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Charter to Offer Free Broadband Services for 60 Days

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The Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by storm. Educational institutions everywhere around the world are shutting down. As they switch to online learning, the Charter is facilitating them and the students by providing free broadband Wi-Fi access. The service provider’s spokesperson made it clear on March 15, 2020, that the company will provide free Wi-Fi to the students for two months.

But, there’s a catch with this offer. It is for the students who have not subscribed to any of the Charter packages yet. So, families with K-12 or college kids can get this company’s free Internet service set up completely free of cost. This company is also determined to provide the users as high as 100 Mbps speeds.

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The Crux of the Free Internet Offer

In its latest press release, the provider has highlighted the following points:

  • The free broadband Wi-Fi access is only for those families that have college or K-12 students at their homes.
  • The Internet speeds can reach as high as 100 Mbps. But, this depends upon the area that you live in.
  • For new users, there’ll be no Spectrum Internet installation costs.
  • Charter will make sure that low-income families continue to get Internet access.
  • The low-income plan will deliver 30 Mbps speeds to such households.
  • The company will encourage public Wi-Fi usage through its free hotspots.
  • It will also provide free Wi-Fi service to educators.
  • The current users’ services won’t get suspended due to delay in payments.
  • The new users won’t have to bear any hidden costs.

Millions of homes across the USA are still deprived of reliable Internet services. But, to continue online learning, access to Internet service is very important. Thus, this company is providing Americans free Internet amid the crisis to keep them connected. With such services, students will be able to access online resources and learn course content.


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About This Provider

Charter is a popular cable service provider across the US. It has been providing reliable phone, TV and Internet services since 1993. Till now, it has managed to cover approximately 41 USA states. It has about 29 million commercial and residential customers as of now.

Its reliable infrastructure is the reason behind its wide popularity and success. For mobile users, it is offering 5G technology. For large companies, it had developed an amazing fiber network to provide Internet services.

Free Broadband Wi-Fi Access and the Rise in Demand

The Coronavirus crisis has severely affected every service provider. But this provider is making sure that its customers stay connected and continue their online activities during the pandemic. With its free broadband Wi-Fi access offer, the Internet demand will reach new heights. But this provider is making sure that no matter how high the demand is, the speed and service quality doesn’t get compromised.

It has a strong network infrastructure that can handle the increased demand. Also, its employees are constantly working to make sure that there are no service outage issues or technical errors during these hard times.

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This sudden rise in demand can impact even a strong infrastructure. But this provider is confident that it won’t disappoint its customers. To help the new customers enjoy Internet services, the provider will send a guide along with the equipment. But if the customers are not able to self-install it, then they can seek customer support.

Public Service Announcements

This company announced that it won’t suspend its services over non-payments or delays in payments. It also announced that during the pandemic, the users won’t have to pay any late fees.

To help people stay updated on the Coronavirus situation, it is providing free Spectrum news along with the free broadband. Also, it has pledged to devote a specific amount of time every day to run public service announcements. These announcements will focus on related to Coronavirus and relief services.

What Will Happen After 60-Days?

After the 2-months are over, the provider will stop offering free Wi-Fi services. The customers will have to start subscribing to Internet packages/bundles to continue using the services.

But, if you think that a service is not affordable for you, you can cancel it without paying any extra fees. You can also subscribe to a less expensive plan to stay on budget.

The Internet Assist Package

This is one of the very affordable Internet plans offered by this company. If you’ve recently become a Charter customer but can’t afford its services anymore, you can choose this option. It will help you to cut costs while also enjoying a reliable Internet service.

Benefits and Eligibility

By choosing this plan, you can enjoy up to 30 Mbps speeds. Also, you’ll get free equipment, no data caps, and affordable Internet service at your home.

But, to be eligible for this plan, at least one of your household members should have:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Community Eligibility Provision of the National School Lunch Program

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