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Mediacom Approved Modems

Purchasing Your Own Mediacom Modem? Here are 10 Suggestions

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Modem and internet go hand in hand to ensure a functioning internet connection. Paying a rental fee to your ISP every month for the modem and never owning it is quite annoying. So, if you have decided to invest in a modem, just go through the top 10 Mediacom approved modems in this blog post.

Internet service providers in the United States offer rental modems or modem-router combos. What eventually pushes users to invest in their own modem is the substandard performance and ever-escalating monthly rental fees. Therefore, instead of dedicating a chunk of your hard-earned money to a rental modem and not even owning it, it’s only advisable to purchase your own!

Purchasing Your Own Modem

There is more than one reason to invest in your own modem. It is only sensible to save up on the money you pay as the modem rent every month. Especially when the performance of the modem is not optimal and you don’t even own it after paying rental fees for years. Therefore, purchasing a modem is a one-time investment. And a wise one!

In addition, you get to choose the features and specifications you prefer when you decide to buy a modem. You don’t have to rely on the specs and quality of the modem the ISP is offering. Moreover, in case of damage, you will not be at the risk of being penalized by your provider.

Mediacom doesn’t restrict its subscribers to use the rental modems. You can purchase any from the list of modems, routers, or gateway (modem-router combo) for your Mediacom internet.

Mediacom Internet Modems’ Requirements

The compatible specifications for a Mediacom modem are fairly simple.

  • Your modem needs to be DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 certified.
  • The modem choice depends largely on the speed tier you have subscribed to.
  • Mediacom offers speed tiers of 60Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps, and 1Gig.
  • For 500Mbps or 1Gig speed tiers, you’ll need DOCSIS 3.1 modem essentially.
  • For lower speed tiers, DOCSIS 3.0 will work.

Top 10 Mediacom Approved Modems

For your convenience, here is a list of ten best compatible and approved modems by Mediacom.

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  1. ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 – Affordable Choice.
  2. ARRIS SurfBoard SBG7580AC- Best Modem-Router Combo.
  3. ASUS CM-32 – Perfect Choice for Online Gaming.
  4. Netgear C6300- Robust Router Combo.
  5. ARRIS Surfboard SB614 – Economical Choice.
  6. Motorola MB8600 – For Fast Speeds.
  7. ARRIS SurfBoard SBG6950AC2- Highly Reliable.
  8. Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 – Great Specs.
  9. Motorola (Zoom) MB7220 – Great Performance.
  10. SURFboard SB6121 – All-Rounder.

ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 – Affordable Choice

ARRIS has earned a big name in the modem industry with its quality gear and equipment. SURFboard SB6190 is DOCSIS 3.0 certified. It comes at an economical price of $88.00.

It is capable of handling internet speeds up to 400 Mbps. So, if you haven’t subscribed to a speed tier above 400Mbps, you can take advantage of this affordable choice. The said modem features 8 Upstream and 32 Downstream channels.

You will need a separate Wi-Fi router to pair with it. It comes with an Ethernet port of 1-Gigabit. You get to have a 2-year warranty with the purchase of this modem. SURFboard SB6190 is great from gaming on consoles and HD video streaming. Hence, it secures the top spot!

ARRIS SurfBoard SBG7580AC- Best Modem-Router Combo

If you are looking for a robust modem-router combo, then look no further. Without breaking the bank, you can get your hands on ARRIS SurfBoard SBG7580AC. It works efficiently with high internet speeds. It supports downloading speeds up to 1.4Gbps and uploading speeds of 343Mbps.

At a price of $349.99, getting a DOCSIS 3.0 modem-router combo isn’t a bad deal at all. The said modem features 8 Upstream and 32 Downstream channels. It boasts of flawless performance. Furthermore, the setup process is fairly easy.

It is a one-time investment because it is a powerful device that may last for years. Among Mediacom approved modems, this is perhaps the best modem/router combo. It is feature-rich and ensures high quality, strong signals. It even includes a firewall.

ASUS CM-32 – Perfect Choice for Online Gaming

You get to have this Asus DOCSIS 3.0 certified modem for a price of $229.99. The said modem features 8 Upstream and 32 Downstream channels. It features a downloading speed of 1.3Gbps and uploading speed of 12Mbps. The performance is quite good.

If it makes you get rid of the monthly rental fees, it’s a wise investment. It boasts of great range and impressive speed. The setup is fairly simple. The only downside is that its firmware cannot be updated. if you are an online gaming enthusiast, you will love this modem. Hence, among Mediacom Internet modems, this is one of the best ones.

Netgear C6300- Robust Router Combo

Netgear C6300 is compatible with Mediacom and comes at a highly affordable price of $69.99. For a modem/router combo, this is a great price. The said modem features 4 Upstream and 16 Downstream channels. It is DOCSIS 3.0 certified and has a download speed of 680Mbps and 150Mbps respectively.

Netgear is a well-established and popular brand. And C6300 is just right when it comes to ensuring the smooth functioning of your high-speed bandwidth. It is a convenient combination of a wireless router and a cable modem.

The modem/router combo is versatile and flexible. And it can easily connect with multiple platforms. The router speeds are amazing. Usage and assembly are easy. It works effectively with high internet traffic. Moreover, it has an additional feature of parental controls.

ARRIS Surfboard SB614 – Economical Choice

At an affordable price of $79.95, you get to have this DOCSIS 3.0 modem. It features 4 Upstream and 16 Downstream channels. Surfboard SB614 works quite well with downloading speeds of 343 Mbps and uploading speeds of 131 Mbps.

It comes with an Ethernet port to connect the device to the computer or router. You can see the device status on the LED panel at the front. Also, this modem is a great choice for gaming, online videos, shopping, downloading, video-conferencing, and other online activities.

Motorola MB8600 – For Fast Speeds

Priced $219.00, Motorola MB8600 is DOCSIS 3.1 with impressive speed support. It features 8 Upstream and 32 Downstream channels. You can rely on this modem to support internet speeds up to 1Gbps. It features three masked and one open Ethernet LAN ports with 10/100/1000 Gigabit.

You can conveniently connect your internet-based devices to these ports. It supports the networking standard of IPv6 next-generation. It doesn’t support wireless connectivity. But it does support any router with an Ethernet WAN port.

Furthermore, this modem is your best choice for hardcore multiplayer online gaming. Also, it is great for teleconferencing and video streaming in 4K and HD quality.

ARRIS SurfBoard SBG6950AC2- Highly Reliable

Another ARRIS entrée! This reasonable and reliable modem/router combo option is DOCSIS 3.0. The price is as low as $87.30. It features 4 Upstream and 16 downstream channels. It supports uploading speeds up to 5.6Mbps and downloading speeds up to 686Mbps.

This modem cum router boasts of impressive network capability. You can get on a downloading spree with this incredible modem/router combo. Among Mediacom modems, SurfBoard SBG6950AC2 is one of the very few which boast of free McAfee Secure Home Internet.

Moreover, it is free and ensures online protection for your modem as well as all the connected devices.

Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 – Great Specs

We couldn’t miss Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 in this list of Mediacom approved modems. The reason is its cutting-edge specs. The pricing starts from $167.12 and it is DOCSIS 3.1 certified. It also has business analysis certification.

The modem supports a bandwidth of up to a whopping 2Gbps. It features 8 Upstream and 32 Downstream channels. And it has a 2-Gigabit Ethernet port with convenient link aggregation capability. Furthermore, it supports IPv6, which is the latest networking standard.

It doesn’t support wireless connectivity and voice services. The setup procedure is quite simple and you can self-activate it without needing a technician. You can enjoy 4K video streaming, and multi-player online gaming smoothly with this modem.

Motorola (Zoom) MB7220 – Great Performance

With a price tag as low as $46.99, this DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem by Motorola boasts of great performance. It supports uploading speeds up to 123Mbps and downloading speeds up to 343Mbps. With 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet ports, you can easily connect your HDTV, PC, gaming console, or router.

It supports both, IPv4 and IPv6 – the latest internet standards. It doesn’t support wireless connectivity and has a 2-year warranty. Moreover, you get to have technical support based in the USA. The said modem is great for surfing, gaming, downloading, and so on.

ARRIS SURFboard SB6121 – All-Rounder

Our last entry to the list of Mediacom approved modems is again ARRIS! This modem is an all-rounder and comes at a reasonable price of $88.50. The modem is DOCSIS 3.0 that supports downloading speeds up to 172Mbps and uploading speeds up to 131Mbps.

It features 4 Upstream and 4 Downstream bonded channels but it only supports wired connectivity. The Ethernet ports connect the devices to the computer and router. The said modem is great for surfing, gaming, downloading, and so on. In addition, it also supports IPv6, which is the latest networking standard

Mediacom Modems

In conclusion, the aforementioned list suggests some of the best-performance modems and modem/router combos. However, there are more options in the market and you can explore them as well. But all the mentioned modems will help in a smooth online experience. You can thank us later!

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