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Keep Kids Busy and Learning during COVID-19

A Parent’s Guide to Keep Kids Busy and Learning during COVID-19

All families are navigating the challenges of the novel Coronavirus era. This isolation has hit parents of kids harder than expected. They are playing three roles at a time – that of a parent, teacher and the professional they are (their job). Understandably, things may not be going smoothly. Having school at home could be wearing thin. This has got parents wondering how to keep kids academically engaged. How to create ...

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net neutrality

Spectrum and Net Neutrality: Everything You Need to Know

The ISPs' control of the Internet has undergone many changes over the years. In 2015, net neutrality got implemented by the FCC. So, such providers were no longer able to control different websites and activities. But in 2017, the circumstances changed and the ISPs regained their lost control. While the government gets to make the ultimate decision, it is important to know what your favorite provider has to say about this. ...

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Spectrum Availability Map

Everything You Need to Know About Spectrum Coverage Map

Do you want to stop using sub-standard and unreliable in-home entertainment services? Then maybe it’s time to check out the Spectrum coverage map on the Internet. It can help you to find out about the top services and packages in your area and choose a package according to your lifestyle. You can also find out about the fastest speeds and the channel lineups online to select your favorite package easily. Top ...

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Has Coronavirus Changed the Way We Conduct Ourselves?

The outbreak of Coronavirus affected the lives of people across the globe to a great extent. The question now arises, will this continue after the lockdown eases in many countries. Will people adopt a changed lifestyle once things get better? Are the alternate options temporary or will they stay? It is very difficult to comment on the present situation. Meanwhile, people are cautious, and staying put in their homes and ...

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Verizon Smart Family App

Keep Your Family Safe with Verizon Smart Family App’s Features

Call it helicopter parenting but the world of information overload has made parents transmute into overprotective moms and dads. If you always wish to know where your kids are, their browsing activities, and the friends they hang out with, the Verizon Smart Family app is for you. It lets you be where they are and protect them from bad content and bad company. What is Verizon Smart Family App? You have guessed ...

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free broadband Internet

Charter to Offer Free Broadband Services for 60 Days

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by storm. Educational institutions everywhere around the world are shutting down. As they switch to online learning, the Charter is facilitating them and the students by providing free broadband Wi-Fi access. The service provider’s spokesperson made it clear on March 15, 2020, that the company will provide free Wi-Fi to the students for two months. But, there’s a catch with this offer. It is ...

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Cyber-Security Experts

Tips for Online Safety by the Cyber-Security Experts

Online security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to serious issues like the hackers getting access to your crucial data. Cybercriminals are capable of accessing data of even the most prominent names let alone the individuals. Thus making cyber-security an unignorable topic. While you may be struggling to find the best hacks, this blog shares advice from the cyber-security experts themselves. Here are the steps you should take: Hacks for ...

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DirecTV Hidden Costs

Everything You Must Know about DirecTV Hidden Costs

It’s intimidating to budget a new TV or Internet package. You never know what extra fees will pop up once your contract starts. And when you try to cancel the contract, you are given the gift of the service cancellation fee. It’s frustrating indeed! All providers have some form of hidden costs whether you are a customer of Spectrum Internet plans or Cox Internet service. The only way to stand firm ...

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Innovation Born of COVID-19

COVID19 May Bring About Innovation and Change Faster

The current landscape looks very bleak. Millions of people infected across the world. Hundreds of thousands dying. Economies grinding to a halt. Growth projections falling through the floor. Hoarding, panic buying, absorbing real and fake news with equal measure, it’s a pretty scary time to be alive. But while it can be difficult to think in terms of a positive future, there are promising signs that we may emerge stronger. ...

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