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Spectrum Compatible Modem

Spectrum Compatible Modem & Routers List

Wondering why you don’t get enough speed even though your Internet package has good Mbps? Chances are you need a new modem and router. They make a huge difference when it comes to Internet speed. Fortunately, Spectrum Internet customers have a network approved modems and routers included in their plan. Additionally, you have the option to purchase your own. You can also rent a pre-configured WiFi router on a monthly fee. ...

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Cincinnati Bell Internet

Cincinnati Bell Internet- Pricing, Plans, and Speeds

Cincinnati Bell is one of those quality internet service providers that has facilitated its customers with a range of speed tiers and pricing schedules. With the internet becoming as essential an amenity as electricity, users have no patience for lagging speeds, service glitches, and interruptions. With a comprehensive range of Cincinnati Bell Internet plans, you can choose one that suits your connectivity needs and preference. The plans address the needs of ...

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WOW Internet

WOW Internet Residential Plans and Packages

One of the most reliable service providers in the country, WOW Internet service provider currently serves 19 markets. It is known for bringing a community-oriented and personalized approach. For its residential customers, the provider offers 1 Gig of maximum speeds. Furthermore, for those who don’t know, WOW is an abbreviation of “Wide Open West”, referring to its western roots. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, the company also boasts of being ...

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Spectrum Internet and TV

All Hidden Costs of Spectrum Internet and TV Plan Revealed

Spectrum Cable TV has become a gold mine of entertainment with hundreds of channels to tune into. Spectrum is taking the lead with HD and 200+ channels; more than any other provider. Not just cable, the Charter takes pride in delivering high-speed Internet without data caps. The sugarcoated prices and no contract Spectrum Internet and TV deals are tempting. Everything seems affordable but when hidden charges set in and the ...

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Frontier Communications Internet

Frontier Communications Internet – Password Bug Lets Anyone into Your Account

When it comes to Internet service providers, many companies fail to deliver what they promise. In today’s era, any field that you look at requires a high-speed Internet. But with online presence comes the issue of cybersecurity. Although many companies provide services to protect you against cybercrime, at times these companies have to deal with threats as well. An example of a service that provides you online security is Frontier ...

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Spectrum Internet Assist

Spectrum Internet Assist for Low Income Families

Every house these days has access to telecommunication services like the Internet and phone. However, some people cannot afford to pay the hefty price at which the Internet packages come. The prices may not bother many but for some, it becomes difficult to manage. Spectrum Internet assist offers Internet service at an affordable price for such households. What is Spectrum Internet Assist? Offered by Spectrum, this feature allows qualifying households to have access ...

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COX business internet

Everything You Need to Know About Cox Business Plans

If you have recently started your own business, then you might be thinking about purchasing reliable services for it. Affordable services like Cox business Internet can allow you to manage all of your operations timely and effectively. But before choosing any business plan, it is important to know about their kinds and features. This can allow you to make an informed choice and save extra costs. This guide will discuss all ...

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Verizon Business Internet

Verizon Business Internet Review and Details

Having a dedicated internet connection is one of the basic amenities that a business needs. You don’t need an internet provider that cuts corners and only covers the bare minimum. Verizon business internet offers a reliable, dedicated, and fast yet affordable connection. When it comes to the business internet, it has to be better and more reliable than its residential counterpart is. Also, it has to be smooth and flawless because ...

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Internet Speed Test Work

How Does the Spectrum Internet Speed Test Work

Practically speaking, no internet provider can ensure smooth speeds around the clock every day of the year! There are several factors, which can affect the bandwidth speeds such as peak hours, latency rate, and so on. With tools like Spectrum Internet Speed Test, you can figure out if your internet speed is lagging. This Speed Test is designed by Charter itself to facilitate its users. The test is free and is ...

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