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Optimum Internet Services, Plans and Prices

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Good downloading and uploading speeds are what most ISPs believe to be enough for them to be key players in the market. However, it is much more than that. From data caps to the pricing of the plans to the bandwidth, everything ads up. If you want the best of every feature, Optimum Internet plans will not fail to amaze you. The reasonably priced packages with unlimited features will fulfill all your Internet needs.

Why Should I Opt for Optimum Internet Plans?

Apart from the great monetary value that the plans will offer you, optimum also boasts one of the fastest fiber networks. This means that the subscribers get access to blazing-fast Internet with download and upload speeds beyond your imagination. Another ‘to fall in love with’ feature about these plans is that there are no hidden charges and taxes. You pay the amount promised. The month-end bill will not give you shivers.

Companies also tend to increase their prices after a 12 or 24 months contract. Optimum does not believe in doing so. Here are even more reasons for you to opt for the company’s Internet plans:

  • You get access to smooth playback when watching HD videos on YouTube
  • Optimum’s download speeds outperform those by Verizon
  • Netflix ranks Optimum’s Internet as their best provider

Which Optimum Internet Package to Choose?

When it comes to packages, Optimum offers four for its Internet service. You can opt for a lifetime payment plan or choose to pay the said amount for one year (after which the price will increase). If you are planning to opt for the former, you will also have to be careful about maintaining good standing. This implies that your payment history should be satisfactory.

The three Optimum Internet packages available are:

Optimum 1 Gig

It offers download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. However, this package is not available in all the areas as of now. With a $69.99/month price for life, you will get access to amazing download speeds. The advanced fiber network built by the company keeps on getting better and faster.

Optimum 400

This plan offers download speeds of up to 400 Mbps and upload speeds of 40 Mbps.  It comes at a price tag of $64.99/month. The speed is enough to allow you to enjoy your 4K UHD on multiple devices as well. It will power all the connected devices simultaneously without compromising on the performance of any.

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Optimum 300

You get to enjoy download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of 35 Mbps with this particular plan. This is just the perfect speed for you to enjoy gaming, and HD streaming on multiple devices.  Get all of this at just $54.99/month.

Optimum 200

If you believe that 200 Mbps of Internet download speed and 35 Mbps of Internet upload speed would suffice your needs, then Optimum 200 is the best package for you. Pay an amount of $44.99/month. And enjoy HD streaming and downloading without any buffer.

Is Optimum Internet Pricing Justified?

Optimum has a package for everyone. The tailored made plans mean that you can pay for what you are comfortable with without having to compromise on the quality of service. The speeds that each plan offers along with the prices are in front of you. You are a better judge. But the types of features that the company offers with its plans are extraordinary. Thus, making Optimum Internet pricing reasonable.

Apart from the price that you pay for subscribing to the plan, you may also have to pay for the following:

  • Modem – $10/month
  • Network Enhancement Fee – $3.5
  • Standard Installation – $99
  • Premium Installation – $149.99
  • Service Protection – $7.99/month
  • Device Protection – $9.99/month

The difference between standard and premium is that the former includes coaxial cable, wireless device setup, and an option to have two outlet setups. On the other hand, the premium installation includes the set up for all wireless devices, three-outlet setups, and hard-wiring for gamin, smart TV, and computer.

Features Other than Optimum Internet Speed

In case you think that you will get access to the best speed Internet only by subscribing to Optimum, think again. Apart from the extraordinary speed, every Internet plan comes equipped with McAfee malware protection software. Thus, helping you to stay protected from viruses and malware.

Apart from that, all of the Internet plans give the subscribers’ access to News12 and News12+. You get to download the app for free as well. Other than that, subscribers also get access to one of the leading news channels – Cheddar. Not only this, but CuriosityStream is also on the company’s list. This means that you get to relish an array of award-winning documentaries and TV shows free.

Who says Optimum Internet speed is the only exceptional feature about the plans? The goodies that you will get in the form of free access to channels is worth all the money you spend on a plan.

Are the Optimum WiFi PlansWorth it?

Subscribers can choose to have the whole house connected by opting for Altice One. It offers a robust in-built Wi-Fi that keeps all the rooms connected. Even the dead areas get the same speed as the rest of the house. Altice offers 40% better experience than you would enjoy without it.

Other than that, your Internet account with the company ensures that you get access to over 100k Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. This means that you get to save your mobile data and enjoy free Internet whenever in range. Where ever you find a Wi-Fi hotspot just connect your tablet, laptop, or mobile to it and surf all you want.

In case you wish to make the best out of your Optimum WiFi plans without having to invest in Altice, opt for the smart router. It helps to connect the wireless devices to the Internet as well.

In case you believe that the speed is still not sufficient, you can always take the Internet speed test to see if you are getting the promised speed. You won’t get disappointed with what you see.

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