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Internet Service Providers in Indiana

Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Indiana

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Every state in the USA has its own favorites when it comes to the Internet providing companies. However, there are certain prominent names that top in almost every state. If you reside in Indiana and are struggling with finding the best Internet service providers, this blog includes a list to help you out.

Top of the Line Internet Service Providers

Note that the best service providers will not always come with the cheapest price tags. However, the service provided by all of the following is extraordinary.


AT&T is not just the best in Indiana but the whole of the United States. If there is any company that is ruling the world of telecommunications, it is AT&T. The company offers both the DSL and fiber connections to the residents. It is upon you to make a choice between the ultra-fast DSL and fiber Internet connection. However, you might not be offered both the choices in certain regions. But that would be fine.

Starting at 5 Mbps and going up to 1000 Mbps, AT&T offers one of the fastest and most efficient Internet connections. And Indiana loves the company for reasons that go beyond these – the free installation and equipment. Moreover, bundling the Internet service with any of AT&T’S U-verse or DIRECTV packages earns the subscribers a discount as well. You do not have to worry about the availability as AT&T covers almost 95% of Indiana.


After AT&T, Spectrum remains the most favorite choice of subscribers. Not only do the people love the Internet plans that the company offers but are a fan of its cable packages too. The sad part is that Spectrum provides its services to only 9% of Indiana. Hence, limiting the options available to the residents. The company offers the people who can get access to its Internet services download speeds that go up to 300 Mbps. Although it does not match that of AT&T, the speed is enough to connect multiple devices to one router.

Though limited coverage, residents of Indiana love Spectrum for the free Internet modem and the ‘no data caps’ offer. Other than that, the unlimited Wi-Fi hotspots that they get access to also add to the joy. Thus, making it easy to access the Internet from anywhere. Moreover, the company does not ask subscribers to get into any contracts. It also offers them free anti-virus software.

Internet Service Providers

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Xfinity covers less area than Spectrum does in Indiana – 7%. However, it offers exceptional Internet and cable services. Hence, making it a favorite amongst the residents. They offer extraordinary download speeds of 1000 Mbps. Thus, the Internet service provider makes it easy for people to surf, game, and download without any hassle. Many people avoid subscribing to the service because of its scarce availability. But it can be said without a doubt that whatever area gets access to Xfinity, it likes the company’s offerings.

Indiana loves the company’s services as they are fast and reliable. Moreover, the prices are very reasonable as well. Other than that, the home Wi-Fi management through xFI makes it easy for the subscribers to manage a connected home. Also, their advanced Internet security options make Xfinity a trusted choice.


Frontier is one of the most affordable Internet service options in Indiana. The fast and reliable FiOS Internet is what makes the company a favorite among the residents. You have several options to make the already affordable Internet service even more budget-friendly. Opt for a triple play bundle if you want to get the best value for your money. The company does not offer DSL. And the fiber Internet that the company does offer boasts an amazing download speed of 115 Mbps.

There couldn’t be a better option. And what more could you ask for! Getting the Internet, TV package, and phone service at a reasonable price is a win. Also, the company is the only one among this list that offers 100% coverage in Indiana.


CenturyLink also offers some amazing packages and extremely efficient Internet service. The company offers both fiber and DSL Internet services. With download speeds as fast as 100 Mbps, the company provides coverage to most of Indiana. The best thing about the company also remains its reasonably priced services. If you are looking for budget-friendly Internet service providers, then CenturyLink should be your choice.

These are the best of Internet services that you will find in Indiana.

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