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Working From Home

10 Essential Tips for Working From Home Everyone Can Apply

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The concept of telecommuting or working from home is going to stay with us for a while, maybe even when the Coronavirus pandemic is over. From engineering staffing agencies to healthcare, and everything in between, even the industries we never thought would be online are now online.

A mutual struggle while the Working from Home routine is staying productive and sane. If you are still juggling between work and home and you have failed to cope up with this new norm, these are some tips you must hold on to.

1: Build a Permanent Work Space

Are you still working from your living room or even bedroom? This calls for a change. It’s high time you build a dedicated workspace. Got a spare room? Transform it into a home office. On the other hand, if you are pressed for space, simply get a desk for your computer and office supplies. This dedicated space will help you commit to working. It will allow you to focus on the task at hand, as well.

2: Find Out When You are Most Productive

One cannot remain productive all day throughout the day. Every person’s productivity levels vary. Some are most productive in the morning while others are in the evenings. Discover when you are most productive and build your work schedule around those peak productivity hours. This is the best trick in the book to get more work done.

3: Say No to Work Creep

Working from home can invade your personal life. If you are working beyond 8 hours, you are a victim of work creep. It’s invading your home and personal life. This could be a real risk. To avoid this, set your work hours and stick to them as well. This will improve your performance, and you will develop a healthy work schedule. Once your workday is over, shut down your PC, and leave the dedicated workspace you have created.

4: Never Work in Your PJs

Working in your Pajamas is the dream for many. That’s probably one of the reasons why many love WFH. Hate to be the bearer of the Digital magazine Newsstand, but it’s a real productivity killer. If you want to get work done, dress up!

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This gets you in the right mindset for you. Plus, you will be ready to handle last-minute video calls like a pro. Mortgage recruiters can take advantage of this tip since their workday revolves around taking calls. You would be mentally as well as physically prepared for the day. Try dressing up to experience the difference.

5: Exercise and Stretch

When you are in the workplace, things are different. You often get up from your seat – to chat with a co-worker, grab a coffee or a snack, and perform various other tasks. But when you are home, it’s just a walk to the other room. Therefore, you must stretch and exercise.

Stretching helps maintain a good posture. It also keeps you from getting sore. But merely stretching isn’t enough. To boost your endorphins, you must exercise. This could be a morning run or a workout session during lunch break.

6: Take Short Breaks

In no way are you obligated to sit in front of your PC for 8 hours straight. To stay productive, you actually need to take short breaks.

Research says that taking short breaks can boost productivity and make you more creative. If you don’t have a work-life balance, you won’t be able to last too long. Insert 5 minutes breaks into your daily schedule to get a fresh perspective on things.

7: Turn on the Music

Don’t mind playing some music in the background. Spotify is perfect for finding music, depending on your mood. Of course, music shouldn’t be loud or distracting.

You can either play the music on speakers or put On hold music and keep it low-key and use headphones. Music can actually help you achieve peak productivity. Take advantage of that!

8: Leave Home

Take every opportunity to get out of the house. Don’t forget to wear your facemask and maintain social distancing, of course. Leave the house once a day and get your body to move. Inhale the fresh air and enjoy the natural sunlight. Take a walk in a garden, snap a picture of the moment, and head back inside. This small activity will change your whole mood.

9: Take Sick Days

Okay, just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you can’t day sick days. Take time off whenever you need it. If you are not, it’s like throwing your money away. Taking a sick day will help you rest and get more productive. Don’t shy away from taking sick days!!

10: Overcommunicate

Remote work demands communication, and here, over-communication isn’t a bad thing at all. Make the most of the Internet to communicate. Whenever you complete an important task, communicate. You don’t need to write a complete essay, but over-communicating surely means repeating yourself.  Have casual zoom meetings with your team to make them feel included and to keep in touch.

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