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CenturyLink vs Cox

Understanding CenturyLink vs Cox: What Should You Choose? 

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Life without the internet seems unimaginable in the modern world. All important functions, activities, and tasks are dependent on it. In this context, a stable and reliable internet service provider is important.

In order to decide which connection is best for you, consider factors like pricing, deals, network coverage, and customer service. CenturyLink and Cox are two of the most popular providers today. Thus, it can be hard to make a decision between the two. But if you want to understand the debate around CenturyLink vs Cox, look at the speed, features, and internet performance provided.

Here’s how to determine which is the best internet service, provider. 

CenturyLink vs Cox Explained

In order to understand CenturyLink vs Cox as internet service providers, it’s important to gauge their performance and efficacy. These providers are two of the most popular services used by customers in the US. However, they differ in terms of various attributes.


With Century Link, internet plans begin at less than $50 per month. This is the standard rate throughout the country. Moreover, this service is available in all US states. This means greater coverage and availability. You will also find fiber internet plans along with the traditional ones. One of the best features of this provider is that it does not impose contract plans.


Cox offers internet plans beginning at less than $30 per month. When compared to its counterpart, this price is lower. However, it’s not available in all 50 states of the country. In fact, you will find it in just 18. This service is popular because it allows users to access millions of Wifi hotspots across the country. This means that your Cox internet plans will work smoothly in a large number of areas. In addition to this, the service also offers no-contract plans to customers and offers a wide range of internet-only plans. This makes it both convenient and efficient.

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Comparing Network Coverage

When you’re looking at an internet service provider, it’s important to consider the network coverage it offers. This is very different for both the services. CenturyLink’s network is available throughout the country, in every state. In contrast, Cox can be found in 18 states but has large coverage areas in states like Arizona and Virginia. These providers also offer different plans and services to the various areas they cover.


This provider deals mainly in DSL and Fiber as internet types. In fact, the former makes up most of the company’s network. In contrast, their fiber network is available only in areas that are highly populated. As a result, CenturyLink internet plans offer great variety to customers, depending on which internet type they require.


This service offers fiber internet only to limited customers. These are mostly those that require the internet for business purposes. However, with its cable internet, there are far more options available. You can get plans that can go up to 940 Mbps. This makes its speed faster and more reliable than its counterpart. However, because it offers mostly cable internet, this can be affected by network congestion. As a result, you could face slower or more irregular speeds depending on the time of day you’re using your internet.

Comparing Plans and Pricing

Both internet service providers offer a great variety of plans to their customers. However, they’re different in terms of prices and speed.


Most of CenturyLink’s internet-only plans include the Price for Life guarantee for customers. With this feature, users pay the same price for the deal, regardless of time and date. However, this doesn’t apply to the provider’s Fiber Gigabit plan. In addition to this, all of the company’s plans are contract-free. This increases both convenience and ease for users.


With this provider, customers can get a large number of cable internet plans. All these have various download and upload speeds. You will also find that the pricing is higher for these services. But this is mainly because of additional features like internet security and other equipment.

Comparing Bundles

You will also find that both providers offer bundle options for their customers. When compared to Cox, CenturyLink has limited bundles available. But you can still enjoy CenturyLink TV packages and the many features that come with them. The main bundles offered by this service include the combination of phone and internet services.

In contrast, Cox offers customers a greater variety of bundles. This includes options for services like phone, internet, TV, and home security. Thus, you can enjoy Cox Contour TV with high-speed internet and other similar services.

The Bottom Line

Both the internet service providers offer customers a large range of services that include bundles, deals, and wide coverage. Thus, what you choose should be dependent on factors that suit your needs better.  These should include what you need the internet for, how much speed you require, and whether you want bundling options or not.

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