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Gen Z's TV

How the Internet is Redefining Gen Z’s TV watching Habits

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Today’s world Is increasingly fast-paced. It is heavily reliant on tools like the internet that allow speed, innovation, and greater progress. As a result, important industries related to education, healthcare, and business depend on this tool for further development. In fact, millions of people all over the world have access to the internet. This has been made easy by offers like Optimum internet plans.

While previous generations are still coming to terms with it, Gen Z has completely submitted to the internet. As a result of substantial usage, other aspects of this generation’s life are also being affected. TV is one such aspect that has been completely redefined in the context of wider internet consumption. Read on to discover how this is redefining Gen Z’s watching habits.

Who Is Gen Z?

Gen Z or Generation Z is also known as Zoomers. This generation comes after Millennials, based on age group, and before Generation Alpha. Typically, they are born between the years 1997 and 2012. As a result, they’re of ages 9 to 24. In contrast, Millennials are born between 1981 to 1996 and follow ages 25 to 40. Gen Z stands out among other generations because of its association with the internet. Although its preceding generation is also well-acquainted with this tool, most of Gen Z has direct access to the internet. This results in changed habits and behaviors.

How Are Gen Z’s Watching Habits Affected by the Internet?

When compared to other generations, Gen Z’s watching habits stand out. Previously, people used to watch TV because they were interested in the content it was showing. In fact, many older generations would even stay updated with different times for different shows to not miss them. Moreover, TV was also used as a means to bring family and friends together.

As a result of this tool, everybody would gather around and sit together. However, the advent of the internet has changed the concept of TV for Gen Z. Now, it’s no longer the sacred entity it used to be. It has been swiftly replaced by the internet. Because of its speed, content, and diversity, the latter is more appealing than TV. This has led to changed TV watching habits. For Gen Z, TV now exists mostly for offering distraction in the form of background noise.

TV as a Source of Distraction

TV now serves as an important source of distraction. Generation Z does not watch the content TV has to offer, despite packages like Spectrum TV plans. In fact, most of the people belonging to this generation aren’t even aware of the various channels that are offered by their providers. They’ll just switch to any channel and keep it running. While this practice sounds strange, it is true for a large proportion of this population. This is because TV is used only to distract them from complete silence while they use the internet on their phones or laptops.

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Gen Z’s obsession with online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram is well known. In fact, they can spend several hours on such applications. In this context, the TV is switched on mostly for background noise while Gen Z browses the internet. However, social media isn’t only what they’re using. Since both work and college are reliant on the internet now, they could also be working and studying with some background noise. With internet deals such as Cox business plans, that cater specifically to work, remote work has become easier today. As a result, TV could be used as a source of distraction while working.

Shortened Attention Spans

The internet is fast-paced and quick. It has a large variety of content and information that can be accessed by anybody anywhere. With so much information that keeps updating itself, it’s important for users to quickly go through it. For instance, Instagram will show you pictures and videos that are only a few minutes long. Snapchat is known to have a maximum validity of about 10-20 seconds.

In addition to this, Twitter has a limited number of characters so all posts you come across are naturally concise. In this context, people who spend a long time on the internet become used to shorter durations. This has led to shorter attention spans Generation Z. They now find it tedious to go through lengthy posts or even video content. TV shows mostly content such as lengthy films and TV shows. For most people belonging to Gen Z, this requires greater attention. As a result, TV viewing is becoming rarer in this generation. However, with innovations like Cox Contour TV, Gen Z’s watching habits could likely change in the upcoming future. This is because such facilities offer greater variety and speed.

Greater Control Over Content

The internet offers users greater control over what they can watch or read. You can customize what you want through the use of filters and other similar options. In addition to this, you can also only follow people you like and want to. As a result, you will be shown only content related to what you subscribe to. This gives people a sense of control.

With online streaming sites, you can choose whatever you want to watch. You’re given hundreds of TV shows, movies, and documentaries to choose from. However, with TV, users can’t exercise this form of control. In fact, people just have to watch what they get. The options are limited and you only get a certain number of channels. As a result, most of this generation is not too fond of watching TV.

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