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Fiber Optic Vs Coaxial Cables

Fiber Optic vs Coaxial Cables: What is the Difference?

The internet is essential to all our basic life activities. We probably cannot imagine a world without it. So, every time you relocate, the first thing you sort out is the internet connection. Many people can have trouble understanding the technical jargon ISPs throw at you. The types of internet connections differ on the basis of technology first. So, you’ll need to put fiber optic vs coaxial cables before you ...

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Peacock Premium

Charter Will Give Spectrum TV Subscribers Peacock Premium Free for 12

Charter Spectrum is quite a reliable provider for our internet, TV, and phone needs. They have always focused on providing their customers with the best experience possible. This is why they have been able to get a significant market share in the industry. Anyone who is subscribed to one of their services knows they like to treat their users from time to time. With that said, you will be excited to know ...

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Cox Bundles

Reasons to Choose Cox Bundles

Cox is one of the biggest and most popular broadband companies in the United States. It provides internet, cable TV, and telephone services to millions of households. If you’re looking to save your monthly internet bills, switching over to Cox bundles may be the solution. The company offers the right combination of entertainment and connectivity solutions. With Cox solutions, you can get up to 9400* Mbps (megabits per second) of internet speeds, more than 200* HD channels, and unlimited ...

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Working From Home

10 Essential Tips for Working From Home Everyone Can Apply

The concept of telecommuting or working from home is going to stay with us for a while, maybe even when the Coronavirus pandemic is over. From engineering staffing agencies to healthcare, and everything in between, even the industries we never thought would be online are now online. A mutual struggle while the Working from Home routine is staying productive and sane. If you are still juggling between work and home and ...

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Free Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Is Offering Free Internet Access for 60 Days Again

9.21.2020 – Against the bleak background that is the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very hard to find good news. It seems all the content people see these days relates to infections, deaths, economic recession, rising unemployment, inflation, and lockdowns. However, every so often, a piece of genuinely good news emerges that actually adds value to the life of the average American citizen. The relaunch of a free Spectrum internet offer ...

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Optimum Coverage

Your Ultimate Guide to Optimum Coverage Map

Are you planning to subscribe to Optimum’s services? Do you wish to know the areas that the company is offering services in? From learning about the packages to getting to know about the Optimum coverage map, this blog post will tell you all. However, the chances of the company serving in your area are high as optimum happens to be the fourth-largest cable service provider in the United States. Not ...

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parental control apps

5 Free Parental Control Apps for Spying on Kids

Parents find it necessary to keep an eye (read: spy) on their kids. This should not be considered as something negative. It is an absolute necessity. Especially with the introduction of all the social media platforms, it becomes important for parents to see what their kids are up to. The telecommunication companies these days are well aware of this as well. Therefore, all good products like Frontier Internet Plans, come ...

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playstation PS5

 Specs, and Design Lifting the Veil from Sony’s PS5

The gaming industry is booming. And PlayStation is one of the most hailed, feature-rich, and full of entertainment gaming consoles worldwide. From PlayStation to PS2, PS3, P4, and their Pro and Slim counterparts, Sony has finally evolved PS5 gaming gear! Seasoned gamers and hobbyists are all eyes for this next-generation PS console to launch. On June 11th, Sony announced the release time to be somewhere in late 2020. Sony hosted the ...

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Mediacom Approved Modems

Purchasing Your Own Mediacom Modem? Here are 10 Suggestions

Modem and internet go hand in hand to ensure a functioning internet connection. Paying a rental fee to your ISP every month for the modem and never owning it is quite annoying. So, if you have decided to invest in a modem, just go through the top 10 Mediacom approved modems in this blog post. Internet service providers in the United States offer rental modems or modem-router combos. What eventually pushes ...

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