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Mediacom Email Password

Here’s How to Change Your Mediacom Email Password

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Have you been locked out of your Mediacom account or do you simply want to change the password? Changing your Mediacom email password is quite straightforward. This blog walks you through the process in detail. Let’s begin!

Mediacom Webmail System: A Full-Featured Service

The Mediacom webmail system is designed to let the user access a fully-featured email program. It comes with advanced features like task lists, auto-replies, mail filters, contact books, online document storage, etc. The webmail page automatically detects what device you are using and changes the view accordingly.

You can set up emails in popular names like Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Android Email app, Mac Mail, and more. keep in mind the company allows its customers to use these third-party clients but it doesn’t provide support for them beyond basic instructions on how to set everything up.

No matter what Mediacom internet plans you sign up for, the provider offers 11 email accounts per subscription each with the storage of 1.2 GB. Since you are storing contacts, emails, documents and even have an entire calendar organized, it’s important to change your default password to protect your account from the ever-increasing security threats.

How to Change Mediacom Email Password?

Everything is quite simple really. Follow these steps to find your Mediacom username and change your password.

Unlocking My Mediacom Account

In case you are locked out of your account, from the log-in page, click “Forgot password” and wait for 15 minutes to retry.

If you’re unable to get into your account, contact customer support. You may also reach the provider via their social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter mainly). They are super eager to answer all your queries about Mediacom TV plans, internet services, or a technical issue you are currently facing.

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Forgotten Mediacom Username

Not sure if you remember the username to your account? No worries. Here are the steps to recover your username:

  1. Go to your online account
  2. Hit “Mediacom ID”
  3. Choose the “Forgot ID” option
  4. You will be asked to enter your 16-digit account number
  5. Then, enter your zip code
  6. Hit “proceed”
  7. You should be able to recover your ID

You are now ready to log into your Mediacom account.

How to Change My Mediacom Password

Follow these steps to change your email password:

  1. Go to the Account Management Page
  2. Hit the “Reset Password” button
  3. Answer the security question
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Follow the next prompts
  6. Enter the new password and you’re done!

When changing your password, you must update the passwords on the email client(s) you are using. Also, you must make changes on all devices where you use your Mediacom account.

To make it easier, you will have to update the password on the following:

  • Xtream TV App
  • MobileCare App
  • TVE
  • Xtream TV online
  • My Account
  • Email

Note: If you’re the owner of the primary email address on the Mediacom account, you can change passwords for all additional email accounts.

Password Security Best Practices

While resetting the Mediacom email password, the provider encourages users to follow password security best practices for added security. Hence, all passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have 8 characters or more
  • Combination of upper and lower-case characters
  • Use digits from 0 to 9
  • Include special characters like $, &, @, *, (), ^

How Safe Is the Webmail Service?

It’s a fair question actually given the rising security breaches and other cyber threats. To ensure your online account is safe from malware infestation and security breaches, the provider offers a Total Defense Internet Security Suite with all its internet plans. It’s totally FREE!

This security suite comes with multiple tools for helping customers in managing their online security. It includes:

  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Anti-malware security
  • Parental controls
  • Download defender
  • Identity protection tool
  • Social network defender

Users have to download this security suite on their devices for protection to come into action. You might be prompted to sign in to your account while you are at it. Once it’s installed and activated, you are fully secured.


Mediacom with its webmail services has ensured it providers users with all the advanced features they need to manage their accounts and keep their emails organized. Hopefully, this guide has made it easier for you to change your Mediacom email password.

If you are locked out of your account (because of entering an incorrect password or some other technical glitch), get in touch with customer support.

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