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Cox tv guide

A Comprehensive Cox TV Guide for You

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Cox has been a crowd favorite for a very long time, and many of its subscribers have been loyal to it. But, as popular as it is, understanding any provider can be tricky. So, if you have just subscribed to this new TV and internet service or are thinking about getting it, this Cox TV guide will be helpful to you. You will learn about the various channels, packages, plans, and much more! That way, you can subscribe to the right packages and make the most out of your money!

A Complete Cox TV Guide

Having proper knowledge of your network services can help you enjoy it properly and avail of all the benefits it offers. Hence, the following Cox Cable TV guide consists of all the basic knowledge about your new network.


You probably saw this one coming! The most crucial part of subscribing to any cable TV service is knowing what channels and the content you will get. And in that aspect, Cox has made sure its subscribers are always satisfied! It offers various packages that give access to specific channels. For example, the Cox Contour TV starter package offers all the local channels, like ABC, CBS, Fox SHN, PBS kids, NBC, and many more. Similarly, Cox Contour TV Preferred package has channels like CNN, Fox News, USA Network, History, and Lifetime. Finally, the Ultimate package allows you to enjoy the best international channels like Disney Junior, HBO, Science Channel, Moviemax, and HBO Latino.

What’s great about Cox TV is that you can get add-ons and Premium channels. In total, Cox TV gives you an option to choose from 5 channel packs and four premium channels. So, for example, if you choose the Starter plan, you can get HBO Max without any added charges; it’s for free! Similarly, if you choose the Preferred package, you get four premium channels for $5 each. Overall, you can get plenty of amazing deals on Cox to get your favorite channels and still save some bucks!

Cox Business Plans Available

Whether you subscribe to Cox cable TV or internet service, you can get access to its business plans. These deals are specifically designed for small businesses and commercial use, and they are ideal for hotels, freelancers, hospitals, and stores, etc. Nomads and work-from-home employees usually want a business-grade Internet, security, speed, support, and everything else. However, their usage isn’t as hefty. The most they do is have a zoom meeting and answer emails! For such people, the provider has Cox business plans with tremendous streaming and teleconferencing capabilities.

Some of the most significant advantages of Cox Business plans include an automatic backup of data, great channels, and fast cable speeds. Although, it does have one downside: it’s expensive! Most people get overwhelmed by the charges and expenses of Cox Internet plans and Business TV. And, indeed, this network is not the cheapest in town! However, if you want to prioritize fast cable, stable internet, and more users without any slowdowns and outages, Cox is perfect. It’s serviceable, speedy, and poses fewer problems than most other cheaper networks. So, yes, while it is a bit expensive, the company makes sure all your money is well-spent!


Next up on the Cox TV guide is equipment. Now, most people assume that a network like Cox would involve a lot of time, energy, and money to set up. However, that is far from the truth! Cox set-up box requires two payments: a DVR service payment for the TV provider and a monthly fee paid as rent for the box. The HD box for Contour TV comes with the TV plan, and it allows you to access streaming apps and on-demand content.

Order Cable TV packages

It is convenient because it has everything together in one place. Also, it offers voice control through a remote so that your TV experience is a lot smoother and more enjoyable. You can also get the Basic box if you don’t want pay-per-view on-demand content and premium channels. Besides, why pay the money for unnecessary features you don’t even want, right?

Areas on Cox Coverage Aera

Lastly, yet most importantly, you need to know if Cox Cable is even available in your area and whether it covers your geographical location. To check this, you can visit the Cox official website and see if they offer their services in your area. It is also essential to confirm this because packages, plans, prices, and other details can vary according to where you are located.

As per the Cox coverage map, the provider’s cable and internet services are currently available in 20 states. These states include:

Arizona Iowa North Carolina
Arkansas Kansas Ohio
California Las Vegas Oklahoma
Connecticut Louisiana Phoenix
Florida Massachusetts Rhode Island
Georgia Nebraska Virginia
Idaho Nevada

Las Vegas, Oklahoma, and Phoenix are the most significant cities that Cox covers and where it has a prominent footprint. By covering all these areas, it has become one of the largest and most popular telecommunication companies in all of the USA. In fact, it is the third-largest!

This cable internet provider covers about 7% of US houses, 36% of states and offers its services to 20.9 million people. It is also the primary provider in Santa Barbara and San Diego. However, other cities of CA like Washington, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Fresno are waiting for Cox to make its appearance! Hence, it is essential that your location lands within the coverage map of the company. Once it is confirmed, you can go ahead and choose a package, make your subscription, get the Cox TV guide and have it set up in your home or office.


Possibly the coolest part about this network is that regardless of where you are, you can find exactly what channels are available and what they will play at different times of the day. For example, Cox TV guide Las Vegas tells you about all the different channels you can access and what they will show during different time frames.

The same is true for the Cox TV guide for Omaha, Phoenix, and even Virginia Beach. Overall, you get all the convenience and awareness you need. So, every penny paid is worth it!

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