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What Is the Average Cost of Internet and WiFi?

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Not too long ago, a high-speed internet connection was viewed as a luxury. However, times have changed and now it has become extremely essential, almost just as necessary as other utilities like water and power. Considering how important the internet has become for everyone, it is not a surprise that people are willing to pay higher prices just to have a high-speed and stable connection. But still, what is the internet and WiFi cost? This is what this article aims to answer. So, read on to find out.

What Is the Internet Cost / Month?

The Internet has become a powerful tool over the years. After all, it makes your life simpler and hassle-free. So, it is a surprise to know that its average starting price is just $35. However, note that this cost is a rough approximation. There are some Americans who pay up to $60/month for broadband. Also, there are some areas where the internet prices are much higher; you can expect up to $100 for specific plans. And if you include installation fees and equipment then your monthly internet bill can add up fast.

Internet Price Per Their Type

Satellite internet is reportedly the most expensive type of internet and costs around $123/month. Then there is cable internet whose price starts from $52/month. Fiber internet has also gained quite a lot of traction recently as it offers a high-speed connection. Its price starts from $59/month. And then the least expensive type is DSL which doesn’t offer as much speed as compared to others and costs $50/month. Please note that these prices are subject to change.

The Added Fees ISPs Charge

As there are with many other services, the initial cost of the internet is not what you really pay. But why is that? Well, there will be different fees which would be included in your monthly bill, taking the price much higher than what you thought you are required to pay. Here are some of the fees that you can expect to be included in your bill

1. Equipment Rental

When you opt for an internet connection, some ISPs will offer you the necessary equipment. If you choose to accept them, then you will be paying around $10 to $20 for them per month. However, some ISPs may not charge you for them, especially if you subscribed to their higher-tiered plans.

2. FCC Universal Service Fund Fee

The internet providers are charged quarterly by the FCC which helps to fund the expansion of broadband to low-income and rural areas. The ISPs usually pass these fees to their customers. But these fees are not really that much and are around $5 or maybe less. The exact fee amount will vary from provider to provider.

3. Activation or Installation Fees

This is only a one-time fee. However, this could add around $100 or more to the actual cost of the connection. However, there are some providers who may not charge the installation fee. There are also some who may add activation fees in addition to installation fees.

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4. Data Coverage Fee

If you are subscribed to an ISP that doesn’t offer unlimited data and you end up using more than expected then you will be charged. Many providers charge $10 per 50GB over your data limit. One way to avoid this fee is to go with a provider that provides a higher data cap or none at all. Verizon Business internet is one option that offers unlimited data plans.

5. Late Payment Fee

If you fail to pay your bill on time then your provider may penalize you by charging you an extra $20 or more. Also, if your service has been discontinued due to non-payment then you would be required to pay the fee in order for your provider to restore the service. Keep in mind that the penalties for not paying your bill on time will vary from state to state.

6. Cancellation Fee

This is another type of fee which you will have to pay only if you wish to unsubscribe the services of your provider before the end of your contract. However, you will be happy to know that there are some ISPs that do not bind you to contracts such as Spectrum internet.

Why Is the Internet So Costly?

Now that you know about different internet prices and fees, you might be wondering just why the internet is so costly. Well, here are some of the reasons.

1. Speed Capabilities

One of the reasons why the internet is pricey is because of speed. This means that if a provider is giving you exceptional speeds, then you can expect them to charge you more. Fiber and cable internet often provide you with various speed choices which is why they offer high-priced plans.

2. Installation & Equipment

Another reason why internet prices surge is because of the cost of installation and equipment in new service areas. For instance, fiber optic cables are a bit costly so the providers may charge you more in order to recoup the price of installing new lines. But sometimes there are some ISPs that may not charge you the installation fee. For instance, Mediacom internet will not include an installation fee in your bill when you order their services online.

3. No Competition

Yes, you read that right! Some internet providers don’t really have solid competition in some areas which is why they charge more. People are usually helpless in such a scenario and are left with no choice but to pay extra just to have access to a decent internet connection.


The Internet has become much more of a necessity today. And so, depending on their preference, people opt for a different type of internet whether it be a DSL or fiber connection. However, the prices of every type will differ greatly. But here is a tip, if you wish to get a special discount, then consider going for the bundling offer.

After all, it will save you from all the hassle if your internet, TV, and phone services are being offered by the same provider. So, if you are thinking of going with one of the Cox internet plans or are interested in the services of any other provider then ask them if you will get a discount if you opt for the bundling offer. Also, keep in mind to do your research and consider different options carefully before opting for the right provider that can successfully meet all of your needs.

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