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Frontier vs Spectrum

Frontier vs Spectrum: Packages and Price Comparison

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Relocating to a new place can be challenging. For starters, you have to organize the whole place. Then there’s the task of finding a new internet service provider. Thanks to tech advancements, you can choose from a variety of ISPs. That means you’ll have to look into different aspects of the Frontier vs Spectrum debate.

Both Frontier vs Spectrum are among the top ISPs in the United States. There’s no denying that. These internet companies offer great deals and bundles at affordable rates. Moreover, they provide great customer service. If you’re looking to learn about their pricing plans and other features, you’ve come to the right place.

A Detailed Frontier vs Spectrum Comparison

The two companies are similar in the sense they are available across the nation. Spectrum is a household name in the internet market. It caters to millions of households in more than 40 states. Frontier, on the other hand, has a slightly smaller market share. That doesn’t take anything away from the tremendous internet plans it offers throughout the country.

Both ISPs offer low-cost internet solutions. Plus, you can get a wide range of features at promotional rates. If you’ve just moved to a new place, getting a low-cost but reliable internet service is what you should aim for.

While you’ll find many options, few companies provide the value for money that comes with Frontier vs Spectrum.

Pricing Plans of Spectrum

Affordability and quality are the unique selling propositions for the two companies. Customers can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection by opting for either of the two services. It all comes down to the personal preferences of users. Spectrum internet plans are affordable and accessible throughout the country. To know their pricing plans, please see the table below.


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Spectrum Internet


100* Mbps

Spectrum Internet Ultra


400* Mbps

Big Spectrum Internet GIG


940* Mbps

Please note that these are standalone services. Contact the service provider if you want to get a bundle offer. You’ll be glad to note that the provider offers unlimited data. However, this offer is valid for the first 12 months of the purchase. The provider boasts excellent download speeds at affordable rates. Customers can subscribe to any of the mentioned internet deals easily. Why? Because the company operates countrywide.

Important Spectrum Features You Should Know

On the outlook, the two companies look the same. Both offer great internet services. They are affordable and have excellent customer service. However, there are some major differences between the two in terms of technology and infrastructure. We’ll start with key Spectrum features that make it one of the biggest names in the broadband internet market of the U.S.

Spectrum has a vast network of coaxial cables in all major states of the country. It provides high-speed internet services through these cables. Coaxial cables are reliable and can transmit data over long distances efficiently. Even if you live far away from the source, you’ll still get advertised internet speeds. However, the cable infrastructure comes with a drawback. That is disruption during peak usage hours.

The company also offers great TV deals. Spectrum TV packages are widely popular in the states. You can access hundreds of HDTV channels in addition to thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. If you want quality content at affordable rates, the company’s cable TV service is a strong option. Plus, there are no contracts. That said, here are the most popular TV deals of Spectrum:




Spectrum TV™ Select

$44.99* /mo

125+ channels and more

Spectrum TV™ Silver

$74.99* /mo

175+ HDTV channels and more

Spectrum TV™ Gold

$94.99* /mo

200+ HDTV channels and more

Pricing Plans of Frontier

Frontier has a much smaller coverage compared to Spectrum. That doesn’t make it any of a lesser service. In fact, the provider is widely popular due to its fiber internet services. The best part, the internet services are cheaper. Another great thing about the provider is that it doesn’t bound users with annual contracts. You can get Frontier internet plans for as low as $50 a month.



Who Should Buy

Frontier Basic Internet

$37.99* /mo

Rural Households

FiberOptic 500

$49.99* /mo

Internet Heavy Users

FiberOptic Gig

$79.99* /mo

High-Bandwidth Task Doers

Please note that the provider offers limited fiber connectivity. Currently, it is offering its fiber internet services in six states. The rest of its coverage space has DSL networking. Also, the internet plans come with equipment rental, as well as unlimited data. The latter is available for a certain period of time.

Important Frontier Features You Should

Frontier is not the biggest player in the internet market yet it has amassed a loyal following since its creation. The biggest benefit of getting the service is its versatile internet services. Frontier offers both DSL and fiber internet services. The latter has multiple advantages over the former including high download speeds and low latency.

Moreover, you can choose from different Frontier TV packages. No matter what your entertainment needs are, the provider has got you covered. The following table shows the TV packages you can get if you subscribe to Frontier.




Frontier YouTube TV

$54.99*/12 mos

85+ channels

Frontier DIRECTV Stream


Voice remote and much more

Frontier Dish


Smart DVR recording


If you’re looking for great speeds, Frontier fiber internet has a clear advantage over DSL services. However, Spectrum may be ahead as far as pricing is concerned. Compare their pros and cons to decide which one’s best for you.


Prices and speeds may vary based on location. These figures are verified at the time of writing

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