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5 Free Parental Control Apps for Spying on Kids

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Parents find it necessary to keep an eye (read: spy) on their kids. This should not be considered as something negative. It is an absolute necessity. Especially with the introduction of all the social media platforms, it becomes important for parents to see what their kids are up to. The telecommunication companies these days are well aware of this as well. Therefore, all good products like Frontier Internet Plans, come with an option for parental control.

Parents Can Spy

It is perfectly fine for parents to spy on their kids. Because the little ones are not in a position to decide what is good for them and what is not. Parents should also be aware of the type of content that their kids are exposed to on the Internet. Apart from that, they should also be able to control the amount of time that their kids spend in front of the screens. Because this can harm the young ones in multiple ways. Today, the cable and Internet plans come equipped with ‘spying’ options for the parents.

Let’s talk about how Frontier Communications deals with it.

Spectrum Gives Parents the Charge

If you opt for any of the Spectrum Internet plans including Spectrum Internet, you will be able to set up parental control on your various devices. You can visit the company’s website to see how to set up the feature on Windows, iOS, and Android. You can set the feature upon any device except for MacBook. You can secure your laptops and even mobile phones through this feature. The steps that you should follow to set this feature up are different for different systems.

However, if you want to be extra protective, you can choose from any of the following parental control apps as well. This will help you to add an extra layer of protection.

The Best Apps to Spy on Kids

There are ample amount of apps available online that you can download and start using instantly. Some of them are free while others will cost you a couple of dollars. Caring about your pocket, we bring to you the best 5 (in our opinion) parental control apps.

1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe allows parents to keep a check on the browsing history of their kids. Because it is easy for the kids to clear the browsing history from mobile phones as well as laptops. But this app will help you to get to the browsing history. You can find out all about the websites that your kids visited and the type of content that they viewed. You will also get information regarding the amount of time your kid spent on a certain website. If you use this app, you will also be able to pre-set a time at which your kid cannot use the mobile phone. Apart from this, you can also set keyword alerts. They will help the app to warn you when your kid views explicit stuff.

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2. Qustodio

This software is a favorite among parents for the following features:

  • Excellent content filtering.
  • Allows parents to set time limits.

While most of the parental control software is compatible with Windows only, Qustodio works well with Android and Kindle as well. Not to forget Mac and iOS. The free version of the software gives you access to a list of features. These include allowing the parents to block pornography, the ability to set times, and blocking all the inappropriate stuff. However, if you want to access the software’s features like SMS monitoring, you will have to opt for the paid version.

3. OpenDNS Family Shield

This software will allow you to block domains at the router level. This means that the whole house will remain deprived of the sites or the content blocked. The easy part of blocking content on this software is that there are ready-made blocklists. All the content that comes under the headings of tasteless, pornography, sexuality, and proxy gets blocked by this software. However, there is a downside to using this software as well. It can be a bit tricky for setting it up. Because the router settings require more than just downloading the software. However, this is not a very major issue.

4. KidLogger

This software will give you the most amount of details regarding your kids’ online activities. You will know about the apps that your children logged into as well as the keystrokes if you use this software. For example, if your kid tried accessing Starz on Spectrum to watch a movie or show, you will get to know. Apart from that, this app also allows you to monitor Skype chats and allows you to keep a track of all the programs that they use as well. This makes the software one of the best opt for.

5. Spyrix Free Keylogger

This software allows you to have a look at what your kids are typing. Some of the most prominent features of the app include remote monitoring, the ability to store data for a week, and the monitoring of printers as well as the clipboards. However, this software does not block content. This is a great flaw in this app.

Final Word

You can choose from any of the above-mentioned apps to keep an eye on your kids. These apps are in addition to your Spectrum Cable and Internet services and the like.

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