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Innovation Born of COVID-19

COVID19 May Bring About Innovation and Change Faster

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The current landscape looks very bleak. Millions of people infected across the world. Hundreds of thousands dying. Economies grinding to a halt. Growth projections falling through the floor. Hoarding, panic buying, absorbing real and fake news with equal measure, it’s a pretty scary time to be alive. But while it can be difficult to think in terms of a positive future, there are promising signs that we may emerge stronger. Read on to find out more.

Can COVID19 Accelerate Change in Business and Tech?

Mark Cuban said in an interview with CNBC that he believes the coronavirus pandemic will encourage innovative and world-changing companies to launch. This could usher in a new era for startups and entrepreneurs, with the virus outlining our flaws as much as it exploits them. This will show us exactly what to improve.

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Businesses will ultimately learn to adapt to the possibility of such outbreaks and create protocols to manage them without taking heavy hits to their bottom line. Entertainment services will increase as people begin to depend as much on their internet plans as on conventional cable or satellite. This blog explores instances of COVID19 as well as past disasters accelerating innovation:

  1. The Mass Production of Penicillin
  2. The Invention of Pressurized Cabins
  3. The Online Conference Trend
  4. Accelerated 5G Rollout
  5. Resurgence in Startups

Read on for more information.

The Mass Production of Penicillin

Penicillin, contrary to what you might believe, was not invented during World War 2. It had existed for a while before the war broke out. However, there was no existing way to mass-produce and distribute the penicillin. Remember, this was a time before necessities like over-the-counter antibiotics or TV packages. During the war, the need for healthy soldiers was high, and the results that the inoculation provided were unquestionable. This prompted industrial powers to come together and devise a mass production model to distribute the antibiotic efficiently. The result was healthier soldiers and ultimately a win for the Allied powers.

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The Invention of Pressurized Cabins

Maintaining constant pressure on the inside of the cabin is what allows airplanes to safely carry passengers at very high altitudes. In an unpressurized cabin, passengers would feel immense air sickness as well as other physical distress. Pressurized cabins were invented by Boeing amid the stressful backdrop of World War 2, and have since then changed air travel forever.

The Online Conference Trend

Let’s move on to more current examples. There hasn’t been disruption and fear on this scale since World War 2, so let’s jump right to 2020. The coronavirus outbreak has made it impossible for people to travel or gather in large groups. But modern technology has offered us an alternative. Now is the time of remote conferences, many of which are free to attend virtually. At the same time, some businesses are managing to still function because technology allows their employees to work remotely. This may well turn into a viable way to hold formal gatherings or keeping workforces engaged in the near future.

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Accelerated 5G Rollout

5G was quite a point for discussion even before the COVID19 pandemic. The United States and China, in particular, were involved in an aggressive race to roll out 5G technology first. However, the present world has never needed connectivity more, in light of the pandemic. With entire countries enforcing lockdowns and social distancing, existing networks may not be able to withstand the load of remote working and schooling. This may be just the catalyst needed to accelerate 5G rollout across the country.

Resurgence in Startups

COVID19 has already seen a reaction in the form of new startups making efforts to combat the virus. At the same time, there are other startups concentrating on helping people through these difficult times. A few of the most interesting startups in response to the coronavirus pandemic include:

  • Cornell Tech Clinic, which is addressing domestic abuse survivors and offering virtual support.
  •, which is targeting workers who may not have enough information with COVID19 knowledge.
  • S’more, the dating app offers more than an alternative to voice services. It has teamed up with Hopeline for mental health awareness and relief efforts.

While the future is uncertain, it does not necessarily have to be dark. If we all do our part, humanity can emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before. Until then, be sure to stay in your homes and avoid socializing for the time being.

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