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HTC vs Spectrum

HTC vs Spectrum: Which Is the Best Internet Service Provider?

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There are several high-quality internet service providers in the United States. Spectrum is by far one of the largest cable internet and TV providers. HTC is a much smaller internet provider operating solely within 3 markets in South Carolina. However, it does offer high-speed fiber internet as well as cable internet. If you are considering subscribing to either of the two, check out this detailed comparison of HTC vs Spectrum before making a decision.

The HTC vs Spectrum Verdict in Advance

HTC is a great fiber and cable, internet provider. However, it operates in a very small market and is a much smaller company compared to Spectrum. On the other hand, Spectrum is one of the largest internet and cable TV service providers in the country. It currently has a service delivery footprint spanning 40 states. Therefore, the provider will almost always be an available option in most service areas.

Conversely, HTC only operates in Georgetown, Horry, and Marion counties in South Carolina. Outside of these three service areas, most subscribers will not be able to get access to HTC services. Moreover, Spectrum has a much bigger range in terms of internet plans, bundles, and even subsidized/low-cost affordable services. Read on for more details on how both internet providers and their services stack up against each other.

Both Service Providers at a Glance

Both providers offer internet services to American homes. But they are very different in terms of what they offer, how they price it, and the add-ons you can expect as a subscriber. Here is a brief overview of how both services compare to each other:




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Service Type


Fiber and Cable

Contract Requirement

No contract needed

Contract needed

Price Points*

$49.99 to $89.99 per month

$49.95 to $74.95 per month

Estimated Download Speed

300 to 1,000 Mbps

200 to 1,000 Mbps


$49.99 (Lower for self-install)

$100 (can be waived under 1-year contract)


$5 per month rental for router


Customer Satisfaction

Very High


*prices and speeds vary based on your location.

Comparing Internet Plans from Both Providers

For a small provider, HTC certainly offers a number of internet plans to suit a range of internet needs. The provider offers various tiers in both cable and fiber internet services. The most popular cable plans include:

Tier 1

The Tier 1 cable internet plan from HTC is a reasonably priced option. It can achieve download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 20 Mbps. It is a decent option as an entry-level plan.

Tier 2

The Tier 2 plan for cable internet offers higher speeds and a higher price point. It is capable of reaching up to 300 Mbps in download and 20 Mbps in upload speeds. The Tier 2 plan is a better option for subscribers in the area with more intense internet usage.

Tier 3

This is the top-tier cable internet plan from HTC. It has the capacity to reach gigabit level download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. However, it still has asymmetric upload speeds of 20 Mbps.

HTC also has a range of fiber internet plans in parallel with its cable internet services. Fiber internet offers much higher speeds. And it also has symmetrical upload and download speeds. The three popular tiers include:

Tier 1

The first tier of HTC’s fiber internet offerings comes with symmetrical upload and download speeds. The plan supports up to 300 Mbps in both upload and download speeds. The price point for this plan is fairly reasonable.

Tier 2

The mid-tier fiber internet plan comes with much higher speeds. It supports up to 500 Mbps in both upload and download speeds. That’s not to mention the large bandwidth that fiber offers to make full use of these speeds.

Tier 3

The premium Tier 3 plan reaches download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. However, it comes with a maximum upload speed of 500 Mbps. This fiber-to-home plan is the most powerful one that HTC offers.

By comparison, Spectrum internet comes in 3 distinct plans. These are built according to the most common internet usage patterns in America. The provider offers the following hugely popular internet plans to its subscribers:

Spectrum Internet

This cable internet service is by far one of the most popular ones from the provider. It can reach maximum download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. That’s not to mention access to high-quality equipment and panoramic in-home Wifi.

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Spectrum Internet Ultra

The Internet Ultra plan is not always available in every market. But it is certainly a great service. The plan can reach a maximum of up to 400 Mbps in download speeds. It is still a cable internet plan. But the speed advantage has been a huge factor in its popularity.

Spectrum Internet Gig

While Spectrum does not offer fiber internet, some of its cable internet plans can be just as fast. The Internet Gig plan can reach download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. This top download speed is equivalent to the maximum speeds you can get on fiber internet.

The Winner

Both providers offer TV services in addition to their core internet offerings. Spectrum TV plans are often bundled with internet services for convenience and savings. The provider’s bundle offers are some of the most popular all over the country. Moreover, the company also offers Spectrum Mobile, which lets users get a cellular plan from the same provider they use for the rest of their residential services. In addition, the provider requires no contract for standalone plans. It even offers to buy out subscribers from an existing plan if they want to make a switch to Spectrum. Other reasons to consider the provider include its massive service coverage area and its low-cost internet options for qualifying homes. (

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