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The Era of 5G has Come

5G Technology – Time to Rule the World of the Internet

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The era of 5G has come! Abbreviated as 5G, this fifth-generation is going to introduce mind-blowing speeds. With this massive technology shift, the tech-savvy world is welcoming a huge upgrade for the data users of smartphones. These upgrades happen once in decades.

This groundbreaking transition is not specified for smartphones only. It is also going to impact many other devices. Some instances are security cameras, industrial robots, cars, and drones. One example is Facedrive which is launching an EV subscription model in Canada. All those devices, which incorporate the process of sending traffic data back and forth to other devices are included.

5G is a huge leap ahead of the current WiFi technology, also known as 4G. The blazing speeds that it offers will allow us to download entire movies and heavy multimedia in a matter of seconds. We are anticipating massive changes in the world of video gaming, shopping, communication, and sports.

The Era of 5G Has Come – Who has Joined the Race?

Officials in China and the United States view 5G as a major competitive edge. These faster speeds can help in spreading cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Almost a year ago, Samsung demonstrated the prototypes of smartphones, which will support 5G. They will be capable of operating on AT&T and Verizon networks. Many other smartphone manufacturers are also racing to be there. However, Apple doesn’t seem to be a part of the initial wave of 5G. And other providers like Frontier Service are also expected to launch 5G services in the near future.

The Development of this Cutting Edge Technology

The era of 5G has come. But what exactly is it? 5G is a set of some technical ground rules, which will define the working of a cellular network. This includes the used radio frequencies and various other components such as antennas, computer chips, and so on. All the components involved in the exchange of data and handling radio signals are included here.

The first cellphones came in the 1970s. Therefore, to create new specifications to ensure the compatibility of this innovative network, engineers from different companies have agreed to work out a new set of specs. This means that to enjoy the benefits of 5G, the users will need to essentially buy new smartphones. Similarly, carriers will have to install new equipment to transmit the signals of this blazing fast service.

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How Fast is 5G?

The answer to this question depends entirely on where you live. It also depends on the wireless carrier you use and when you decide to join the 5G revolution.

Qualcomm, the famous chipmaker for wireless networks, enlightened us about the peak download speeds of 5G. They claim to demonstrate a peak downloading speed of a whopping 4.5 gigabytes per second! They also predict the initial speeds to be around 1.4 gigabytes a second. So, when you compare it with the current 4G speed experience, the speed turns out to be roughly 20X faster.

The blazing 5G speeds will be distinctly noticeable when it comes to HD video streaming. Downloading a movie of the average duration of 160 minutes or so with 5G would take a total of 17 seconds! Isn’t that mind-blowing! This means if you have to download a season to watch later in a flight, you can even do it whilst standing in the queue to get your boarding pass. Embrace the new level of convenience!

Is 5G Here Already?

For many of us, the exact timing is pretty uncertain. In some cities, AT&T has already switched on the 5G service on mobiles. But the problem that is becoming a hindrance is that smartphones are not yet compatible with the 5G technology. AT&T is going to be the first provider to market a 5G supporting hot-spot device. It will be used to funnel wireless connections to the nearby computers and phones using WiFi. Therefore, no matter how fast internet speed Frontier Internet packages are offering, it is going to be less than 5G.

Verizon is another provider that is selling 5G-branded services. It is based on their variant of the said technology. They are currently providing it to the limited areas of Indianapolis and Houston. They are now providing the service to smartphone users as well. Sprint and T-Mobile have merged to provide a nationwide 5G launch in 2020.

Countries to Deploy 5G

Now that the era of 5G has come, the list of countries, which are expected to follow the United States in this technology’s deployment include:

  • Germany.
  • Britain.
  • China.
  • Switzerland.
  • Australia.
  • South Korea.

Will Consumers Enjoy Full Benefits of 5G Technology?

Verizon and AT&T have claimed to provide high frequencies, which are called “millimeter waves.” They will be able to pump data at very high speeds. Currently, they are targeting densely populated areas first.

Other providers like Sprint have started at lower speeds. The full benefits of 5G are not expected until the American carriers start upgrading the key and central switching system. We are anticipating it to happen in late 2019 or 2020!

What about 5G-Compatible Smartphones?

In the current scenario, the confusion has escalated about the benefits and features of the 5G technology. Most Americans don’t have the relevant knowledge about it as yet. The technical details are a little hard to decipher. It would be a good idea to wait until most of the carriers offer this incredible technology. You will then enjoy wider coverage and support in even the lower-frequency bands.


The Internet providers will have to follow the footsteps of AT&T and Verizon in coming up with the 5G technology. Verizon has already confirmed providing 5G home service amongst its other 5G-related services.

As for Frontier, no matter how amazingly designed Spectrum Internet plans are, competing with Verizon may not be possible. Until and unless the provider decides to switch to this new technology. It will only be wise for the company if they adopt this technology because, by 2020, 5G will be as widespread as 4G. Based on the speeds and benefits it offers, none of the contemporary internet users will opt for anything less.

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