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Spectrum One

Everything You Need to Know About Spectrum One

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Spectrum is one of the front runners when it comes to offering fast and dependable internet to customers. The company covers a massive region with its internet and mobile services across the US. An advantage Charter Spectrum customers have over other ISPs is that both phone and internet are quality services and worth adopting. Also, both these services are cost-effective and don’t burden the customers.

Now with Spectrum One, customers can save even more while getting the same level of service. You can enjoy internet speeds up to 300mbps, WiFi, and unlimited mobile line just for an affordable price. Getting this offer can resolve much of your internet and phone subscription hassle. In short, the offer is worth checking out.

What is Spectrum One?

Spectrum One is a bundle plan by Charter Spectrum that gives customers access to fast internet, WiFi, and unlimited mobile line. According to the company, it is the best Spectrum deal yet. And rightly so because if you buy these services individually, the costs will add up to $84.99 per month. But Spectrum One price is only $49.99 per month. So, you can save more than $30 per month which is a superb discount.

With some other ISP, you may have to pay more than these prices just for the internet alone. The Spectrum One package is actually bringing a lot of value for money making the plans very fitting choices. You have an internet plan that can cover your whole family’s video streaming, gaming, and downloading needs.

What Does Spectrum One Package Bring You?

This bundle plan does not only get you just mobile and internet but more or less entirely covers your connectivity needs. Here’s what this plan brings you:

Plans Price Speed Lines
INTERNET + WIFI + MOBILE $49.99 Up to 300 Mbps Unlimited Mobile Line
INTERNET ULTRA + WIFI + Mobile $69.99 Up to 500 Mbps Unlimited Mobile Line
INTERNET GIG + WIFI + Mobile $89.99 Up to 1Gbps Unlimited Mobile Line


The provider’s original mobile plans are By the Gig, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. The By the Gig plan is a pay-as-you-use offer that gets a gigabyte of internet data. Unlimited and Unlimited Plus further increase the data limit. You get unlimited talk time and messages on all the mobile plans. Also, there are no extra charges by the provider to use 5G data (if 5G is available in your zone).

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You can enjoy the same type of fast 5G connectivity under the Spectrum One price. There’s enough data to cover your mobile needs.


The speeds of the internet on Spectrum are truly superb. Customers can expect anywhere from 300 Mbps to 1 gig speeds. Your internet speeds can vary based on your region. A major advantage of picking Spectrum as your internet service provider is that there are no data caps. So, you can watch videos, play action-packed multiplayer games, and download files without worrying about exceeding your limits.

Plus, you get such fast speeds without any additions other than the 50 dollars of Spectrum One price.

Advanced WiFi

You can connect multiple devices from your smart home solutions to your laptops, phones, and smart TVs with Spectrum WiFi. Stay connected while securing your devices with Spectrum WiFi. Also, you can manage your network from the company’s mobile applications. You can download the app on Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices.

Again, the WiFi option is free when with this affordable bundle.

Dial Spectrum One 800 Number

To subscribe to the service, you can reach customer service by dialing Spectrum One 800 Number. You can get all types of information from how this plan works to if you are eligible for further discount. Simply dial 1-855-840-0082 to connect with an expert to guide you.


People who want to buy mobile and internet services can have their mobile, internet, and WiFi needs covered with Spectrum. This bundle can help you significantly cut down your internet and mobile spending. So, they are worth checking out.

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