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Cyber-Security Experts

Tips for Online Safety by the Cyber-Security Experts

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Online security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to serious issues like the hackers getting access to your crucial data. Cybercriminals are capable of accessing data of even the most prominent names let alone the individuals. Thus making cyber-security an unignorable topic. While you may be struggling to find the best hacks, this blog shares advice from the cyber-security experts themselves.

Here are the steps you should take:

Hacks for Ultimate Cyber-security

Change Your Password

Every other site mentions the importance of changing passwords. However, many do not guide as to how often should one repeat this practice. Many experts think that an annual password change is just fine. Because if you ask the employees to change it often (for example, monthly), they might end up getting frustrated.

Experts also fear that demanding the individuals to change the password often might force them to choose an insecure one. Which is more dangerous. Easy phrases easily get traced by hackers. Therefore, it is always a bad idea to opt for a simple password.

Experts recommend taking help from password managers. These help you to use a new password for as many online accounts that you have while also saving them in encrypted form. You do not have to remember all the passwords in this way. Many people use one password on every site from the fear of forgetting the various ones. Use a password manager for cyber-security.

Say NO to Easy Passwords

Many people do not pay attention to the strength of their passwords. The fact that many Internet providers including Cox Internet service provide cyber-security tools as part of their packages makes people ignorant at times. Because they think that the security that the service provider is offering is enough. You might be wrong if you think this way. An additional layer of security is always the best option.

Some of the tips that experts swear by fro creating a strong password include changing a phrase from your favorite song, misspelling a word, and the use of punctuations.

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Having said so, experts also point towards an issue that keeps individuals from opting for strong passwords. For example, institutions like banks do not allow you to keep a password that is longer than the character limit they define. Banks also do not allow you to use punctuations or special characters. Thus, making it hard for an individual to come up with a strong password.

Beyond Password Protection

A password is essential for you to protect your accounts from hackers. However, you should take your game of cyber-security beyond setting a password. You might notice while logging in to your email or any other account that it asks for two-factor authentication. Even the rural Internet providers do so when you try to log into their portal. However, the decision is upon the user’s discretion whether he wants to opt for this option or not. Experts advise that you should.

Some people talk in favor of avoiding the two-factor authentication. However, they fail to realize that the trouble that they will have to go through in case their account gets hacked is way more than opting for the multi-step authentication.

Avoid Reckless Clicking

Reckless here refers to clicking on a link or a website without thinking about it first. Take a moment and see if the website or link seems suspicious to you. In case it does, avoid clicking it as it can be a hacker’s way to send virus your way. If you are using CenturyLink Internet or the like, you won’t have to care much about these issues as they come with free antivirus and malware software. However, it is always better to take extra precautionary measures to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Use Your Device

Avoid using devices that do not belong to you. Whenever possible carry your tablets, laptops, or mobile phones. Because entering your password in others’ systems can be dangerous. You never know when someone gets hold of your information and uses it to exploit you.

Apart from this, avoid sharing your credentials with others as well. Remember that you can trust NO ONE when it comes to your security.

Track Your Digital Footprint

Monitor your accounts regularly. You should remember all the places where you provide your credit/debit card information. Never make the mistake of storing information on them as anyone can get easy access to your personal information then. Delete the accounts that you are not using. This implies to both social media and other accounts.

Apart from that, have strong passwords for all of these accounts and take help from the password manager to be able to change them regularly as well. In case, you think that it is tedious to do so, set a strong password for every account at once. And keep changing these annually or quarterly.

These tips from the experts will help you conduct yourself securely online. For extra protection, always opt for well-reputed Internet service providers like Spectrum Internet. It will also be safe for you to not connect your devices to just any network. Always choose a private network.


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