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Here’s Why You Should Get MiFi 

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It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet. There’s no denying that. Most of us depend on the internet in our daily lives. The widespread availability of mobile internet means that we can use the internet on the go. However, there might be instances where one cannot find an active internet connection. Don’t worry because MiFi has got you covered.

What Is MiFi?

If you haven’t heard about this extraordinary device, you are about to hear now. MiFi dongles are pocket WiFi devices that let you connect multiple devices to the internet. That means you can use the internet on the go. These devices are essentially lifesavers. How? You’ll know soon. MiFi devices let multiple users access the internet simultaneously.

How Does the Device Work?

Please note that MiFi devices do not rely on WiFi signals. Instead, they are powered by 3G and 4G connections. Most devices come with a modem and WiFi router, which establishes an active WiFi connection. The modem, on the other hand, provides internet access via 3G, 4G, LTE, and even 5G devices. Together, this piece of equipment creates an ad-hoc WLAN network for users to tap into.

However, users must be in the network’s range to connect to the internet. The ad-hoc network is the result of multiple mobile devices using a common internet connection. After all, MiFi devices seek to provide internet connectivity to multiple users. They offer a fast and reliable internet connection – just like Spectrum WiFi.

Make sure that you have an active SIM card to set up a MiFi device. You can get the SIM card from your local telecom service provider. SIM cards offer 3G and 4G networks. Some even provide 5G connectivity, though they have limited availability. It is advisable to compare the pricing plans and speeds of different telecom providers. This way you’ll be able to get the best deals and offers.

What Are Its Features?

A single MiFi device can connect up to 10 devices at a time. If you don’t know, know you know. To use the device, you must be close to the device. Get more than 10 meters away and you won’t be able to use the internet. The device comes with different features. It offers decent speeds. To clear up any confusion, the speed depends on the network coverage.

That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that MiFi is a good option when you want to use the internet on the go. Two factors determine the speed of MiFi dongles. One is network coverage and the other is your mobile data plan. If you subscribe to Spectrum mobile, you will get great speeds as well as coverage.

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However, MiFi devices are slow compared to LiFi because it uses radio waves to transmit information. So, you can expect poor network coverage during bad weather. On a standard 4G service, MiFi devices can provide internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps (megabits per second). That’s the same speed you get on a standard DSL connection.

Expect your internet speed to slow down when you connect multiple devices with MiFi dongles. Alternatively, you could use 5G technology to get great speeds. Also, the number of supported devices is greater on 5G compared to 3G and 4G. Another great thing about 5G networking is that it offers more range and ultra-low latency.

How to Install It?

Setting up a MiFi device is pretty easy. Most MiFi dongles come with a SIM card slot. Make sure that your SIM has an active data connection. Simply insert your data-enabled SIM into the device slot. Wait for several minutes. The device will identify signals using your SIM network coverage. You will be connected to the internet after the device finds the signal.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Device?

MiFi dongles are one of the best pieces of equipment to use for internet connectivity. They are portable and offer tremendous benefits. Much like Spectrum internet plans, these devices are easy on the pocket and provide quality internet solutions. Whether you’re traveling with your family or friends, keeping a pocket WiFi is something you should consider. Other benefits include better connectivity and provision of safe and secure internet to multiple devices.

Will You be Using MiFi?

MiFi devices are great for people who travel frequently. If you think these devices have low battery life, think again. The new devices can work for up to 16 hours. That means you can work, browse the internet, or even watch your favorite shows without worrying about the battery timing. Make sure you choose the right model for your long-distance internet needs.

If you are someone who’s on long business trips, you cannot miss out on this awesome internet device. This simple yet effective utility packs quite a punch when it comes to internet speed and reliability. Just like Cox business plans, MiFi devices are designed for professionals who want to improve efficiency and productivity. The question is no longer will you be using the dongle. The question is how soon will you get one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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