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Mediacom Cable Packages for Homeowners Who Love TV Entertainment

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Mediacom is a popular name in cable TV and Internet services spanning coverage in 22 states. The provider also sells home security services. Its services cover most of the central and Midwest states. However, only a few regions of the Southeast, as well as California, are covered.

Top Mediacom Cable Plans

The company sells its cable plans paired with Internet or/and home phone services. These packages are bundled under the name Xtream giving the users extreme flexibility to control their cable and Internet experience. If you would like to see what’s available, have a look at this table:

Plan Name Starting Price Download Speed Number of channels Home Phone Services Other Features
Internet 60+ Local TV $49.99 per month Up to 60 Mbps 50+ Not included Voice remote, Intelligent Guide
Internet 60+ Essential TV $79.99 per month Up to 60 Mbps 125+ Not included Voice remote, Intelligent Guide
Internet 100+ Variety TV + Phone $99.99 per month Up to 100 Mbps 170+ Home phone included remote, Intelligent Guide, world talk 30

What Channels does Mediacom TV Offer?

Mediacom channel packages have everything a cable TV lover desires. You get to watch most of your favorite networks. The providers offer 3 tiers of primary channel lineups:

Local TV

This, of course, includes local affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, music channels, local education, government channels, and more.

You will get 50+ channels which are ideal for solitary individuals or small families. The 50 channels that are included in this tier are definitely a music lover’s heaven.

Essential TV

If you don’t want to settle on less entertainment but don’t want too much entertainment, either, Essential TV is for you. You will get 125+ channels that are a mix of family TV, music, local programming, Fox News, Disney Channel, Food Network, and more to cater to your TV pangs.

Variety TV

If you are looking for an ultimate entertainment bundle, this one’s for you. The variety TV tier includes 170 channels to feed the TV cravings of the entire household. So here are your options: ESPN, CBS Sports Network, BBC America, Big Ten Network, and more.

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Enjoy an Innovative TV Experience with Mediacom Packages

Mediacom cable plans let you take control of the way you watch TV. So you are not just signing up for the best channels, but some perks too. These include:


With this smart box, record up to 1000 hours of standard definition content. It also makes it possible to rewind and fast forward live TV by just touching one button.

Live Stream with the Xtream App

Mediacom Xtream app lets you watch live TV on your mobile device whether you are inside your home or on the road. On-demand titles and recorded content are also available for streaming.

Xtream on-Demand

Dozens of movies and shows are available on-demand featuring content from your existing channel lineup. And if you would like to watch a new movie on-demand, explore options from the movies available for rent.

TiVo Search and Guide

This guide appears on your TV’s home screen. Just enter a keyword, title, or name of the celebrity for the search to begin. This search feature fetches results from the entire channel range. The guide also shows personalized recommendations to make the search more hassle-free. This refined search feature comes with all TV plans from the provider.

Xtream Voice Remote

At times, we don’t like to use the remote to search for the desired channel, right? If that’s you, use the voice-activated remote to take care of everything. So, how does it work, you ask? Just give a voice command and your favorite show will start playing.

Boost Your Mediacom Channel Packages with Add-Ons

Do you feel the existing Mediacom packages aren’t enough to cater to your entertainment needs? No worries, the add-ons have got your back. Personalize your package according to your taste with these add-ons:

Premium Channels

Feel free to add popular premium channels with your cable plans. These include HBO, Starz, Showtime, as well as Cinemax. All these channels are also accessible via the Xtream TV app and the TiVo box.

Digital PAKs

to take personalization to the next level, make the most out of Digital PAKS offers by Mediacom TV. These are:

Sports and Information

This is for the sports lovers who have always dreamt about having an entire sports channel lineup. This PAK includes up to 20 sports channels. It also brings NFL RedZone.

Kids and Variety

It’s for families with kids who love watching TV together. Kids and variety PAK introduces you to more than 20 kids’ programming as well as FREE HD.

Movies and Music

Who isn’t a movie and music fanatic these days? The provider has all such fans covered too. The movies and music PAK include 15+ channels along with FREE HD.

Digital Extras

It’s not just Spectrum TV packages that include international programming, Mediacom plans do too. The provider understands that entertainment doesn’t confine to borders. Under digital extras, grab channels from across continents. These include international and sports channels from Europe as well as Asia.

How is Mediacom Customer Service?

Mediacom’s customer satisfaction score as of 2019 was 55/100. This score was given by ACSI. It is close to what other leading cable providers have received from ASCI. The provider has invested in improving its customer service experience over the years.

Contact their customer support if you have got a query and they will answer your concern in a friendly matter. From general inquiries to technical issues, their Sales effectiveness has a welcoming attitude and they are very caring.

Settle for the Plan You Love

With so many options, it gets a bit overwhelming to pick one plan. If your focus is Mediacom Internet but you won’t mind getting a few cable channels, go for the Internet 60+ Local TV.  Internet 60+ Essential TV suits most households with a limited budget. On the contrary, for those who are hardcore cable fans and need home phone services along with the Internet service, Internet 100+ Variety TV + Phone is the go-to option.

On the whole, there’s definitely something for every entertainment lover, therefore, don’t worry, you will find yourself a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go, look into some frequently asked questions about the provider’s cable service and packages:

Does Mediacom offer HD channels?

Yes, all cable TV plans by the provider include free HD programming. However, the number of HD channels varies from one package to another. Explore your channel guide to see how many HD channels are included in your plan.

Is Mediacom cable reliable?

Yes. It’s more reliable than streaming services or satellite TV which often goes out of service because of changes in the weather. The provider brings TV entertainment bundled in plans, which are, of course, affordable for every pocket.

What is the Mediacom TV installation fee?

The provider charges a service installation of $99.99. It is a one-time. This fee is waived off for new customers. In case you want to know if you qualify, call customer service for more information on this.

Can I get Mediacom TV only?

Cable plans by the provider are not sold as stand-alone packages. Their TV service is only available as a part of the bundle. The company sells TV and Internet or TV, Internet, as well as home phone bundles.

What is Mediacom Xtream?

Xtream is its digital TV and Internet service. It includes perks such as the Xtream app for TV on the go, in-home Wi-Fi, and also TiVo integration.

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