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Portable Internet

Portable Internet: What Is It & How to Get It

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Internet technology has come a long way! It seems like yesterday when everyone was fixing antennas on the roof to get a clearer picture of the TV. Today, you can sit in bed and stream anything and everything on a global level, thanks to the internet! What’s more? You don’t even have to sit in a confined place. You can move around and still have access to this ease. How do you ask? The answer is portable internet!

What Is a Portable Internet?

Portable internet gives you access to the online world even when you are not at home. As the name suggests, it’s portable, so you can use it on the go or while you’re traveling. If you’re wondering how it works, portable internet gives you signals through wireless networks powered by mobile devices. Obviously, it costs more than the typical wired internet at home. But this facility is godsent for people who are always on the move and constantly need an internet connection!

4 Ways to Get Portable Internet For 2022

Getting a portable internet might sound like a challenge, but it’s easier than one might assume. There are plenty of ways, yet the following four are the most accessible:

1. Mobile Data & Hotspots

Mobile data allows users to access high-speed internet through signals emerging from the phone. So, technically, the smartphone acts as a router. You can use the internet on the same device or connect it to other gadgets through a hotspot. Speaking of which, hotspots are the fastest, easiest, and quickest portable internet. They are available at various prices, and you can also add them as an extra to your existing phone plan. Doing this minimizes the extra charges you have to pay for data. For example, even Spectrum internet plans offer Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data. So you see, it’s easier and more accessible than you think!

To use the hotspot on your phone, you have to go into your internet settings and switch the hotspot on. Then, if you want to connect another gadget to the hotspot, simply go to the Wi-Fi tab and select the name of the internet connection you want to connect to. Then, you can continue enjoying the internet as you would at home connected to your Wi-Fi. It’s more straightforward than it seems!

The best part about mobile data and hotspots is that they are easy to use, pretty affordable, and have high speeds. The only downside is that some hotspots do not offer unlimited data. So instead, you have a speed and data limit. And if you want more of them, you’ll have to spend more money.

2. 4G LTE Internet

4G LTE gives you access to an internet connection through a 4G router, and it comes in two different forms: home service and portable. The latter is the one we are concerned with and the more expensive one. This technology is relatively new compared to others. But it is pretty handy and is getting famous day by day. The reason behind its growing popularity is that it’s portable, convenient, and fast.

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Indeed, 4G LTE internet is portable and usable. However, it is more expensive than mobile data and hotspots. If you’re already subscribed to a network, you can inquire about their 4G as well. For example, Cox internet plans offer 4G internet services, so you won’t have to get a new network for this facility. Doing this will minimize the overall expenses.

Portable Internet

The excellent part about 4G internet is that you can get unlimited data in specific plans and it’s travel-friendly. But there’s also a downside: inconsistency in speeds and expensive facilities, both of which vary depending on the company you opt for. However, they’re still a standard, general drawback.

3. Travel Hotspots and USB Modems

USB modems and travel hotspots are trendy ways of obtaining portable internet. For example, let’s say you are visiting another country. A great way to get easy and quick access to the internet is getting a local sim. Put some credit into it, subscribe to a plan, and you can have immediate high-speed internet at your fingertips. The same applies to USB modems that you can travel with. Modems easily plug into USB ports on any computer, and you can use 3G or 4G cellular data on it. For example, Mediacom internet offers issued modems and travel hotspots.

Similarly, other networks and companies also have similar facilities available. So, depending on your location and the kind of internet you need, you can get a SIM or a USB modem. The best part about this portable internet is that it is easy to set up, convenient to use, and comes at a very good price. But then again, you have speed and network limitations on the SIM card, and USB modems are less reliable than SIMs.

4. BGAN Terminals and Satellite Phones

Lastly, satellite phones are a bit sophisticated but still a popular way of getting portable internet while on the go! BGAN refers to Broadband Global Area Network, a satellite network providing internet and phone access worldwide. It means that even if you are somewhere around the Bermuda triangle or the highest point of Antarctica, you will still get high-speed internet and signals to talk to your family back home!

Casual users don’t usually need satellite phones, so they are only available for emergencies and extreme environments. Hence, unless you’re James Bond or a notorious millionaire, you probably won’t need this!


So, you see, having portable internet with you isn’t all that complicated! There are many ways to avail of this technological opportunity, and the above four are the simplest, most convenient ones! Plenty of different networks like Optimum internet, Spectrum, Cox, and others offer travel-friendly internet, so it’s not rare at all! But apart from being convenient and easy to access, having 24/7 access to high-speed internet can be a relief for people who always have to be online. So, if you’re a nomad, a remote worker, or a work-from-home employee, getting this facility will change your life!

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