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Low Income Internet

Internet Guide for Low Income Families

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Having a stable Internet service is a necessity in today’s age. Through this platform, you can learn and work remotely, do online shopping, and stay connected with your loved ones. But Internet services are not cheap. You have to buy the equipment and pay the activation fees besides taking care of the regular monthly bill. But you can get access to low-income Internet if you are a student, a senior, or belong to a low-income household. So, you can also enjoy high-speed Internet by subscribing to the assistance plans.

The Available Low-Income Internet Choices

You can get access to a cheap Internet plan in these two ways:

  • Internet provider plans
  • Government assistance plans

By opting for the first choice, ISP’s will provide you a cheap monthly package if you have a low-income family. If your kids are eligible for the ‘National School Lunch Program,’ then you can get the discounted plans. If you choose the second option, you can get Internet access at discounted prices. Families, seniors, and students can all apply for this plan. You can get a $9.25 refund on your service as well.

Lifeline Assistance Plans

Before applying for these plans, you have to check these two things:

  • ISP’s availability in your area
  • Your eligibility for the plans

Here are the following ISPs that provide discounted Internet services to their customers:

Internet Service Providers Lifeline Assistance Rate/month Discounted Rate/month
Xfinity $20.74 $9.95
Spectrum $35.74 $14.99
RCN $15.74
Frontier $10.75
Mediacom $40.74 $9.95
CenturyLink $35.75
Cox $20.74 $9.95
AT&T $30.75 $10

Important Things to Consider

To apply for these low-income Internet plans, you have to consider these two scenarios:

#1: Households That Have K-12 Children

To apply for this program, you have to apply for one of these assistance programs:

Order Cable TV packages
  • HUD
  • NSLP
  • TANF
  • SNAP

Several service providers offer these packages to their eligible customers For-example you can get Cox Internet at a discounted price of $9.95 easily. Also, you need to have at least one K-12 kid at your home. This is because the majority of the ISPs direct these assistance plans towards students.

#2: Households That Don’t Have K-12 Children

If you don’t have a K-12 in your family, you can still get a discounted Internet service from your provider. Providers like Spectrum and Comcast especially offer such services to their low-income customers. To be eligible for these plans, you have to satisfy any of the following conditions:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Senior citizenship
  • Community college student

However, you also need to receive government assistance too to be eligible for these plans. Make sure that you are a new subscriber and don’t have any pending bills with the selected ISP.

Low-Cost Plans

If you belong to a low-income household, you can get a reliable Internet connection at your home at affordable prices. However, the speeds offered are quite slow. If you need the Internet for casual surfing or learning, then these plans will be enough for you. But if you need it for entertainment purposes, you might need to upgrade your package. Here are all the available options:

Internet Service Providers Price/month Eligibility Download Speeds (in Mbps)
Comcast Internet Essentials $9.95 Pell grant, HUD, NSLP, senior and veteran assistance (Canexport grant) 15
Spectrum Internet Assist $14.99 SSI, NSLP 30
Cox Connect2Compete $9.95 NSLP, SNAP, HUD, TANF 15
AT&T Access $10 SNAP 10
Mediacom Connect2Compete $9.95 NSLP 10

Government Assistance Plans

The government works in conjunction with the ISPs to provide low-income Internet to the eligible families. People who satisfy any of these conditions can qualify for government assistance:

  • Below poverty-line income
  • Residency in tribal areas
  • Eligible for federal assistance programs

If you live with people who also qualify for assistance, you can get assistance easily. You don’t have to share expenses with such people to be qualified for this program. In case, people around you don’t qualify for assistance, there are several ways in which you can get discounts on your Internet subscription. Contrary to most of the low-income programs, lifeline assistance is available across the country. Here are all the lifeline plans offered by various ISPs.

Internet Service provider Regular Price/month Discounted Price/month Internet Speeds
Xfinity $29.99 $20.74 15
Spectrum $44 $35.74 100
RCN $24.99 $15.74 25
Mediacom $49.99 $40.74 60
Frontier $20 $10.75 6
Cox $29.99 $20.74 10
CenturyLink $45 $35.75 20
AT&T $40 $30.75 5
Cox Connect2Compete $9.95 NSLP, SNAP, HUD, TANF 15
AT&T Access $10 SNAP 10

Reviews About Various Internet Service Plans

Here are the reviews of all the low-income Internet services that can help you in deciding the best one for your household:


The best part about the AT&T Internet is that you can access it at just $5/month. If you live in the USA and are able to satisfy the criteria, then you can check for this provider’s services in your area. Only about 50% of the USA’s poor population is able to enjoy Internet services at their homes. So, still, a lot of families are not able to gain benefits from this valuable platform.

People who can afford expensive Internet services like 5G technology can engage in the majority of online activities easily. However, people who belong to low-income households can’t access online course reserves, collaboration tools, seek medical advice, and contact their loved ones during times of need.

In this scenario, AT&T offers cheap plans for low-income customers. If you apply for the $5 plan, then you’ll be able to get 3Mbps speeds. If, however, you want to enjoy higher download speeds, then you can apply for AT&T Access Internet or the $10 plan. You’ll be able to enjoy speeds up to 10 Mbps with the latter one. To be eligible for this ISP’s services, you must live in an area where this provider’s services are available. Also, at least one person in your household has to receive food stamps. Here are some amazing perks offered by the provider to its low-income customers:

  • FREE installation and activation
  • FREE router
  • Computers for $149.99
  • 600GB data
  • No data usage for Netflix or playing games


This company offers a discounted package to facilitate its low-income customers. If you live in any of the covered 38 states, then you can be eligible for the Spectrum Internet Assist program. This service costs around $17.99/month. Although the price is higher than for the packages provided by other providers, this package also offers higher speeds. With the 30Mbps download speed, you can surf the web seamlessly and stream your favorite movies without any worry.

You can be eligible for this plan if you have K-12 kids who are also eligible for NSLP. The seniors who receive monthly SSI can also subscribe to this plan. However, it is important that you have not been a former customer of this provider to be eligible. Also, all outstanding charges need to be cleared by you before applying for this plan. Here are the best features of this plan:

  • No data caps
  • No network interruptions
  • FREE router
  • Bundling options


For households that can’t afford expensive Internet services, this company offers affordable Internet. It is important to note, however, that people living outside Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington can’t access CenturyLink Internet services. People living in these regions can subscribe to this plan at a rate as low as $9.95/month. However, it is important to note that after 12 months, the prices can go up as high as $14.95/month.

To be eligible for this plan, your household income needs to be 150% less than that of the Federal Poverty guidelines. You also need to be eligible for any of the following assistance programs; NSLP, SSI, HUD, or Public Housing Assistance. Here are all the perks offered by this company:

  • FREE router
  • 1.5 Mbps download speeds
  • Discounted rate for computers
  • FREE Computer education classes


This provider offers amazing discounts to its low-income customers. The Frontier Internet lifeline plans start from $20. But if you are eligible for the discount, then the plan would only cost you about $10. After the initial 12 months, the prices can go as high as $25. To be eligible for this plan, you need to make sure that this ISP’s services are available in your area. Also, at least one person in your household must receive Federal Assistance. Also, the family income must meet the specific criterion.

The good thing about this ISP’s services is that they can be accessed without any contracts. However, the discount is only available for one service only. So, you can apply for a discount either on the voice plan or the Internet plan but not both. Here are all the exciting features of this plan:

  • Up to 6 Mbps speeds
  • FREE Wi-Fi router
  • FREE Chromebook


Comcast is another excellent option for low-income customers. To apply for Comcast Internet Essentials, make sure that the provider is covering your area. The plan will cost you around $9.99. To be eligible for this program, you need to have a kid who can avail of the NSLP. Also, seniors and people with disabilities can apply for this plan. Here are all the perks that are offered to the Comcast Internet Essential customers or Comcast email Service:

  • Download speeds of 15Mbps
  • Discounted computer prices
  • No installation or activation fees
  • FREE router
  • FREE Norton Security Suite


The prices/offers mentioned in this article are only accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without any prior notice. Please visit the relevant websites for verification before making a purchase.

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