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Spectrum-Free Internet For Students

Spectrum Free Internet For Students For 60 Days

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With the COVID-19 global health crisis going on, the United States of America is one of the hardest-hit countries. This has prompted many states and local governments to declare shelter-in-place orders, asking citizens to stay at home unless absolutely essential. Those who can, are working remotely from home, trying to keep businesses and jobs running. However, school and college students are also seeing a massive disruption in classes. Recognizing their need for remote learning in these times, Charter Spectrum is offering free internet for students.

Read on to find out more about how the provider is helping millions of households.

Spectrum Offers Free Internet For Students

Charter Spectrum is one of the largest cable TV and high-speed internet providers in the United States. It offers its services to millions of households across 44 states. The provider is best known for its robust internet infrastructure that allows it to offer consistent services despite heavy traffic volumes. This is one of the reasons for its large internet subscriber base, along with its extensive coverage footprint.

While the provider offers high-speed unlimited internet plans to many subscribers, it has taken the initiative to help students with remote education during these challenging times. The provider has confirmed that it will be offering free Spectrum Internet to qualifying homes for 60 days. The announcement has been met with much appreciation as people struggle to cope and keep things running during the pandemic.

What Does The Offer Cover?

The point here to note is that the provider is only offering free internet for students in households that have a K-12 or college student. Of course, there is the stipulation that the household must not already have a broadband connection. The offer is valid for 60 days, and also includes the provider’s in-home Wi-Fi system. The plan only covers internet plans of up to 100 Mbps. Here are some additional points the offer covers:

  • New student households don’t have to pay installation costs.
  • The offer does not cover households already subscribed to the provider.
  • Access to the provider’s free nationwide hotspots will now be public.
  • There are no data caps on the internet connection.
  • There will be no Spectrum hidden Costs under the offer.
  • The provider will continue to offer Spectrum Internet Assist separately.

What is Spectrum Internet Assist?

Internet Assist is a separate Spectrum package for income-assisted households. Households that have at least one child enrolled in the National School Lunch Program or similar assistance program qualify for this program. Under this plan, the provider offers high-speed internet of up to 30 Mbps. The income assistance program aims to provide equitable internet access to schoolchildren who belong to low-income or income-assisted homes. Many children in the United States don’t have access to a stable internet connection at home. This acts as a barrier between them and learning opportunities, placing them on a weaker footing compared to many of their classmates. The Internet Assist program aims to tackle this problem.

What Can Students Expect From The Provider?

For now, the provider has confirmed that it will offer free internet access to new households that have a school or college student with speeds up to 100 Mbps. However, many are concerned that these unprecedented internet usage patterns will have an impact on their user experience. Remember that students and professionals all over the country will be using residential internet during the day, as opposed to during the evening in pre-COVID-19 times. Many networks are not designed to handle peak capacity during day time.

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Luckily, Charter Spectrum has one of the best internet infrastructures in the country. The provider is closely monitoring the complex situation, and up till now has managed to offer secure and reliable communication services. It is still one of the few providers offering free internet for students in this time of crisis. Other providers have offered to waive late fees or not suspend service in case of non-payment of bills over the next few months. However, it’s still great to see internet service providers supporting the American public in one of the greatest challenges the country has ever faced.

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