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Paramount Plus

What Plans and Shows Are Available on Paramount Plus?

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There are so many streaming services like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ that it can be hard to choose between them. Previously, CBS All Access was also one of them. But now, the company has rebranded it to Paramount Plus. The older CBS streaming website didn’t have a lot of entertainment options with limited availability of shows. Now it offers a much better variety of shows. It includes over 30,000 shows from CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, and the Paramount Network. Moreover, you can even watch your local live CBS station, original shows, and hundreds of movies.

What Are Paramount Plus Plans and Cost?

The expansion of the CBS All Access streaming website has made it a strong contender to become one of the best. You can pair it up with your Spectrum TV packages to get an exhaustive list of entertainment options. There are two different plans to choose from and you can find limited-time deals as well. So, it might also be one of the most affordable streaming websites. If you were already using CBS All Access, you will enjoy Paramount even more. There is much to explore for old and new customers alike.

Depending upon your needs and budget you can choose between the two plans. Moreover, there are special promotional packages as well. They might be available for a limited time or for new customers only. So, before you subscribe make sure you search for promotions and free trials.

Here is a summarized review of the Essential and Premium plans:


Cost Per Month

Cost per Year

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Essential Plan

The essential plan will cost you $4.99 a month but you can save up to 16% of your monthly price. All you have to do is get a yearly plan and save some money. Although, if you are also considering other options like Cox Contour TV, you might not want to commit for a year. The essential plan is not ad-free and your stream will have limited commercial interruptions. Moreover, the plan does not include local live CBS stations. However, you can still watch UEFA Champions League, NFL, and CBS via live channels.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is for people who want to enjoy an ad-free streaming experience. It was previously called the Commercial Free plan. The name has changed but all the benefits remain the same. Moreover, you can also enjoy your local live CBS station with a premium plan. But it is important to note that live channels can have ads. Moreover, some shows might have short promotional interruptions to let you know of new programs, etc.

What Happened to the Limited Commercial Plan?

The streaming site previously also had a limited commercial plan. But the company no longer offers it for new customers and has discontinued it. However, if you are already on that plan, nothing is going to change for you. As long as you don’t cancel and re-subscribe to the limited commercial plan, you can stay on it. But no new customers can subscribe to it.

Paramount Bundle Plans with SHOWTIME

The Paramount and SHOWTIME bundle offer can help you save up to 38% on your subscription. You can bundle it up with your Essential and Premium plan. So, you can enjoy TV shows on both streaming sites with this introductory price bundle offer.

Bundle Offer

Cost per Month

Cost per Year

Essential + SHOWTIME



Premium + SHOWTIME



The special promotions and bundle offers are only available for new customers. Moreover, it is a limited-time offer and might expire soon. The details of the Essential and Premium packages don’t change with the bundle offer. For instance, you will still get ads with the essential plan, and live CBS will also be unavailable. So, if you have Spectrum internet plans or other reliable network connections you should consider the bundle SHOWTIME offer.

Can You Get a Free Trial?

There are a lot of streaming and entertainment services that want your money. So, most of them offer free trials so you can fall in love with them. Paramount Plus also offers a free trial period to all new customers. If you don’t like the available options, you can then cancel anytime without spending a dime. So, you may not want to cancel your Optimum TV plans without trying out the 7-day free trial. It can help you explore your options and make an informed decision. So, no matter which plans you choose, you will get a free trial. The service only charges your account after the free trial ends.

What Shows and Movies Are Available?

Paramount Plus can offer over 30,000 TV shows and over 600 movies. So, it stacks up well against other famous streaming sites like HBO, Amazon Prime, or Peacock. Moreover, it also gives you access to CBS, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel, and Nickelodeon. You can also find original Paramount shows and a range of kids’ TV shows as well.

Some of the most popular and in-demand shows available on Paramount Plus include Young Sheldon, CSI, The Good Wife, and the Star Trek Series. Kids’ shows include Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, iCarly, and CatDog, etc. You can also watch movies like Kingpin, Vanilla Sky, and Indiana Jones, to name a few. Paramount originals include 1883, The Game, and Guilty Party, etc.

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