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Cable Bill This Cycle

Tips to Get A Lower Cable Bill This Cycle

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Cable TV subscriptions remain one of the most popular ways for American viewers to get their daily dose of entertainment, news, and sports content. But sometimes, it can seem to many consumers that their cable bills are higher than they need to be. Other consumers are consummate bargain hunters, always on the lookout for the next best deal. Regardless, a lower bill is music to the ears of any consumer. This blog explores several ways you can get a lower bill on your next billing cycle.

Ways to Lower Your Cable Bill

So you want a cable subscription, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Many people would think it’s like getting your cake and eating it too. But for more savvy consumers like yourself, there are several ways you can get a reduced cable bill. You don’t have to give up watching your favorite content either if you follow these eight tips below:

  1. A Lower Tier Plan Means A Lower Cable TV Bill
  2. Bundled Services Mean Reduced Internet and Cable Bills
  3. Add Streaming Services to The Mix
  4. Providers Offer Reduced Rates in Contracts
  5. Look for Better Plans or Providers Near You
  6. Simply Ask For a Discount
  7. Threaten To Change Providers
  8. Negotiate A Better Deal With Your Provider

Let’s examine these in more detail below.

A Lower Tier Plan Means a Lower Cable TV Bill

The simplest way to get a lower bill is to subscribe to a cheaper plan. Most cable providers offer tiered plans, with each successive plan offering more channels and extras. The better the plan, the more expensive it tends to be. For this billing cycle, evaluate your cable usage. Do you really need that big a channel lineup? Do you need ALL of those premium networks when you don’t even watch half of them? Many people stop watching networks after a while, such as when Game of Thrones ended. If you feel like you’re paying for channels or features you don’t need anymore, consider switching to a plan with a lower cable TV bill.

Bundled Services Mean Reduced Internet and Cable Bills

Most households in the United States have both an internet and a cable connection. These two services are so basic that they are almost necessary utilities. If you have a standalone internet plan in addition to your cable plan, you might want to consider bundling. Bundling internet and cable services from the same provider is not only convenient but it also usually means lower internet and cable bills. If you have internet and cable services from different providers, you may be in a stronger position to negotiate a better price. But more on that later.

Add Streaming Services to the Mix

Cable TV is not the only way to get live or broadcast programming these days. Of course, you don’t have to go to the extreme and become a cord-cutter. But you can still use a few of these streaming services to supplement your viewing experience. If you do want to give up cable bills altogether, you can always opt for a standalone internet plan. This is usually much cheaper than cable, and power a number of streaming services like FuboTV, SlingTV, Netflix, and Hulu.

Providers Offer Reduced Rates in Contracts

Of course, as consumers, people are conditioned to avoid getting stuck in long-term commitments. There are many things in the fine print, such as an early termination fee or DirecTV hidden costs. But consider this. Many providers will be willing to offer you steeply discounted prices if you enter into a contract with them. These contracts are typically for one or two years, which seems like a great bargain for a reduced bill every month. Providers are open to contracts even at reduced prices because it guarantees them income for a period. If being tied down doesn’t bother you, considering signing a contract with your cable provider.

Order Cable TV packages

Look for Better Plans or Providers Near You

When you’re looking for a better deal, look at both other providers as well as your current one. Many providers often offer attractive introductory prices for new customers. If you find a great deal from another provider, switching to it can help you save money. If your own provider is offering one of these deals, you can always call them and try to negotiate one for yourself. After all, why shouldn’t a loyal customer get the same benefits as a new one?

Simply Ask for a Discount

You never know for sure if something will work or not unless you try it. That applies to asking your cable provider for a discount on your service. If the service agreement you have with your provider is expiring, you can use it as leverage. Most providers will be willing to give you a discount to prevent you from jumping over to another provider. This means simply asking for a discount might actually get you one. Of course, there are always variables, like the service rep you get in touch with. You don’t have to be rude, just firm and persistent. If the first rep doesn’t give you what you want, keep trying until one does.

Threaten to Change Providers

This is not a very delicate way to get a better deal for yourself, but it often works. No provider wants to lose a subscriber if they can help it. Most service reps will immediately go into emergency mode and start offering you more in order to retain your business. Some providers have cheaper plans that they don’t heavily advertise because the higher-tier plans pay more. However, if you threaten to switch providers because you are getting a better price, the game changes. Your provider may be willing to offer them to you if it means you’ll stick with them.

Negotiate a Better Deal With Your Provider

Negotiation is always the best way to haggle a better deal for yourself. Ideally, you should try negotiating before you threaten to switch providers. This ensures you remain on a stronger footing. Most providers are willing to talk when you can list down cheaper offers from other providers. For example, you could tell them Spectrum TV plans are much cheaper than theirs. However, instead of threatening, you’re merely implying you will switch to another provider. Usually, this is enough to get service reps talking to you about reduced prices or better value for money. This will work best if you do your homework on cable plans and prices from other providers near you.

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