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Is Wave Internet Worth It?

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When it comes to award-winning internet services, Wave Internet is taking the lead. Astound Broadband by Wave is delivering up to 940 Mbps of internet speed across the west coast. Apart from offering broadband internet services, it also offers cable TV, and phone services, which can be purchased separately or as a package.

The company’s internet service is frequently praised for its dependability, and it has received numerous accolades for its services. Even the Wave reviews say good things about their products and service.

Wave Internet Plans and Prices

Wave provides dependable, fast internet connections at a cost that is both reasonable and competitive. The only catch is that they have a 2TB data limit. If you go over that limit, your connection may be slowed by the company.

Want to know what plans the provider has to offer? Here is a brief of the plans and Wave prices:

Plan Name Download Speed Price
High speed 100 Up to 100 Mbps $34.95* per month
High speed 250 Up to 250 Mbps $49.95* per month
High speed 500 Up to 500 Mbps $55.00* per month
Gig Up to 940 Mbps $79.95* per month

*Disclaimer: The prices are subject to change depending on the date and location.

Pair Wave Cable and Internet Services Together

Want to handle one easy bill? Wave lets you bundle cable and internet services together to lower your bill and get the best entertainment. Local channels under the basic plan include CW, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox.

Wave Internet

Order Cable TV packages

TNT, Bravo, AMC, FX, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, USA, and Nickelodeon are among other options. You can also expect to get premium channels like ENCORE and STARZ. Bundle up to get a good deal on Wave internet prices.

Local channels, premium cable networks, sports networks, and popular streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max are all available as part of Wave cable and internet bundles. Wave also provides live streaming TV services such as Sling TV and FuboTV as an alternative to traditional cable.

Wave Broadband Internet Lives Up to the Expectations

Lags and disruptions are not an issue with Wave. Wave Broadband’s high-speed internet, delivered through a top-of-the-line infrastructure, keeps up with the internet lifestyle of every type of user. Whatever you do online, you can do so without getting stuck.

The provider has gone to great lengths to ensure its customers don’t get stuck in any hassle even when it comes to bill payment. You can set the Wave internet pay bill auto-pay feature and forget about missing out on your payments!

Check the Wave Internet Outage Map to Get Updates

Wave, like most internet service providers, can encounter interruptions in service from time to time due to bad weather, infrastructure failure, or other problems. You can always look up the Internet outage map online to check if their services are down.

Do run an internet speed test and connect to the internet through other devices. Sometimes, it’s just a glitch that is causing the network interruption.

Is Wave internet down? If you can’t get an answer to that on the map, you can always explore the provider’s social media handles or an update or contact support.

Multiple Wave Internet Pay Bill Services

Gladly, there are multiple ways to clear your dues for Wave broadband internet services. Here are some ways to stay on top of your bills:

  • Pay your bill online from your computer
  • Make a payment via the mobile app
  • Call and pay via the automated phone system
  • Send a check via mail
  • Visit the store and pay in person

How to Perform Wave Internet Speed Test?

Wondering what speed are you getting from your internet? You would particularly want to run a speed test if you see the Internet down.

To run an Internet speed test, simply use any internet speed testing website. The download and upload speeds should appear on your screen. If there is a significant difference between the speed you are getting and what you signed up for, get in touch with customer support.

The internet reviews tell that the provider usually lets its subscriber know in advance in case of scheduled maintenance or outages.


Wave Internet is a solid broadband provider with speeds for every type of internet user. Features like Internet pay bills online combined with traditional payment options make things even easier.

If you would like to subscribe to Wave cable and internet services, check service availability or learn about their prices, contact customer support and you will be helped.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wave Internet Available in My Area?

The provider serves in California, Oregon, and Washington. To learn if Wave Internet is available in your region/zip code, get in touch with customer support.

How Much Is Wave Internet?

Wave charges $29.95 per month for its 5 Mbps plan and $69.95 for its 110 Mbps plan.

Is 100 Mbps of Wave Internet Speed Enough?

100 Mbps of internet speed is enough for streaming videos, playing games, doing video conferences, online learning, and working from home even if multiple devices are connected.

Which Wave Internet Package Is the Fastest?

Wave’s Gig internet that delivers 940 Mbps of download speed is the fastest plan.

Why Should I Choose to Wave Internet Service?

Wave Internet brings a variety of internet plans to meet the needs of every household. It’s easy on the pocket and there are no long-term contracts to tie you down.

What Additional Charges Are Added to My Monthly Wave Internet Plan?

The prices advertised on the website are exclusive of taxes, installation fees, equipment charges, and some surcharges. As per the regulations in your respective state, your internet bill might include taxes, fees, and other surcharges.

How Much Is Wave Internet Price After 12-Months?

Prices are subject to change. Contact customer support to learn more about the change in price after 12 months.

Can I Get Wave Broadband?

Yes, Wave Broadband is available in several large cities across the West Coast. It also serves both large metropolitan areas as well as rural areas across the coast.

Is Wave Internet Cable or DSL?

Wave primarily offers cable internet services. however, it also sells fiber and DSL internet plans in selected regions.

How to Cancel Wave Internet?

To cancel your internet services, simply call customer support and let them know you would like to cancel your services.

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