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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Plasma TV

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Plasma TV is a type of flat panel display that uses ionized gas that responds to electric fields. These televisions were the first large flat-panel displays to be released to the public.

A plasma display is a type of sleek panel that utilizes plasma, it is regularly used in large television displays of 30 inches and higher.

 Plasma TV Features:

The Plasma TV features differ from its previous version, the traditional cathode ray tube TV. Instead of relying on a vacuum tube and electron beam like CRT TVs, Plasma TVs utilize cells containing charged Plasma for each pixel. This innovation removes the necessity for an electron beam resulting in Plasma TVs having a sleek and flat form, in contrast to the bulkier boxed-shaped design of CRT TVs.

Check out some amazing features of this version.

  • Theater-like screen size up to 65 inches and the smallest size is 32 inch.
  • Absolute flat screen limiting any screen distortions
  • Extremely high contrast ratio values of about 4000:1 and saturated colors on the screen
  • A wide viewing angle to maximize the viewing enjoyment
  • Supports DTV (Digital TV) signals with a built-in or external digital tuner.
  • Most of them can support EDTC (Enhanced Definition TV, 480p) for high-image quality
  • It is HDTV compatible and features a 16:9 widescreen ratio with a very high resolution
  • It has a screen resolution of 852 x 480 on relatively small TV sets.
  • Higher screen resolutions like 1024 x 768 or 1366 x 768 are available in larger TV sets
  • It offers extremely high contrast ratios, such as 3000:1, 5000:1, or even 10000:1
  • The aspect ratio of many of its TVs is 16:9
  • Viewing angles range is 160o H / 160o V and 170o H / 170o V
  • It has built-in speakers and provides good sound quality
  • Its input connectors allow cable, DVD players, gaming consoles, and laptops to connect to it

Plasma TV According to Your Needs

Here are some of the basic needs that a plasma TV fulfills for its users

Picture Quality Enthusiasts
Plasma TVs can be an exceptional choice if you are a picture-quality enthusiast. It includes excellent vibrant colors and contrast ratios. It’s an ideal option if you prioritize televisions that give an exceptional cinematic experience.

Home Theatre Enthusiasts

Setting up a home theater with a Plasma TV allows you and everyone else in the room to enjoy full-picture quality from any angle.

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If you are a gamer, you will definitely appreciate the quick response time of Plasma TVs which will help minimize motion blur during fast-speed gaming action.

Money Savers

Plasma TVs are more affordable as compared to some other premium technologies like OLE.


If you prefer a strong body that is less likely to break, then Plasma TVs might be a better option as they are comparatively heavier and thicker TVs.

Plasma TV Connectivity

It offers various connectivity options suitable for you. You can connect multiple devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and sound systems.

Benefits of Using Plasma TV

Plasma TV has several benefits which are mentioned below.

  • It offers you high-quality visuals suitable for your movies and games
  • A cool advantage of Plasma TV is that its 3D images are still clear at 10880p
  • It carries energy-saving features
  • It provides wide viewing angles from different positions in the room.
  • They have consistent brightness levels across the entire screen
  • It does not require a separate backlighting source. Instead, every pixel emits its light
  • They are resistant to burn-in or image retention, with proper care
  • It provides years of reliable service
  • It displays fast-moving action sequences without any motion blur on the screen

Common Plasma TV Problems

Here are some of the common Plasma TV problems which are usually faced. TV.

  • It carries a lower level of brightness as compared to LED TVs or LCDs
  • Their glass screens can result in more glare and reflection compared to TVs with matte screens
  • Plasma TVs have higher prices


Choosing a Plasma TV can be a good decision if you are looking for a high-quality and immersive viewing experience. It offers an excellent contrast ratio, deep blacks, vibrant color, and wide viewing angles which makes them ideal for watching sports, movies, playing video games, etc. It is very fast and responsive, especially for video gaming enthusiasts, and has a reduced motion blur providing a fast-moving action sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should people invest in Plasma TV?

  • They have a better contrast ratio and the ability to display deeper blacks
  • Better in color accuracy and saturation
  • Better motion tracking
  • Wider side-to-side viewing angles

How does Plasma TV work?

The plasma TV screen comprises cells with a thin hole that contains a protective layer that responds to terminals by isolating two glass boards. In this process, neon-xenon gas is infused and fixed in the plasma in making. While being used, the electrically charged gas strikes red, green, and blue phosphors, which then creates an image on the screen.

How to clean a Plasma TV screen?

Spray a screen cleaner onto a cloth and gently swab the screen while the TV is switched off, to remove the dust. Dry the screen with a separate, dry cloth.

Can a Plasma TV be repaired?

That depends on the issue you might be facing. Those may include common repairing issues like replacement of defective components like power supplies, and circuit boards, repairing image processing issues, or addressing screen-related problems.

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