show using your Spectrum internet service.

When You Don’t Have the Device Code

In some cases, you may not have access to your device code. Or the first method might not have worked for you. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Try this second method.

Step 1 Power on the device you want to program.

Step 2 Press and hold down the code search button until the light on the remote comes on.

Step 3 While holding down the code search button, press the button labeled for the device. Wait for the light to blink once.

Step 4 Press the power button on your remote. This will send the right code for the remote to your device.

Step 5 Press the power button on and off until the device powers off. This means you have found the right code.

Step 6 Once you have found the right code, press enter to save it. Your remote should now work perfectly with your device.

Sometimes, you may run out of codes for your remote to use. When this happens, the light on the remote will blink four times to indicate there are no more codes to use. If this happens, it is likely that this particular remote will not work with your device. You should remember that there are many types of universal remotes, and they don’t all have the same functions.

Programming a Remote without a Code Search Button

As stated, all RCA universal remotes are not the same. That means you may find out yours does not have a code search button. If this happens, don’t worry. You can still likely program your remote to a number of devices. Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Power on the device you want to program.

Step 2: Find the button labeled for that device and hold it down.

Step 3: While holding down the device button, find and hold down the power button as well.

Step 4: Wait for the power light on your remote to blink on and off.

Step 5: Let go of both the power and device buttons and check if the light stays on.

Step 6: Pressing the power button again will scan through the available codes.

Step 7: Continue pushing the power button until you find the right UPC codes. When this happens, your device will power off.

Step 8: Once you have the right code, press the stop button, and save the device code. Check to see if your device is working properly.

In Conclusion

Universal remotes can be quite convenient if you know how to use them. Hopefully, this blog would have proven helpful. If you have a knack for DIY stuff at home, check out our guide on how to self-install your Spectrum Internet.

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